63 Baby Names that Mean Gift

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2016


Baby Names that Mean Gift

Baby is indeed a precious gift from God to our life. We really love our babies and we definitely want them to know how big our love for them is. That is why it will be very nice if you choose a name that means gift for your little one. It is a good way to remind your child every single day that he or she is very treasured, cherished, and he or she is the best thing that ever happened in your life as a parent.

Choosing a name is definitely not easy, especially if you want something that sounds good but still has deep meaning. If you are currently looking for baby names that mean gift for your baby girl or boy, you have come to the right place. In this article, you can find a lot of meaningful names that will show to the world that your baby is a precious gift from God to your life. The names you find in this article come from different culture and language so you will have a lot of options to choose from.

32 Baby Names that Mean Gift for Girl

Let us see the names for baby girl first. Every name in this list is really beautiful and meaningful so your baby girl definitely will be proud of her name when she grows up.

  1. Afreeda(Arabic) means the one who is created by God.
  2. Anjanette (English) means favor from God.
  3. Annalies (Hebrew) means grace.
  4. Beth (Hebrew) means the one who comes from God’s house.
  5. Chiquita (Spanish) means little gift.
  6. Donatella (Italian) means giving, generous.
  7. Dorothy, Dorothea (Hebrew) means gift from God.
  8. Diva (Latin) means a girl who is blessed with beautiful voice.
  9. Giovanna (Hebrew, Italian) means gift from God.
  10. Godiva (Latin) means blessings from the Lord.
  11. Grace (Hebrew) means God’s kindness, God’s forgivenss
  12. Eleador, Eleanor (Spanish, Greek) means gift from the sun.
  13. Hadiya (Arabic) means gift.
  14. Hannah (Hebrew) means gracious gift from God.

  1. Isidore, Isadora, Izzie(Greek) means gift from Isis, the Egyptian Goddess
  2. Ivana, Ivanna (Hebrew) means gift from God.
  3. Jane, Jayne (English) means the God has shown His mercy.
  4. Joanna, Johanna (Hebrew) means gift from the Jehova.
  5. Liora (Hebrew) means God’s gift in the form of a light.
  6. Mattea (Hebrew) means gift from God.
  7. Mettabel (Hebrew) means God’s favor.
  8. Naima (Arabic) means blessing.
  9. Nala (Swahili) means gift or present.
  10. Nasya (Hebrew) means miracle from God.
  11. Nanette (Latin) means full of grace.
  12. Shauna (Greek) means blessing from God.
  13. Sheena (Arabic) means God is kind.
  14. Somrita (Hindu) means the gift from the Gods.
  15. Sunniva (Scandinavian) means gift from the sun.
  16. Vanya, Vania (Greek) means God is gracious.
  17. Zanetta (Spanish) means present from God.
  18. Zaria (Greek) means the gift of love.

31 Baby Names that Mean Gift for Boy

Just like the girl names above, the baby names for boy in this list mean gift and comes from different language and culture as well. Here are the names you can pick for your precious baby boy.

  1. Adam (Hebrew) means God’s creation.
  2. Avisha (Hebrew) means gift from God.
  3. Axel (Hebrew) means divine reward.
  4. Barak (Arabic) means blessing.
  5. Cedric (Welsh) means gift of splendor.
  6. Donatello (Italian) means giving, generous.
  7. Ercole (Greek) means gift from God.
  8. Esai (Hebrew) means gift.
  9. Ewan (Irish) means gift from God.
  10. Gamaliel (Hebrew) means God is my gift.
  11. Giovanni (Italian) means gift from God.
  12. Hans, Hanz, Hansel (German) means God is gracious.
  13. Honza (Czech) means gift from God.
  14. Ian (Scottish) means gift from God.

  1. Jeremy (English) means God’s appointed.
  2. John, Johan (Swedish) means God’s gift.
  3. Jonathan (English) means God is gracious.
  4. Joseph (Hebrew) means may God provides abundant of blessings.
  5. Matthew, Mateo (Hebrew) means gift from God.
  6. Micah (Hebrew) means blessings from God.
  7. Nate, Nathan, Nathaniel (Hebrew) means the one who is blessed by God.
  8. Prasad (Hindu) means blessings from God or the one who is really bright.
  9. Rahman (Arabic) means gift from the most gracious God.
  10. Sergei (Russian) means a wonderful birth.
  11. Shane (Irish) means God is gracious.
  12. Shawn (Greek) means blessings from God
  13. Shiloh (Greek) means abundant of gift.
  14. Theodore (Hebrew) means gift from God.

  1. Yanis, Yannick (Greek) means gift from God.
  2. Zane (Hebrew) means gift from God.
  3. Zebediah, Zeb (Hebrew) means given by the God.

Do you find anything that you like? Choosing a name is very important, so take your time and have fun choosing the most beautiful one from this list. Don’t forget to combine the name on this list with other beautiful names to create something more meaningful for your baby.