90 Baby Names That Means Beautiful Voice

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016


Baby Names That Means Beautiful Voice

Names related to music or beautiful voices are usually elegant and sophisticated; if you love music or want your children to inherit musical soul, baby names with music-related or voice-related meanings can be your choices. All languages and countries around the world have worlds related to voice and music, so there are many options for you. Forget opening dictionaries one by one to find the best names; now you can find beautiful names easily from the internet. Here are 90 names for boys and girls related to beautiful voice, sound, and music to choose from.

45 Baby Names for Boys about Music and Voice

There are a lot of great baby names for boys that have meanings related to voice, beautiful music, singing, or even musical instruments. Here are top 50 names about voice and music to choose for your baby boy:

  1. Aadesh (Sanskrit): the voice of command.
  2. Albayan, Albayyan (Arabic): a man who is very eloquent.
  3. Apolonius, Apollo (Greek): Greek god of music who has beautiful voice.
  4. Arion (Biblical): with beautiful voice.
  5. Armani, Armann, Arman (Armenian): with hushed voice.
  6. Artyom, Arty (Russian): a voice.
  7. Bard, Baird (English): a wandering singer and musician.
  8. Bragi (Scandinavian): the name of a god who has beautiful voice and loves music.
  9. Cadence (English): rhythm, flow of rhythm.
  10. Calypso (English): the name of musical genre.
  11. Carmine (Latin): a song.
  12. Darwish (Arabic): wandering musicians.
  13. Dell, Odell (Greek): melody.
  14. Doireann, Dorian (Irish): a man who is silent.
  15. Gema (Indonesian): echoed voice.

  1. Gnathon (Greek): a man who likes to speak.
  2. Fabio, Fabiano (Italian): a man with a voice like bear.
  3. Galan (Anglo Saxon): a man who sings.
  4. Guita, Gueta (Persian): a song.
  5. Harper (English): someone who plays harp.
  6. Hassun, Hassuun, Hasun (Arabic): a little bird with beautiful voice.
  7. Hazar (Arabic): a type of bird with beautiful voice.
  8. Hototo (Native American): a soldier who loves to sing.
  9. Jaron, Yaron (Hebrew): to sing and shout.
  10. Juhair (Arabic): someone with beautiful voice.
  11. Kaleo (Hawaiian): the sound, the voice.
  12. Kousan (Armenian): a singer, someone with beautiful voice.
  13. Kyle (Scottish): a voice.
  14. Neese (Irish): a man’s voice.
  15. Otis, Ottis (Greek): person with good hearing, a man who listens very well.
  16. Peverell, Peverel (French): a man who plays pipe instrument.
  17. Poliphemo, Polifemo (Greek): a man who likes to talk.
  18. Ron, Roni (Hebrew): my singing, my joy.
  19. Linos, Linus (Greek): a voice of grief, a song about grief.
  20. Reed, Reid (English/Irish): the name of a thin, wind instrument.
  21. Seka, Sekai (African): the voice of laughter, a man who likes to laugh.
  22. Shadi (Arabic): to sing, a singer.
  23. Sho, 翔 (Japanese): the sound of wind instrument.
  24. Shonte (African American): a song.
  25. Sinatra (Latin): a sound, a voice. Also a reference to famous singer Frank Sinatra.
  26. Turgay (Turkish): a name of bird with beautiful voice.
  27. Vadin, Vaden (Sanskrit): a man who speaks.
  28. Wasif (Arabic): a man who explains.
  29. Zamir (Hebrew): song, voice, birdsong.
  30. Zino, Zinon (Greek): a person who delivers message.

45 Baby Names for Girls about Music and Voice

Unsurprisingly, there are many names related to music and voice you can give for baby girls. Many of them have elegant and feminine tone. Here are 50 baby names for girls with close meanings to voice, music and singing:

  1. Aika, 愛佳 (Japanese): a song about love.
  2. Allegra (Italian): name of fast musical movement.
  3. Alima (Arabic): a girl who has good voice.
  4. Aria (Italian): the voice opera singer makes when moving up the melody and tone.
  5. Arietta (Italian): a song, a chant.
  6. Bairavi (Indian): a song, a chant.
  7. Cady, Cadence (English): rhythmic voice.
  8. Carmen, Karmen (Hebrew): a singing voice.
  9. Carmina, Carmencita, Carmen (Spanish): a song.
  10. Carol (French): a joyful song, joyful tune, joyful singing.
  11. Chanda (Sanskrit): holy singing voice.
  12. Chantal (French): a song.

  1. Charmaine (English): a song, a tune.
  2. Clio, Cleo (Greek): the goddess of music and song.
  3. Doina (Romanian): a folksong.
  4. Jarona, Yarona (Hebrew): to shout and sing.
  5. Kari (German): a strong singing voice.
  6. Karolina, Carolina, Caroline (German): strong singing voice.
  7. Kirtana (Indian): a song to praise God.
  8. Kotone, 琴音(Japanese): the sound of a stringed instrument.
  9. Lalo, Lula (Latin): singing a lullaby.
  10. Ligia, Lygia (Romanian): woman with beautiful voice.
  11. Lina (German): a strong singing voice.
  12. Lirit (Hebrew): song lyric.
  13. Loralai, Lorelei, Loreley (German): a woman who sings beautifully, also a name of mythological creature in form of beautiful woman that lures men with singing voice.
  14. Lyra (English): the modern version of the word “lyre,” which is a type of stringed instrument.
  15. Mele (Hawaiian): singing, voice of poetry.
  16. Melody, Melodia (English): melody.
  17. Nazima (Indian): a song, a chant.
  18. Neda (Persian): a voice.
  19. Odele, Odelet, Odelette (Greek): voice of singing.
  20. Philomel, Philomela, Philomele (Greek): a woman with sweet voice, a nightingale.
  21. Ragina (Indian): a song.
  22. Ranita (Hebrew): joyful voice, joyful song.
  23. Rena (Hebrew): joyful song.
  24. Rhania, Rania (Biblical): a woman who sings.
  25. Shara, Sara (African American): a woman who sings.
  26. Sharama, Sharamah (African American): melody, harmony.
  27. Sharasvati (Indian): harmonious singing/musical instrument voices.
  28. Shira, Shiree (Hebrew): night song.
  29. Thalia (Greek): name of a goddess who is a patron of singing and comedy.
  30. Trilby (Italian): singing with treble voice.
  31. Vani (Sanskrit): a voice, a sound.
  32. Viola (Italian): the name of a musical instrument and also a character in Shakespeare.
  33. Zemira, Zemirah (Hebrew, Biblical): the song of joy.

These baby names are great options if you want to put some musical touch or element of voice in your children’s names. Pick one of these baby names to create a meaningful name for your children, and put your hope in their names.