60 Nice Baby Names that Mean Rich or Wealthy

Last Updated: 16 Nov 2016
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 Of course, a beautiful name for one person can be not from others. But above all, if you are during your pregnancy and starting to look for name for the baby, make sure that the name has a good meaning. Well said, names themselves are basically wishes. Indeed, not all people with good names must have good personalities as well. However, it is not a bad thing if you think more about them before the babies are born.

Anyway, it is a good idea if you wish your baby will be rich and wealthy later. Interestingly, there are some or even many names adapted from various languages in this world with such a meaning. Certainly, you can combine two or three of them at once as the first and middle name if you think those are appropriate. Or probably, do you already have your own favorite name? It is okay to add that name with “rich” meaning whether it is for the first or middle name. Well, these are some beautiful baby names with “rich” meaning that you should consider.

30 Baby Girl Names that mean Rich or Wealthy

Not only are they so pretty, the meanings related to the richness including power, fame, and prosperity are being the plus point. Coming from many languages and cultures, which one is the baby girl name you love the most?

  • Adda (Germany): woman with wealthy and happiness.
  • Adrianne (English): wealthy female.
  • Agrippina (Latin): born for being rich and famous.
  • Ann (Hebrew): great and powerful.
  • Araminta (Latin): holy money maker.
  • Audrey (English): a powerful nobleman.
  • Auryn( Latin): gold maker.
  • Brigette (Celtic): a woman with strength and prosperity.
  • Caroline (Germany): a strong and prestigious woman.
  • Clarissa (Latin): beautiful, wealthy, and famous.
  • Corolla (Celtic): a woman with beautiful crown.
  • Dana (Greece): a very prestigious and sparkling girl.
  • Demetria (Greece): a woman with prosperous lands.
  • Dorena (Greece): golden girl.
  • Edgina (Teutonic): a girl born for richness.
  • Edith (Germany): rich in war.
  • Elberta (Teutonic): a great and illuminated woman.
  • Ermina (Latin): powerful.
  • Esmeralda (Greece): a precious emerald.
  • Felicia (Latin): rich and happy.
  • Gloria (Latin): victory and prosperity.
  • Idnette (Latin): a wealthy little princess.
  • Jessica (Hebrew): very rich, mighty, and powerful.
  • Jesslyn (Hebrew): a very rich woman.
  • Kalonica (Greece): beauty and victory.
  • Medea (Greece): she who is really powerful and stunning.
  • Noreen (Latin): a mighty woman.
  • Orlena (Latin): gold.
  • Valeska (Slavia): a wise and prosperous ruler.
  • Victoria (Latin): the richest and the winner.

30 Baby Boy Names that Means Rich and Wealthy

The baby girl names are really nice and lovely, aren’t they? How about the names meaning rich for the boys? Interestingly, there are more ideas of names with rich meanings for baby boys. Commonly, they are more in relation to the greatness, power, bravery, strength, and prosperity. So, here they are for you.

  • Albert (Germany): powerful, rich, and famous.
  • August (Latin): great and powerful.
  • Balder (Norse): a rich and peaceful prince.
  • Burton (Anglo Saxon): a man who is great, famous, and rich.
  • Chandler (English): wealthy merchant.
  • Edgar (Teutonic): rich heroes.
  • Ellard (Germany): a man who is really brave, great, and wealthy.
  • Elliot (Hebrew): a rich prince whom God love the most.
  • Frederick (Germany): a wealthy and peaceful king.
  • Fritzie (Teutonic): a wealthy and peaceful king.
  • Jarlath (Latin): powerful controller.
  • Keefe (Celtic): very handsome, powerful, and stunning.
  • Kendrick (Anglo Saxon): a great king.
  • Kenneth (Celtic): handsome and wealthy.
  • Landry (Anglo Saxon): the wealthy ruler.
  • Lawrence (Latin): a rich king with crown.
  • Montgomery (French): a rich man.
  • Orrick (French): golden ruler.
  • Regulus (Latin): a smart and powerful little king.
  • Reinhold (Germany): a powerful king.
  • Ricardo (Latin): a powerful ruler.
  • Richard (Germany): rich and strong.
  • Rigmor (Celtic): a rich and powerful spirit.
  • Rohin (Sanskrit): the follower of wealth and prosperity.
  • Sherwood (Celtic): a wealthy ruler of the sea.
  • Sinclair (Latin): rich and famous.
  • Theobald (Germany): a smart and powerful king.
  • Udolf (Anglo Saxon): a very rich and prosperous wolf.
  • Valdemar (Germany): famous and prosperous ruler.
  • Waldemar (Germany): very rich, strong, and famous.

Rather than giving your baby a kind of name which is only beautiful to hear, it is much better if it is meaningful as well. Surely, every mom and dad will give their best wishes to their babies from now to later. Giving the babies a prayer to be rich is of course really good and it is better to add it within their names. Well, particularly if you have an ability to combine the baby names well, your baby will have a full name which is not only meaningful but also nice and adorable.