Babies’ Names That Mean Skillful

Last Updated: 25 Sep 2016


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Congratulation for all of you who have newborn baby coming to your life. Now your baby has come surely you want to give your baby a beautiful and meaningful name. Do not give your baby a name that is too common. It is just like you do not care what people will call your kid in the future. Give your kid unique name, a name that people will remember about your kid once they hear the name. People said that baby’s name is parent’s hope to their children. It means a meaningful name is your hope as parents so that your baby will become someone that you wished for in his/her name.

There are many beautiful names out there you can pick for your baby. Some names may have the same meaning but they are made in different languages. Just like what we are going to talk in this article. We will talk about babies’ names that mean skillful. We are sure that parents would like their baby someday will become clever, skillful, resources, ingenious, and expert in many fields. Languages around the world have different word to describe skillful and some of those are good and appropriate to be a baby’s name. Here are babies’ names that mean skillful. Have a look.

Baby boy names

  1. Abilio (Portuguese) Abilio means clever and skillful.
  2. Alberic (German) Alberic means skillful ruler.
  3. Aymán (Lebanese) Aymán means skillful.
  4. Briartach (Irish) Briartach means expert seaman.
  5. Cong (Vietnamese) Cong means ingenious, skillful, and hard worker.
  6. Curumo (Literary language) Curumo means the skillful one.
  7. Dardo (the old Greek) Dardo means clever and skillful.
  8. Dédalo (Greek) Dèdalo means skillful artisan.
  9. Eleder (Basque) Eleder means person who is eloquent and ingenious.
  10. Elhasiq (Arabic, diminutive from Hasiq) Elhasiq means ingenious.
  11. Fabrizio (Latin-American) Fabrizio means handy.
  12. Felisardo (Latin) Felisardo means brave and skillful.
  13. Geraldy (German) Geraldy means ingenious student.
  14. Haaziq (Arabic) Haaziq means ingenious.
  15. Haley (Irish) Haley means ingenious.
  16. Hamar (Norway) Hamar means clever and skillful.
  17. Handri (Indonesian) Handri means skillful.
  18. Hasiq (Arabic, diminutive from Haaziq) Hasiq means ingenious.
  19. Hendri (Indonesian) Hendri means skillful.
  20. Jarvas (German, from Jarvis) Jarvas means person who is handy with spear.
  21. Jarvis (German) Jarvis means person who is handy with spear.
  22. Jarvoris (German, from Jarvis) Jarvoris means person who is handy with spear.
  23. Jervey (German, from Jarvis) Jervey means person who is handy with spear.
  24. Jervis (German, from Jarvis) Jervis means person who is handy with spear.
  25. Kawidagda (Javanese) Kawidagda means hard worker and skillful.
  26. Mahir (Arabic) Mahir means skillful.
  27. Maiele (Hawaii) Maiele means eloquent.
  28. Muicheachtach (Scotland) Muicheachtach means expert seaman.
  29. Muiriartach (Scandinavian) Muiriartach means expert seaman.
  30. Pragnacio (Greek) Pragnacio means a man who is skillful and practical.
  31. Pravin (Sanskrit) Pravin means capable and skillful.
  32. Sadha (Sanskrit) Sadha means talented and skillful.
  33. Sly (English) Sly means deceitful and skillful.
  34. Zakki (Africa) Zakki means intelligent and skillful.

Baby girl names

  1. Bertille (Scandinavian) Bertille means clever and skillful.
  2. Hendriawati (Indonesia) Hendriawati means skillful woman.
  3. Konia (Hawaii) Konia means wise and skillful.
  4. Kopea (Hawaii) Kopea means wise and skillful.
  5. Koswala (Javanese) Koswala means hard worker and skillful.
  6. Praveena (Sanskrit) Praveena means skillful.
  7. Sonja (Scandinavian, from Sonje) Sonja means skillful.
  8. Sonje (Scandinavian) Sonje means skillful.
  9. Sonia (Hawaii, from Konia) Sonia means wise and skillful.
  10. Sophia (Scotland) Sophia means wise and ingenious.
  11. Sophie (Rumania) Sophie means wise and ingenious.
  12. Sofia (Hawaii, from Kopea) Sofia means wise and skillful.
  13. Sovia (Hawaii, from Sofia) Sovia means wise and skillful.
  14. Wapeka (native American) Wapeka means ingenious.

Those are several names that means skillful. If you like what you saw, you can choose it for your baby’s name. Hopefully you baby will become skillful, intelligent and wise person in the future.