81 Baby Names that Mean Forgiving

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016


81 Baby Names that Mean Forgiving

Forgiveness is a powerful, healing quality, and baby names with the meaning “forgiveness” can yield great effect on the babies’ characters when they grow up. There are many beautiful names from various languages and cultures that you can use in your baby’s name, whether as first name, middle name, or as variations to make the name sounds more familiar with your own language. There are many possibilities with these names, and you don’t need to read dictionaries to find them. Here are best 81 baby names for boys and girls that mean forgiveness or forgiving.

You don’t need to stick with literal meaning of the names. Remember, choosing the best names means being considerate about how the name will be spelt or written. If you think certain names will not look good, you can modify the name or choose name that has close meaning to the actual meaning you aim (such as “kind” and “compassionate,” which are close to “merciful” and “forgiving”).

33 Baby Names for Boys That Mean Forgiving

There are many baby names for boys that mean forgiving, forgiveness, merciful or similar meanings. Here are 33 names from various languages and cultures you can consider:

  1. Afwan (Arabic): forgiveness.
  2. Alfino, Alfie (Latin): having good intention, kindness and compassion.
  3. Anelka, Anielka (Polish): forgiving, merciful.
  4. Apsel, Axel (German): a man who brings peace and compassion.
  5. Atsuo, 亜津夫 (Japanese): full of compassion and forgiveness.
  6. Benigno (Spanish): compassionate, kind.
  7. Bertoldo (German): a very good, compassionate leader.
  8. Clem, Clemens (Latin): full of forgiveness.
  9. Clemente (Italian): mercy, forgiveness.
  10. Clementine, Clement (French): mercy, forgiveness.
  11. Eldrich (German): wise, compassionate leader.
  12. Fordel (Romanian): forgiving, merciful.
  13. Geovanie, Giovanni, Giovani, John (Italian): God is kind, forgiving.
  14. Ghafur, Ghiffari, Ghiffary (Arabic): the forgiving one.
  15. Iann, Ian (Irish, Biblical): God forgives, God is forgiving.
  16. Keiji, Keizi, 京司 (Japanese): a compassionate, forgiving, peaceful leader.
  17. Muhar, Muhari, Mahari (African): forgiving, merciful.
  18. Osayaba (Benin): God is merciful.

  1. Paschal, Pascal (Biblical): a person who is born as forgiving.
  2. Patricius, Patrice, Patrick (Latin): a forgiving, merciful, and helpful person.
  3. Rahim, Rohim (Persian): forgiving, merciful.
  4. Reinaldi, Reynaldi, Reynald (Italian): a wise, merciful leader.
  5. Salmi (Persian): a good listener, an emphatic person.
  6. Samih, Sami (Arabic): a forgiving, kind, merciful person.
  7. Sanaz (Persian): full of grace and mercy.
  8. Sasha (Russian): a good person.
  9. Stanislav, Stan (Russian): a forgiving, helping person.
  10. Tanner (English): forgiving, sincere, generous.
  11. Tennyson, Tonison (English): full of forgiveness.
  12. Theodorus, Theodore, Theo (Latin): forgiving, healing, gentle.
  13. Thurston (English): forgiving and generous.
  14. Titus (Biblical): name of a friend of Paul the apostle; he was a peacemaker and in charge of collecting charity money for the poor.
  15. Vieno (Finnish): kind and merciful.

Incorporate these names in your baby boy’s name and you will give powerful meaning to your kid.

48 Baby Names for Girls That Mean Forgiving

There are a lot of beautiful baby names for girls that you can pick, even from English dictionary. You can also pick names that have close meaning with forgiving or merciful qualities, such as “friendly” or “kind.” Here are 48 great names you can pick for your baby girls with meanings such as “forgiving,” “mercy,” or “compassion.”

  1. Agata, Agatha (Czech): a kind, forgiving woman.
  2. Amabel (Latin): kind and compassionate.
  3. Amirah (Arabic): a good, merciful, benevolent leader.
  4. Anelka (Polish): a forgiving woman.
  5. Aniko, Anika (Hungary): a kind, compassionate woman.
  6. Anniken, Anni (Scandinavian): kind, compassionate, merciful.
  7. Aroa, Arora, Aurora (German): a kind woman.
  8. Asih (Javanese): a woman full of compassion.
  9. Ayuni (Javanese): a woman who always sides with compassion.
  10. Benigna (Spanish): compassionate, kind.
  11. Bess, Bessie (English): short of “Elizabeth,” associated with Elizabeth the good queen.
  12. Bona, Bonnie, Bonny (Italian): a very good woman, compassionate.
  13. Clementine (Latin, French): forgiveness, mercy.
  14. Eimear, Emer (Irish): kind, gentle, merciful.
  15. Elia (Biblical): forgiving and happy.
  16. Emily (Irish): a woman who does kind things, a woman who is compassionate.
  17. Gerlinde (German): a gentle, kind, compassionate woman.
  18. Giovana, Giana, Gianina (Italian): God is forgiving, kind.
  19. Karuna (Sanskrit): a woman who always forgives and gives mercy.
  20. Hanna, Hannah, Anna (German): gentle and merciful.

  1. Harriet, Henrietta (German): a good and kind leader in the household.
  2. Henzie (Dutch): a good, compassionate, merciful woman.
  3. Khayra (Arabic): having good qualities, good heart.
  4. Lita (Latin): a gentle, kind, compassionate woman.
  5. Ludmilla, Lyudmila (Hungarian): the kindness of mankind.
  6. Maharene (Somali): asking for forgiveness.
  7. Mercy (English): an English vocabulary means clemency.
  8. Mileta (German): compassionate, merciful, and generous.
  9. Naeemah, Naeema, Naima (Egyptian): kind and compassionate.
  10. Raifa (Arabic): merciful and forgiving.
  11. Raifalia (Indian, Hindu): a merciful soldier.
  12. Raifanya (African American): forgiving and free.
  13. Ruth (Biblical): merciful, compassionate, forgiving.
  14. Sabia, Sabina (Irish): kindness, compassion, mercy, forgiveness.
  15. Salima, Selima (Arabic): a good listener, an understanding woman.
  16. Salmi (Persian): a good listener, an emphatic person.
  17. Samaya, Samaiya (Arabic): a forgiving, merciful woman.
  18. Sandra, Sandrine (French): a kind, helpful, merciful woman.
  19. Sasha (Russian): a good person, a good woman.
  20. Seira, せいら (Japanese): holy and compassionate.
  21. Sharisse, Charity (Latin): a person who likes to give.
  22. Sheela, Sheila (Sanskrit): a woman with good characters (kind, compassionate, forgiving, and merciful).
  23. Tamara (Biblical): forgiving and helpful.
  24. Tania, Teena, Tiana (Biblical): full of forgiveness, full of mercy.
  25. Tullia, Tully (Latin): full of forgiveness.

  1. Vanya (Biblical): a woman who has good heart, character.
  2. Wafirah, Wafira (Arabic): a compassionate woman who gives good things.
  3. Zakiyyah, Zakia (Arabic): kindness, compassion.

Names that mean “forgive” and the likes have powerful meaning, and by naming your baby that kind of name, you can put a hope that he or she grows up to become such person. Pick one of the best baby names available here and make the best name arrangements you can give for your little one.