Babies Names that Mean Flower

Last Updated: 12 Nov 2016
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A cute baby plays a Flower

Flower is a beautiful thing loved by most people. It does not only have nice look but also nice fragrance that can create a good mood. For the amazing beauty of flower, many people use kinds of flower names as the name for their newly born babies. The using of the flower names is a wish that their babies can grow up beautifully and bringing good mood for all people with its beauty and fragrance.

Even though flower is more identical with feminine things, there are also some names with flower meaning that are applicable for baby boys. You can find the list below and choose the best one for your baby.

Admon (Hebrew) -Boy- means red peony flower.

Ankur (Hindu) -Boy- means blossom and flower.

Anthony (English) -Boy- means flower or highly praiseworthy.

Antoine/ Anton/ Antony/ Antonio (English) -Boy- a variant of Anthony that means flower or highly praiseworthy.

Berry (English) -Boy- means berry and flower.

Binte Zahra (Islamic) -Boy- means flower girl.

Blathma (Irish) -Boy- means flower.

Bokul (Hindu) -Boy- means Bakul or Nagakesara tree; a kind of spice that has very fragrant flowers.

Botan / ぼたん (Japanese) -Boy- means flower of June named Peony.

Dieu Hien (Vietnamese) -Boy- means Amaryllis flower.

Dinh Hoa (Vietnamese) -Boy- means flower of the peak.

Fiorello (Italian) -Boy- means little flower.

Floren (Latin) -Boy- means flowering.

Florent (French) -Boy- means flower.

Florentin/ Florentyn (Latin) -Boy- means flowering.

Florenz (French) -Boy- means flower; a variant name of Florent.

Florian (Slavic/ English/ Polish/ Latin) -Boy- means flower, masculine form of flora from Roman Clan, flowering, flourishing.

Florus (French) -Boy- means flower.

Fraser (Scottish) -Boy- means strawberry flowers.

Fuchsia (English) -Boy- means fuchsia flower, fuchsia color.

Gajra (Indian) -Boy- means garland of flowers.

Graciela (Latin) -Boy- means blessing, favor, three nature goddesses; Aglaia, Thalia and Euphrosyne.

Heath (English) -Boy- means heather in masculine form. The untended land where blooming shrubs growing.

Hy (Greek) means the diminutive of Hyacinth in Greek land.

Jared/ Jarred/ Jarrod (Hebrew) -Boy- means rose, flower.

Jasmin (French) -Boy- means a name of flower from Jessamine in older form.

Jax (Hispanic) -Boy- means Hyacinth flower with the other names such as Jacindo or Jacinto.

Kalen (Hebrew) -Boy- means the Kalan’s root; a flower that grows in Jerusalem.

Kalina (Slavic) -Boy- means flower.

Kamal (Indian) -Boy- means lotus flower.

Acheflow (Arthurian Legend) -Girl- means white flower.

Aelan (Hawaiian) -Girl- means flower.

Aeries (English) -Girl- It is a flower that grows in summer breeze. It will be a perfect name for a baby girl that is born when Aeries start growing in summer.

Aini (Muslim) -Girl- means flower, spring, choice and also choice.

Akina / 明菜 (Japanese) -Girl- means the bright leaves or the bright flower of spring.

Algoma (native American) -Girl- means the valley of flowers.

Alyssa (Greek) -Girl- means logical, sane, alyssum or the yellow flower.

Amantha (Greek) -Girl- It is a variant name of Amarantha and Samantha that means a flower name.

Amaranda (Greek) -Girl- means flower.

Amarande (Greek) -Girl- means flower.

Amarande (Basque) -Girl- means a flower name, immortal.

Amaranta (Spanish) -Girl- means flower.

Amaranta (Latin) -Girl- means a flower that never fades.

Amaryllis (Greek) -Girl- means fresh flower and sparkling.

Anthia (Greek) -Girl- means a lady of flowers.

Antoinette/ Antonia/ Antonina (English) -Girl- means highly praiseworthy and meaning flower in Greek.

Ardath/ Ardith/ Ardice/ Aridatha (Hebrew) -Girl- means flowering field.

Ayame/ あやめ (Japanese) -Girl- means Irish flower.

Ayanna/ Ayana (African) -Girl- means beautiful flower.

Azalea/ Azalia (Latin/ Hebrew/ Greek) -Girl- means a name of flower, dry earth.

Azami/ アザミ (Japanese) -Girl- means thistle flower.

Azelia/ Azelie/ Aziel (Hebrew) -Girl- means flower.

Azhar/ Azhara (Arabic) -Girl- means flower.

Bakula (Indian/ Hindu) -Girl- means Nagakeshar flower.

Barbie/ Barbra (Greek) -Girl- means a flower name or dry.

Bhrungara (Hindu) means golden flower.

Blanchefleur/ Blancheflor/ Blancheflour (French/ Arthurian Legend) -Girl- means white flower.

Blathnaid (Irish) -Girl- means flower.

Blodwen/ Blodwyn (Welsh) -Girl- means flower or white flower .

Blossom (English) -Girl- means flower like.

Bluma (Hebrew) -Girl- means bloom, a flower.

Brione/ Brionne/ Briony/ Bryani (Greek/ English) -Girl- means flowering vine of folk medicine.

Brioni / Brionna/ Bryony (Greek/ English) -Girl- means flowering vine of folk medicine.

Calantha/ Calanthe (French) -Girl- means beautiful flower.

Camelia (Latin) -Girl- a flower name.

Camella/ Camellia/ Camille (English) -Girl- means Camelia flowers.

Chameli (Indian/ Hindu) -Girl- means a creeper with flowers and jasmine flower.

Chelsea (English) -Girl- means flower.

Chloris (Greek) -Girl- means blooming, spring, or goddess of flowers in mythology

Chloe (Greek) -Girl- means flowering.

Chrissann (English) -Girl- means golden flower. The other names are Chrysann, Chrisanne, and Crisann.

Chu’si (Native American) -Girl- means snake flower called Hopi.

Cleantha (Greek) -Girl- means in praise of flowers.

Clematis (Greek) -Girl- a flower name.

Cloris (Greek) -Girl- means a goddess of flowers, blooming, or spring.

Clover (English/ Anglo Saxon) -Girl- means meadow flower. The other names are Vera, Cloris or Clove.

Daffodil (Greek) -Girl- means flower.

Dahlia (Greek) -Girl- means a flower name taken from a Botanist Dahl.

Daisey/ Daisi/ Daisie/ Daisy/ Dayzi/ Daysi (English/ American) -Girl- means day’s eye or a name of flower.

Delbin (Greek) -Girl- means flower.

Delbin (Basque) -Girl- means dolphin, flower name.

Delbina/ Delbine (Greek) -Girl- means flower.

Delphina (Greek) -Girl- means little flower .

Delphine (Greek) means from the flower or a flower name.

Diandra (American) -Girl- means divine flower or rare.

Diantha/ Dianthe (English/ Greek) -Girl- means flower.

Eolande (Gaelic/ Celtic) -Girl- means violet flower.

Erith/ Eritha (Hebrew) -Girl- means flower.

Erianthe (Greek) -Girl- means sweet as many flowers.

Evanth/ Evanthe (Greek) -Girl- means flower.

Faaghira (Muslim) -Girl- It is a variant name of Faghira that means jasmine flower.

Fani (Hindu) -Girl- means a name of flower.

Fionnghuala (Gaelic) -Girl- means flower.

Fiorella (Italian) -Girl- means little flower.

Fiorenza (Italian/ Latin) -Girl- means flower.

Firenze (Hungarian) -Girl- means flower.

Fleur (French/ English) -Girl- means flower, a nature name.

Fleurette (French) -Girl- means little flower.

Flo/ Flor (Latin) -Girl- means flowering, flourishing, flower, blooming.

Flora (Scottish/ English/ French/Latin) -Girl- means flower, nature name, pleasure loving, hardworking, placid, flowering.

Floramaria (Spanish) -Girl- means flower of Mary.

Florence (Latin) -Girl- means flowering, prosperous, or flourishing.

Florencia (Spanish) -Girl- means blooming or flowering.

Florentina (Italian) -Girl- means flowering.

Florenza (Italian) -Girl- means flowering.

Floressa (French) -Girl- means flower.

Floretta/ Florette (Latin/ French) -Girl- means goddess of flower, flower, variant of flora.

Flori (French) -Girl- means flower.

Floria (Latin/ French/ Basque) -Girl- means flowering, flower, blooming.

Flossie (Latin) -Girl- means flourishing or flowering.

Flurry (Latin) -Girl- means flourishing or flowering.

Fuchia (English) -Girl- means fuschia, flower.

Gardenia (English/ Scottish) -Girl- means flower.

Garland (French) -Girl- means lace or wreath of flowers, crowned with flowers .

Geranium (Latin) -Girl- means flower.

Ginata (Italian) -Girl- means flower.

Ginger/ Ginny (Latin) -Girl- means ginger flower, the virgin.

Gladi (Hawaiian) -Girl- means variation of flower.

Gracella (Latin) -Girl- means blessing, favor, flowering, joy, brilliance.

Gracelynne/ Gracie/ Graciela (Latin) -Girl- means favor and blessing. Three nature goddesses in mythology Aglaia, Thalia and Euphrosyne.

Gul/ Gulaab/ Gulab (Muslim) -Girl- means flower, rose.

Gulinar/ Gulinear (Muslim) -Girl- means pomegranate flower.

Hadas (Hebrew) -Girl- means flower.

Hana / (Japanese) -Girl- means blossom, flower.

Hanako (Japanese) -Girl- means fair blossom, flower.

Hazel (English) -Girl- means the hazel tree nut.

Heather (Scottish/ English) -Girl- means flowering plant, tiny lavender flowers that grow on ground.

Hibiskus/ Hibiscus (Latin) -Girl- means a flower name.

Hue (Vietnamese) -Girl- means lily flower.

Huong (Vietnamese) -Girl- means the scent of flower.

Hyacinth/ Hyacintha (Greek) -Girl- means the flower.

Iantha/ Ianthe/ Ianthina/ Iolanthe (Greek) -Girl- means flower, violet flower, colored flower .

Ibolya (Latin) means flower.

Iris (Hebrew/ Greek) -Girl- means flower, a flower name, rainbow goddess in Greek Mythology.

Irisa (Russian/ Greek) -Girl- means the Iris flower, rainbow.

Jacinda/ Jacinta/ Jacinth (Greek) means hyacinth flower, beautiful, precious stone.

Jasmeen/ Jasmin/ Jasmyne/ Jazmine (Arabic/ French/ Persian) means a flower name in olive family, jasmine flower.

Jessenia (Arabic) -Girl- means flower.

Jonquil (English) -Girl- means from the name of flower.

Juhi / Jui (Indian/ Hindu) -Girl- means a flower.

Kalanit (Hebrew) -Girl- means flower.

Kaleen/ Kaleena/ Kalena/ Kalene/ Kalina (Polish/ Czechoslovakian) -Girl- means a name of flower and a name of place, a rosebud.

Kalei (Hawaiian) -Girl- means the flower wreath or the beloved.

Kamelia/ Kamella (Latin/ English) -Girl- means a name of flower, a Camelia variant

Keeya (African) -Girl- means garden flower.

Ketaki (Indian/ Hindu) -Girl- means flowers in cream color.

Ketifa (Arabic) -Girl- means flowering.

Kikue (Japanese) -Girl- means the flower of November named Chrysanthemum.

Kohana (Japanese) -Girl- means little flower.

Krysanthe (Greek) -Girl- means golden flower.