Beautiful Baby Names for Careful Meaning

Last Updated: 10 Oct 2016
carefully, train, trail
A Daughter carefully fixes the train trail

Do you know that baby names represent the meaning for blessing? Every baby name has its certain meaning. To be a pair of parents, you certainly want to give baby name with beautiful and nice meaning. Baby names for careful meaning are a good option. Do you know that careful meaning comes from different languages for your baby names? This comes from Arabic, English, American, and even African. Those have a basically same meaning but it has different perception. Careful meaning may be implemented for baby girls and boys depending on the necessity. It has two variants for girls and boys.

Selecting baby names for careful meaning cannot be done randomly. If you have appropriate names for your baby, you may take a baby name for careful meaning with a certain language. It is not wrong to find in details the meaning of that baby name. You may compare to one language to the others in order to find the best one. Here are these following baby names for careful meaning from different languages.

Baby Boys Names for Careful Meaning

  1. Yudi (Indonesian) means a careful man.
  2. Prayudi (Indonesian) means a careful boy.
  3. Edsel (English) means a careful and smart thought.
  4. Hazamah (Arabic) means firmness and carefulness.
  5. Hazman (Arabic) means firm, careful, and wise.
  6. Hazim (Arabic) means firm, careful, and wise.
  7. Abbas (Persian) means hard, simple, careful, and strong.
  8. Wirayudi (Indonesia) means great, brave, and careful.
  9. Cato (Greek) means clever, smart, and careful.
  10. Melecio (Greek) means careful and rigorous.
  11. Abbas (Sansekerta) means a strong and rigorous man.
  12. Abbas (Arabic) means a friend of Muhammad Prophet who is careful and strong.
  13. Abbas (Islamic) means a friend of Muhammad Prophet who is strong, brave, and rigorous like a lion.
  14. Irham (English) means a clever and careful man.
  15. Lambert (Hebrew) means an enthusiastic, rich, and careful man.
  16. Haziq (Islamic) means clever, smart, and careful man.
  17. Ashkan (Persian) means a great king in Persia who is careful and wise.
  18. Fandra (Latin) means a full of consideration archer.
  19. Kennard (Irish) means a strong, careful, and smart captain.
  20. Pradeta (Sansekrit) means a clever, smart, and careful man.
  21. Praditia (Sansekrit) means a clever and careful man.
  22. Praditya (Sansekrit) means smart and careful.
  23. Aakil (Sanskrit) means smart, clever, enthusiastic, and careful.
  24. Ajisth (Sanskrit) means very careful and wise.
  25. Deb (Sanskrit) means lucky, wise, good, and careful.
  26. Dheemant (Sanskrit) means smart and careful.
  27. Dhimant (Sanskrit) means smart and careful.
  28. Ganapatih (African) means a smartness and carefulness god.
  29. Govind (African) means smart, lucky, and careful.
  30. Inderpal (Hawaiian) means reaching a purpose with a good meaning and gaining it luckily and carefully.
  31. Jagjit (Indian) means reaching the result well, lucky, smart, and careful.
  32. Jai (Indian) means careful, lucky, smart, and wise.
  33. Paraduta (Indian) means smart and careful.
  34. Pradita (Sanskrit) means smart and careful.
  35. Praditha (Sanskrit) means smart, clever, wise, and careful.
  36. Praditya (Sanskrit) means brilliant, smart, wise, and careful.
  37. Rajit (Indian) means brilliant and careful.
  38. Rasendria (Indian) means gaining the best result carefully .
  39. Suman (Sankrit) means smart, clever, wise, and careful.
  40. Vijval (Indian) means smart and careful.
  41. Fridmar (Skandinavian) means smart, and careful.
  42. Min (Chinese) means a strong, smart, and careful man.
  43. Aydin (Turkish) means a smart, clever, and careful man.
  44. Zeki (Turkish) means a smart, clever, and careful boy.
  45. Zeky (Turkish) means a smart, clever, and careful boy.
  46. Leocadio (Greek) means a smart, clever, and rigorous boy.
  47. Hafiz (Islamic) means a responsible man to decide a decision with careful considerations .
  48. Hadil (Islamic) means a good man who is directing the way of the life carefully .
  49. Mahasin (Arabic) means a man who is right and gathers goodness in the life. He is also a role model because he takes a deal with a problem carefully.
  50. Harsa (Arabic) means a fun and joy of a wise and careful man for the other people.
  51. Haryaka (Malay) means an honest man with its goodness to the other people. He brings a careful decision and wise options for all .
  52. Yori (Japan) means a trusted man due to his careful, wise, and honest decisions.
  53. Prasetya (Indonesian) means the strength of man through its careful considerations and wise steps in the life.
  54. Cong (African) means a smart, and clever man to decide something carefully.
  55. Drew (American) means a man who is gentlemen, masculine, great, careful, strong, smart, and gorgeous.
  56. Elam (German) means a man reaching the highest position with hard working and careful steps.
  57. Avram (Hebrew) means majesty, great, honor, careful, and kind-hearted.
  58. Wistara (African) means a clever and smart man who deciding a case carefully and wisely.
  59. Juvenal (Hawaiian) means a young boy who is kind-hearted, wise, and careful.
  60. Elfredo (Latin) means a great and wise man who runs life carefully with full of considerations for a better purpose.

Baby Girl Names for Careful Meaning

  1. Yudia (Arabic) means a careful girl.
  2. Fidonia (Greek) means saving, careful, and clever.
  3. Fadiana (Greek) means a careful girl for economy purpose.
  4. Fadhin (Greek) means a saving and careful girl.
  5. Titi (Javanese) means honest, right, and careful.
  6. Celi (Malay) means a careful girl.
  7. Nastiti (Malay) means a careful girl.
  8. Hazimah (Arabic) means a very careful girl.
  9. Fahmi (Sanskrit) means smart and careful.
  10. Fahim (Sanskrit) means smart and careful.
  11. Mashish (Hawaian) means a smart and careful girl.
  12. Quinn (English) means a wise, smart, and careful woman.
  13. Riffa (German) means a wise, honored, and careful woman.
  14. Cato (Greek) means careful, smart, and clever.
  15. Mufida (Arabic) means a useful, beneficial, and careful girl for religion, society, community, and nation .
  16. Beryl (English) means an enchanting diamond to bring happiness and peace in the life. She is a good solver as well with well considerations.
  17. Prospera (Latin) means a lucky girl bringing lucks in people’s life. She becomes a role model with her wise and careful actions.
  18. Azel (African) means the truth and goodness to bring peaceful life and wise considerations to overcome life’s problems.
  19. Elfreda (Latin) means a strong, wise, and careful woman to see the whole life
  20. Socrates (Greek) means a good Greek philosophy to bring peace, prosperity, wisdom, and carefulness in the life.
  21. Eliot (Hebrew) means a strong and high woman with careful and wise thoughts.
  22. Cady (English) means a sweet, careful kind-hearted and smart girl .
  23. Sherwin (Hebrew) means a true friend to run life wisely and carefully.
  24. Jovian (Greek) means the highest god in Romani mythology with its good meanings like careful, beautiful, wise, and kind – hearted.
  25. Advaya (African) means a warm and careful woman in a family.
  26. Kyros (Greek) means a nice girl bringing carefulness, braveness, and wisdom in a life.
  27. Calin (Latin) means a cute and sweet girl with her wise and careful decision.
  28. Avniel (French) means a center of life bringing merciful and wise characters.
  29. Cleon (French) means a famous and popular girl who is careful and wise to run a hard life.
  30. Aziel (African) means a cute flower sparking and blossoming in a park. She acts like a blossoming flower with full of carefulness and kindness.
  31. Costela (Latin) means a girl having a character like beach. She is wise, careful, kind, honor, and smart.
  32. Cherub (Greek) means an angel sparking calmness, kindness, and carefulness in people’s life.
  33. Athallah (Christian) means the mercy of God bringing peace, carefulness, and wisdom.
  34. Daibhi (Hawaiian) means a girl who is loved by many people due to her good characters. She is honor, wise, kind, careful, smart, and great.
  35. Adzkia (African) means a careful and smart girl who is like light in the night.

Baby names for careful meaning are inspiring you to take a choice for your baby names. There are some kinds of baby names from different languages. You may take one of the names for your babies and arrange it to the other names to represent a beautiful and blessing meaning of a name. Be careful to select it. You have to find the right and appropriate baby names for careful meaning. It must be appropriate for baby boy and girl. You should recognize better the meaning of that name in which it may have a different meaning from the other language. By finding baby names for careful meaning in internet, it gives you many variations like above names.