Babies Names that Mean Healthy

Last Updated: 06 Oct 2016
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Healthy baby must be a will of all parents. We always wish that our children grow to become healthy persons, strong and becoming someone to proud of. That is why many parents give names to their babies with the meaning of healthy, uplifting and strong. So the baby hopefully can grow healthy, strong, intelligent and potentially becoming a great leader. The names with these meanings are increasingly popular day by day. If you are also interested to give such name for your newly baby, you can find the list of names with the meaning of healthy. You can choose the best and most suitable one for your baby boy or girl. 


The babies’ names below are mostly meaning how healthy babies will grow to become great persons, strong and ready to become a great leader. Some of the names are the names of great leaders in ancient time that were successful in leading their people. So if you wish your child becoming like the great leader, then you can choose the best name for your newly born baby. Get the meaning and the origin of the name to see how suitable the name will be attached to your beloved child. A beautiful name must make the little baby beautiful even more.

Baby Boy’s Names that Mean Healthy and Strong  

  1. Aaron / Aron (Hebrew) means High Mountain.
  2. Aberald (Germany) means resolute.
  3. Adalhard (Germany) means fearless.
  4. Agamemnon (Greek). It is a myth name, taken from a leader of Greek that forced against Troy.
  5. Amram (Hebrew) means rising nation.
  6. Armstrong (English) means strong arm.
  7. Atlas (Greek). It is a myth name or a titan.
  8. Aviram (Hebre) means father of height.
  9. Barrett (English). It is a variant name of Barnett.
  10. Basil (Arabic) means brave.
  11. Bernard (Germany) means brave like a bear.
  12. Berthold (Germany) means bright ruler.
  13. Boaz (Hebrew) means rapid.
  14. Bogart (Germany) means bowstring.
  15. Brian (Celtic) means strong.
  16. Brick (English) means bridge.
  17. Burchard (English) means strong like a castle.
  18. Chayim (Hebrew) means life.
  19. Conall (Celtic). It is a myth name of Ulster Chieftain.
  20. Cuong (Vietnamese) means healthy and wealthy.
  21. Curran (Irish) means surname.
  22. Darius (Egyptian) it is a name of pharaoh.
  23. Darroch (Irish) means strong or oak hearted.
  24. Devin (Celtic) means poet.
  25. Donald (Scottish) means a great chief. It was a name of great Scottish clan.
  26. Dureau (French) means strong.
  27. Eberhard (Germany) means strong like a boar.
  28. Einion (Celtic) means anvil.
  29. Enoch (Hebrew) means consecrated.
  30. Erhard (Germany) means honor.
  31. Eron (Spanish) means inspired and lofty; a variant name of Aaron.
  32. Ethan (Hebrew) means strong.
  33. Everard (English) means brave.
  34. Everett (English) means brave and hardy; a variant name of Everard.
  35. Fabian (English) it is a name from Roman Clan called Fabius. This name was also the name of some Roman emperors and also 16 saints.
  36. Farold (English) means powerful traveler.
  37. Farrell (Gaelic) means victorious.
  38. Fermin (Spanish) means strong.
  39. Flint (English) means a stream.
  40. Fouad (Arabic) means heart.
  41. Fredrick (Germany) means peaceful ruler.
  42. Gabriel (Hebrew) means God is my strength.
  43. Gerard (French) means super strong.
  44. Gideon (Hebrew) means destroyer.
  45. Grady (Gaelic) means renowned or noble.
  46. Hale (English) means lives in hall.
  47. Ephraim (Hebrew) means fruitful.
  48. Hamza (Arabic) means strength or strong; lion cub or baby lion. It is also a name of prophet Muhammad’s uncle.
  49. Harding (English) means from the hare’s valley.
  50. Hart (English) means stag.
  51. Hartman (Germany) means strong.
  52. Helmer (Germany) means wrath of the warrior.
  53. Hercules (Greek) a myth name/ Zeus’s son.
  54. Hezekiah (Hebrew) means God is my strength.
  55. Hugh (English) means intelligent.
  56. Hurley (Gaelic) means tide.
  57. Ignatius (Greek) means fiery.
  58. Ken / ケン (Japanese) means physically healthy or strong.
  59. Kenji / 賢治 (Japanese) means strong, vigorous, and intelligent second son.
  60. Kentaro / 健太郎(Japanese) means big boy and sharp.
  61. Keola (Hawaiian) means life.
  62. Leonard (French) means lion bold.
  63. Leonardo (Spanish) means lion bold. Leonardo Da Vinci; considered as the most brilliant and creative man ever.
  64. Lunn (Irish) means liberator.
  65. Madison (English) means mighty warrior’s son or gift of God.
  66. Manzo (Japanese) means strong third son in ten thousand fold.
  67. Mayfield (English) means from the field of warrio .
  68. Maynard (French) means powerful.
  69. Medwin (English) means strong frien
  70. Meinhard (Germany) means firm.
  71. Meinrad (Germany) means strong advisor.
  72. Michio / 道夫(Japanese) means a man with a strength of three thousand.
  73. Nardo (Germany) means hardy and strong.
  74. Neal (Celtic) means champion.
  75. Orion (Greek) means son of fire.
  76. Orval (English) means spear strength.
  77. Oz (English) means devine.
  78. Peter (Greek) means rock.
  79. Quinlan (Gaelic) means well-shaped.
  80. Ramsay (English) means from the island of Ram.
  81. Renny (French) means raising again.
  82. Reynard (Germany) means mighty brave.
  83. Rickward (English) means string guardian.
  84. Riley (English) means valiant and rye.
  85. Roark (English) means famous ruler.
  86. Sage (English) means wise.
  87. Samson (Hebrew) means bright sun.
  88. Sewell (English) means powerful sea.
  89. Strong (English) means powerful.
  90. Takeo /武雄 (Japanese) means strong like Bamboo.
  91. Thurl (Irish) means strong fort.
  92. Trahem (Celtic) means strong like iron.
  93. Tulio (Spanish) means lively.
  94. Tully (Irish) means peaceful.
  95. Val (English) means strong.
  96. Valentin (Spanish) means strong.
  97. Valentine (English) means stron
  98. Valentino (Italian) means strong.
  99. Valeriu (Romanian) means healthy and strong.
  100. Willard (English) means brave and resolute.
  101. Wilmer (Germany) means famous and resolute.
  102. Wyatt (French) means guide.
  103. Yale means frm the slope land.
  104. Zahir (Arabic) means sparkling.
  105. Zale (Greek) means the power of sea.
  106. Zuberi (African) means strong.


Baby Girl’s Names Means Healthy and Strong           

  1. Abir (Arabic) means scent, fragrant.
  2. Ada (Nigeria) means the first female born.
  3. Adira means noble and powerful.
  4. Afya (Swahili) means health or good health.
  5. Alima means wise, cultured, music, and dance.
  6. Allegra means joyful.
  7. Amethyst means jewel.
  8. Annabel means joy.
  9. Audra means strength and nobility.
  10. Audrey means Strength and noble.
  11. Aziza (Arabic) means beloved and cherished.
  12. Ballard means strong and bold.
  13. Bernadette means having the courage of bear.
  14. Bernadine; the feminine form of Bernard.
  15. Brianna means strong.
  16. Brigantia means Yorkshire Goddess.
  17. Bronya means armour.
  18. Brunhilda means noble or dark.
  19. Celeste means heavenly.
  20. Clara (Romanian) means bright.
  21. Delilah (Hebrew) means desired.
  22. Diana (Romanian) means divine.
  23. Donalda (Gaelic) means rules all.
  24. Ebba (Danish) means strength.
  25. Efrilda(Germany); a variant name of Frieda that means peaceful ruler.
  26. Eloise (French) means a famous one in war; a variant name of Louise.
  27. Faizah (Arabic) means winner and victorious.
  28. Gavrila (Hebrew) means God gives strength.
  29. Gertrude (Germany) means from the protected farm.
  30. Helena (English) means a variant name of Helen; the seizure of Zeus’s mortal in mythology.
  31. Helga (Germany) means holy Inga, Ingunna, Inge, Ingaborg.
  32. Heloise (French); Louise.
  33. Hygeia (Greek); a myth name that means goddess of health.
  34. Jessica (Hebrew) means rich.
  35. Kyra (Greek); a variant name of Cyra that means moon and enthroned. It is also a feminine form of cyrus that means sun.
  36. Leonarda (French) means lion.
  37. Magnilda (Germany) means strong battle maid.
  38. Malin (English)means a woman from magdala, a variant name of Magdalena.
  39. Matilda (Arthurian) means mother of merlin.
  40. Melisande (French) means strength, honey bee.
  41. Meredith (Celtic) means the protector of the sea.
  42. Mildred (English) means the mild of strength.
  43. Millicent (Germany) means industrious.
  44. Nadette (Germany) means the courage of bear.
  45. Osana (Spanish)means health.
  46. Osane (Basque) means health.
  47. Pax (English) means peaceful.
  48. Saige (Latin) means healthy and wise.
  49. Salimah (Arabic) means healthy, flawless, peace, and safe.
  50. Siany (Irish) means good health.
  51. Slaine (French) means good health.
  52. Slaine (French) means health.
  53. Slainie (French) means health.
  54. Slania (French) means health.
  55. Slanie (French) means health.
  56. Slany (Irish) means good health.
  57. Sophia (Greek) means wise.
  58. Tilda (French) means mighty in war.
  59. Treasa (Irish) means strong.
  60. Valencia (Latin) means strong and vigorous.
  61. Valentina (Italian) means brave, fearless.
  62. Valerie (French) means brave.
  63. Verena (German) means protector.
  64. Ziva (Hebrew) means splendid.