Babies’ Names that Mean Happy

Last Updated: 10 Oct 2016
cheerful, happy, smile
Cheerful baby boy wears his hooded jacket

A newly born baby must bring happiness into the life of a couple and the big family. All people will welcome with big smiles, kisses, and hugs as saying “Congratulation! For the newly baby born.” You certainly want to feel the great happiness all the time and hope that the little one always happy, safe and good luck as your feeling when she/ he comes to the world.

To make your wish come true, you may give beautiful name that means happy for the newly born family member. Giving a name that means happy may become your wish that the baby will grow well and always feel and bring happiness as well as always safe and have good luck as long as he/ she live.

Baby Boys’ Names that Mean Happy

  1. Adair (English). It is a variant name of Edgar that means powerful and fortunate. In Old English, this name was Eadgar (Ead means happy or rich, and Gar means Spear).
  2. Adebayo (African) means ‘He was happy’.
  3. Alair (Latin) means happy.
  4. Alitz/ Aliz (Hebrew) means happy.
  5. Anschel/ Anshel/ Anshil(Hebrew). A variant name of Asher that means happy and blessed. Jacob’s sons.
  6. Ash/ Asher/ Ashu (Hebrew) means happy, happiness, blessed.
  7. Ashur/ Assur (Biblical) means ‘who is happy, walks or looks’.
  8. Bliss (English/ Anglo Saxon) means happy, joy.
  9. Blithe (English) means happy, merry.
  10. Chappy (English) a diminutive form of Chapman that means peddler or merchant.
  11. Chittatosh (Hindu) means happy.
  12. Dakarai (Egyptian) means happy.
  13. Denton (English) means happy home.
  14. Dharmanand (Hindu) means happy in following dharma.
  15. Dilkush (Hindu) means happy heart or joy inside the heart, happy.
  16. Eadmund (English) means happy defender. In old English, Ead means happy or rich, and Mund means protection.
  17. Eadweard (English) means wealthy guardian.
  18. Eadwine/ Edwin (English) means wealthy friend, rich in friendship.
  19. Eamon/ Edmond/ Ed (French) means prosperous protector.
  20. Eddie/ Eddy (French) means prosperous protector. Old English name variant that means happy or rich and protection.
  21. Eddie/ Eddy (English) means rich in friendship or wealthy friend.
  22. Edgar (English) means powerful or fortunate.
  23. Edmond (French) means prosperous protector.
  24. Edmondo/ Edmund (English) means happy defender, wealthy guardian .
  25. Edward (English) means wealthy guardian. The name of King Edward Elder, the son of Alfred the great.
  26. Edwin/ Edwyn (German) means happy friend.
  27. Edwin (English) means rich in friendship.
  28. Ellery (English/ Greek) means happy, joyful.
  29. Eustace (Greek) means happy, happy in harvest, simple, industrious, strong.
  30. Eutychus (Biblical) means fortunate, happy.
  31. Faareh/ Fareh (Muslim) means happy, glad.
  32. Falicia/ Felicia/ Felician/ Felicio (Latin) means fresh, happy, lucky.
  33. Fane (English) means joyful, happy.
  34. Fareh (Muslim) means happy, glad.
  35. Farhaan/ Farhan (Muslim) means merry, happy, glad, joyful.
  36. Felice (Latin) means happy.
  37. Feliciano (Italian/ Spanish) means happy.
  38. Feliks/ Felix (Latin/ Biblical) means happy, prosperous, stern, cheerful, faithful, lucky, business-like.
  39. Gaylord (French) means happy noble person.
  40. Gladwin/ Glaedwine (English) means happy friend.
  41. Haanee/ Hani (Muslim) means happy, content, delighted.
  42. Harsh (Hindu) means happiness, happy.
  43. Hilario (Spanish) means happy.
  44. Hilarion (Latin) means happy.
  45. Hilary/ Hillary/ Hillery (Latin) means cheerful, happy.
  46. Jabulani (African) means happy.
  47. Keishaa Vinodhiini (Hindu) means bring Joys and happy. Keishav-a is a name in the story of Krishna.
  48. Khurram (Muslim) means happy, delightful.
  49. Khushnood/ Khushnud (Muslim) means happy, pleased.
  50. Khushwant (Hindu) means happy.
  51. Kushaal (Hindu) means happy.
  52. Letitia (English) means happy, joyful.
  53. Macario (Spanish) means happy.
  54. Mas’ood/ Mas’ud/ Masood/ Masoud (Muslim) mean happy and lucky.
  55. Masroor/ Masrur (Muslim) means happy, pleased.
  56. Meadhra (Irish) means happy.
  57. Meara (Irish) means happy.
  58. Muireadhach (Gaelic) means happy, lucky, fortunate.
  59. Naim (Islamic) means happy, content.
  60. Ned (French/ English) means powerful, fortunate, protection, happy, rich.
  61. Neddie/ Neddy (French/ English) means happy, rich, protection, powerful, fortunate, wealthy guardian, prosperous protector.
  62. Nishok (Hindu) means happy.
  63. Nityanand (Indian) means perennially happy.

Baby Girls’ Names that Mean Happy

  1. Ada (Teutonic) means Happy.
  2. Ada (English). It comes from Old German Etta or Eda that means wealthy. The other forms are Adelalde, Adela or Adeline.
  3. Adaluz (Hispanic) ‘Ada’ means happy and ‘Luz’ means light.
  4. Adhelle (Teutonic) means happy or lovely.
  5. Agalia (Greek) means happy.
  6. Ahladini (Hindu) means happy lady.
  7. Ahladita (Indian/ Hindu/ Sanskrit) means in happy mood.
  8. Aida (Italian) means happy.
  9. Allecra (Italian) means happy, lively.
  10. Amodini (Indian/ Hindu) means happy girl.
  11. Anandita (Indian/ Hindu) means happy.
  12. Angelica (Greek). Another form Angelic, Angelina, Angela, Inspiring, happy and modest.
  13. Basheera/ Bashira/ Bashirah (Muslim) means happy news, glad tiding.
  14. Beata (Latin) means happy, many.
  15. Beattie/ Beatty/ Bettrys (Latin) a diminutive of Beatrix that means joy bringer, happy, bringing joy.
  16. Bliss (English) means happy.
  17. Blythe (English/ Anglo Saxon) means happy.
  18. Bushra (Muslim) means happy news, good omen, and glad tiding.
  19. Content (American) means happy, satisfied.
  20. Dita (Spanish); the short form of Edith in English that means spoils of war or happy warfare.
  21. Eadgith (English) means happy warfare. In old English it means happy or rich (Ead) and war (gyth)
  22. Eda (English) a diminutive form of Edith that means spoils of war or happy warfare. In old English taken from Eadgyth that means war, happy or rich.
  23. Edie (English); a diminutive of Edith that means happy warfare, wealthy, spoils of war.
  24. Edith/ Edythe (English) means happy, spoils of war, happy warfare.
  25. Edwina (English); the feminine form of Edwin that means rich in friendship or wealthy friend.
  26. Elata (Latin) means happy .
  27. Elysia (Latin) means blissful. Taken from Elysium in Mythology that means dwelling place of happy souls or paradise. The other forms are Elise, Elyse, Elisha, Elysha, Llysa, Lise, Llyse.
  28. Eunice (Greek) means victorious, happy, happy victory, attractive, material, resourceful.
  29. Evangeline (Greek) means happy messenger, confiding, happy, tenacious.
  30. Falisha (Latin); the feminine form of Felix that means happy.
  31. Farah (Persian) means happy.
  32. Farhaana/ Farhana (Muslim) means joyful, happy, glad, cheerful .
  33. Farihah (Muslim) means joyful, happy, glad and cheerful.
  34. Farkhande (Muslim) means blessed and happy.
  35. Farrah (Arabic) means happy.
  36. Felecia/ Felicia (Latin/ French) means happy.
  37. Feleta (Latin); a feminine from of Felix that means happy.
  38. Felice/ Feliciona (Spanish/ Latin) means happy, merry, joyous, fortunate. The feminine form of Felix
  39. Felicita/ Felicitas (Spanish) means happy. Feminine form of Felix.
  40. Felicity (English); a virtue name that means happy.
  41. Felidtas (Latin); another feminine form of Felix that means happy.
  42. Felisa/ Felise/ Felisha/ Felita (Latin); feminine form of Felix that means happy.
  43. Gail (English) means happy. The other forms are Gael, Gayle, Gale, and Gaelle.
  44. Gainell (American) means shiny, happy.
  45. Gay (English/ Teutonic) means happy, merry.
  46. Gaye (English) means happy, merry.
  47. Gaynell (African American) means happy, shiny.
  48. Glad (English) means happy.
  49. Gleda (English) means happy.
  50. Halona (Native American) means happy fortune.
  51. Hana (Islamic) means happy life.
  52. Haniyyah (Muslim) means happy, pleased.
  53. Harshini (Indian/ Hindu) means happy.
  54. Hilaria/ Hilary/ Hillary (Latin) means happy, glad, joyful
  55. Hiolair (Irish) means happy.
  56. Jocelyn/ Jocelin (Latin) means happy.
  57. Jovita (Latin) means happy.
  58. Joy/ Joyce (Latin) means happy.
  59. Kiyo/キヨ (Japanese) means pure, happy generations.
  60. Kushala (Indian/ Hindu) means expert, happy, safe.
  61. Lacy (Swedih) means beautiful, strong, happy, and graceful.
  62. Laetitia (Irish) means happy.
  63. Lakeisha/ Lakesha/ Lakeshia/ Lakiesha/ Lakisha/ Laquisha (English); the variants rhyming of Leticia that mean happy, joyful.
  64. Lateisha/ Latesha/ Laticia/ Latisha (English); the modern forms of Letitia that mean happy, joyful.
  65. Lecia (English); taken from Alicia that means honest, sweet and truth. And Felicia that means happy.
  66. Leitis (Gaelic) means happy.
  67. Letitia (English/ Spanish); a medieval name in modern form that means happy and joyful.
  68. Licia (Latin) means happy.
  69. Lida/ Lidiya/ Lidochka (Russian) means happy.
  70. Lisha (English); from Alicia that means sweet, truth, and honest. Felicia means happy.
  71. Luana (Hawaiian) means happy and content.
  72. Mab (Gaelic/ Celtic) means happy.
  73. Mas’ouda (Muslim) means lucky, happy, and fortunate.
  74. Merry (English) means happy; taken from Meredith.
  75. Nandita (Indian/ Hindu) means happy.
  76. Nara (Greek/ Gaelic) means happy .
  77. Oseye (Egyptian) means happy.
  78. Pellikita (Latin/ Basque) means happy.
  79. Rafa (Arabic) means happy.
  80. Sa’eeda/ Sa’ida (Muslim) means happy, lucky.