65 Names of Babies from Around the World That Mean “Beautiful”

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

beautiful baby

Names of Babies from Around the World That Mean “Beautiful”

Who wouldn’t want beautiful, charming, handsome baby to raise? Inevitably, everyone practically wants it. We are not going to talk about genes here, not because genes are something unimportant, but because genes don’t always define the baby’s appearance and characteristic. Well, that might sound a bit naïve, but a little less subjective, right? Something beautiful does not come from the appearance, it is something that comes from the deepest heart. Clearly then, every parents wish their babies or newborns to grow up to be amazing selfless, fearless, beings.

What are we going to do now? We are going to see something related to baby names for both boys and girls that are meant literally “beautiful, charming, or handsome”. For every piece of goodness, there is always a reward behind it; and if this is done through prayer and wishes from parents, who wouldn’t deny to have these kinds of names? The meanings do depend on you, us, whoever they are whoever we are with babies. Sometimes, philosophy gets deeper when meanings and understanding are mixed together. So, here are the names. Don’t forget to be wise first, before taking notes.

Baby Boy’s Names That Mean “Beautiful and Charming”.

  1. Abhichandra (Indian): the beautiful moon, shining and guiding with the light he has, inspiring.
  2. Adonis (Greece): a beautiful boy.
  3. Akeno (Japanese): a beautiful boy that shines in the morning.
  4. Argider (Basque): a boy blessed with beautiful and shining light.
  5. Beau (France): beautiful and handsome boy.
  6. Calisto (Greece): a boy that is the most beautiful of all kind.
  7. Charudata (India): one that is beautiful as a beautiful boy, and sweet.
  8. Devon (English): a county in England noted as one that is beautiful.
  9. Ervin (Scottish): the one with beautiful mind, heart, and appearance.
  10. Farewell (English): the one who gives greetings and that is what makes him beautiful.
  11. Finnin (Irish): a boy who is handsome and good looking.

  1. Gamil (Arabic): the one with beautiful soul and character, and appearance.
  2. Gamal (Araabic): the other form of Gamil, with the same meaning, only different pronunciation and letter.
  3. Finneen (Irish): a beautiful child, who gives goodness to others.
  4. Hamilton (English): the name is taken from the beautiful mountain.
  5. Hasan (African): a beautiful and handsome man.
  6. Irvin (Scottish): the other variant of Ervin, one beautiful boy.
  7. KKane (Welsh): simply means beautiful and handsome.
  8. Kevin (Irish): the one that is beautiful and sweet.
  9. Nikalus (Israel): a son who is beautiful and loving.
  10. Tayten (African-American): the boy who brings beauty and joy.
  11. Lolonyo (African): one meaningful thing to see: that love is beautiful.
  12. L-Wei (Chinese): a beautiful rose, can be meant for a girl or a boy.
  13. Kalidasa (French): one that is as beautiful as a beautiful swan.
  14. Menefer (Egypt): means beautiful city.
  15. Beaumont (French): one that is as beautiful as a beautiful mountain, strong and still.
  16. Charuhas (Indian): a person with amazing and beautiful, sincere smiles.
  17. Charuchit (Indian): a person with beautiful mind.
  18. Camlo (Dutch): a person with beautiful appearance.
  19. Campbell (French): the name is taken from a beautiful field.
  20. Lynne (English): the one that is meant as a beautiful waterfall.
  21. Muirfinn (Scottish); dwells near a beautiful mountain, standing proudly and amazingly.

Baby Girl’s Names That Mean “Beautiful and Charming”.

  1. Abbey (Hebrew): the one with beautiful personality, as well as the characteristic and appearance, the diminutive form of Abigail.
  2. Abigail (Hebrew): the one rejoiced by a father.
  3. Adah (Hebrew): a beautiful ornament.
  4. Adamma (African): a girl that is sweet and beautiful.
  5. Addien (English): a beautiful and pretty, charming woman.
  6. Adina (Israel): the one with beautiful smile and face.
  7. Akemi (Japanese): the one that is as beautiful as a beautiful sunrise, brightly shining.
  8. Alanna (Slovakia): a beautiful child.
  9. Alayna (French): the one that is pretty.
  10. Charvaka (Indian): the one with beautiful smile.
  11. Chevelle (American): a girl that is beautiful and bold.
  12. Chitraksh (Indian): the one with beautiful eyes.
  13. Christabella (Latin-America): the one that is Christian, and a beautiful girl she is.
  14. Dara (African-American): the one with beautiful heart and smile.
  15. Dep (Vietnamese): a beautiful and charming girl she is.

  1. DiShawnna (American): the one with beautiful attitude.
  2. Elle (English): means a beautiful woman, another form of Eleanor.
  3. Mehrunnisa (Arabic): a beautiful woman.
  4. Misa (Japanese): a beautiful sand, in the shore.
  5. Misaki (Japanese): the girl that is blooming and beautiful.
  6. Naayah (Israel): the one with beautiful face.
  7. Maha (African): the one with beautiful eyes.
  8. Mandere (Kenya): that beautiful beads people always look up to.
  9. Maysun (Arabic): a girl who has a beautiful face.

  1. Meadow (American): the one that is meant to be beautiful field.
  2. Mee (Chinese): the beautiful and pretty girl.
  3. Mei-Yin (Chinese): the one with unconditional beauty.
  4. Mi-Ok (Korean): the one with beautiful hearts.
  5. Mineko (Japanese): the one that is taken from a beautiful white peak.
  6. Miyoko (Japanese): the one beautiful child.
  7. Miyu (Japanese): the girl that is as beautiful as a moon, brightly shining the nights, and the dawns.
  8. My-Duyen (Vietnamese): the one with beautiful and pretty face.
  9. Naava (Israel): a girl that is pleasant to see because she is beautiful inside and out.

All of 65 names above consists of beautiful names for beautiful little darlings of ours. The names, and the meanings do depend on how we see it, and how we wish it to be come true to the baby of ours. When we it in a positive way, it must be amazing to see them grow like we want. However, examples and loves are the things they need and that has got to be perfectly carved during their growth. If we want to make beautiful babies with personalities, then all we need to do is giving them examples like we want them to. As simple as that, names can be complicated and truthfully amazing.