60 Nice Baby Names that Mean Sweet or Smiley

Last Updated: 16 Nov 2016
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There are so many possible names you can use for your baby born-to-be. Sure, it is much better if the names have such a beautiful and sweet name. It is by remembering that the name itself is a wish or even prayer. So, why don’t you try to give them the best ones. Indeed, if you are creative enough it seems not impossible to arrange the name yourself. It is like by mixing your and your partner name. This could result a very unique name which nobody else has it. However, it is a good idea as well to search for kinds of names which are already existing.

Then, how about a name with sweet or smiley meaning? It sounds so unique as well. Interestingly, around this world, there are many adorable names adapted from various languages and cultures. Of course, whenever you are you can just choose one or more of them to beautify your baby’s names. Even combining two or even more names at once with similar meaning is a good idea as well. Anyway, are you fascinated in giving your baby a name with sweetness and smile intended meaning? So, here are some cool ideas for you.

30 Baby Girl Names that Mean Sweet or Smiley

Especially for baby girls, there are a large amount of names from around the world with “smile” meaning and its friends like happiness, spirit, cheer, sweetness, cuteness and the others. Indeed, we always hope that our daughters will have such personalities, don’t we? So, here are some of them for you.

  • Ada (Germany): happiness and cheers.
  • Adna (Greece): smile and happiness.
  • Agatha (Greece): nice and charming.
  • Allegra (Latin): joyful.
  • Amanda (Latin): sweet and beautiful.
  • Avera (Latin): a sweet girl with golden hair.
  • Basimah (Arabic): a girl with very beautiful smile.
  • Beatrice (Latin): she who bring joys.
  • Calosa (Greece): sweet, beautiful, and nice to see.
  • Caroline (Latin): songs of happiness.
  • Disa (Greece): a lively spirit.
  • Dixie (America): a sweet girl from the south.
  • Dulcie (Latin): sweet and attractive.
  • Elvira (Spain): sweet fairy.
  • Evelyne (Celtic): happiness and cheers.
  • Fane (Anglo Saxon): a princess who is always smiling and happy.
  • Farrah (Hebrew): a girl who is always happy.
  • Felicity (English): happy.
  • Hope (Anglo Saxon): optimism and happiness.
  • Joy (Latin): happiness.
  • Kelda (Norse): happiness like spring in the forest.
  • Larissa (Latin): bright smile.
  • Naama (Hebrew): happiness.
  • Naomi (Hebrew): sweet and attractive.
  • Rowena (Celtic): pure joy.
  • Rysa (Teutonic): smile and laughter.
  • Smita (Hindi): smile.
  • Sushmita (Hindi): a very good smile.
  • Valda (Teutonic): spirit of happiness and fight.
  • Vivien (Latin): cheerful and lively.

30 Baby Boy Names that Mean Sweet or Smiley

Well, the meaning sweet is probably more appropriate for baby girls. However, who says that there is no name with such meanings intended for the boys? In fact, there are still so many although maybe there are not as many as for the girls. Commonly, the meanings of names are around “handsome”, “charming”, and “wise” although there are still some of them with “smile” meanings. So, what are they? Check them out.

  • Alhad (Sanskrit): a very happy person.
  • Alitz (Hebrew): happy and cheerful.
  • Anschel (Hebrew): happy and smiley.
  • Arnan (Hebrew): smile, joy, and happiness.
  • Bliss (Anglo Saxon): spirit of happiness.
  • Blythe (Anglo Saxon): a man or a woman who always feel happy and joyful.
  • Caio (Welsh): joy and happiness for everyone around.
  • Charuhas (Hindi): smile.
  • Chavvah (Hebrew): a lively and cheerful boy.
  • Claude (Latin): famous and full of happiness.
  • Darahas (Hindi): a man with good smile.
  • Eadgar (Teutonic): a boy who is really rich and happy.
  • Edwin (Germany): a happy and rich friend.
  • Erasmus (Greece): charming and always smiling.
  • Farhan (Arabic): happy and joyful.
  • Felix (Latin): a man with happiness and fortune.
  • Gale (Irish): happy and cheerful.
  • Gaye (Irish): happy and merry.
  • Gil (French): a man who is joyful and smiling.
  • Gilland (Teutonic): smart and happy boy.
  • Goewyn (Welsh): always happy and cheerful.
  • Griffith (Celtic): happy boy with red hair.
  • Isaac (Hebrew): smile, laughter, and happiness.
  • Mander (French): a little boy with smile and good fortune.
  • Miley (Modern English): always happy and smiley.
  • Osher (Hebrew): a person with happiness and good fortune.
  • Stanley (Slavia): the happiness from God.
  • Sterling (Germany): charming and always smiling.
  • Thirza (Hebrew): happiness for all time.
  • Winston (English): very happy and joyful.

Those are the best 60 from many beautiful names for both baby girls and boys with meanings smile, sweet, and also happiness. If you pick one or more of those names for your babies, hopefully their lives will really be full of smile and sweetness.