60 Nice Baby Names that Mean Free or Independent

Last Updated: 16 Nov 2016

Names for babies with meanings beautiful, smart, and wise are really common nowadays. Those are even available from many languages and cultures. But as a name is a wish, it is not bad to add other good wishes. How about adding other names which mean freedom or independence. Of course, as parents you may wish your sons or daughters always feel free and independeny in choosing their own path of life. This idea is really sweet, delicate, and also unique at once. More than that, not many people already have such an idea for their kids.

It is so fascinating as well to see that there are actually many names with such meanings around us. Well, maybe we just don’t realize it. Anyway, are you interested to give your baby any name with such meanings? Here they are for you.

30 Baby Girl Names that Mean Free and Independent

Probably, it a little bit sounds weird. Indeed, the term of “free” or “independent” slightly sounds masculine rather than feminine. However, who says that there is no any name for girls with such names. There are actually quite many, here are some of them.

  • Abigail (Hebrew): freedom and rejoice.
  • Alvita (Latin): free and passionate.
  • Anaya (Sanskrit): completely free.
  • Antoinette (Latin): beautiful flower which is free and able to stand alone.
  • Armida (Latin): free and strong woman soldier.
  • Ava (Latin): free-spirited bird.
  • Carol (French): songs of freedom and happiness.
  • Celia (Latin): music for free and cheerful people.
  • Charlotte (Germany): a woman who is free and strong.
  • Colinette (Latin): a little dove which is freely flying wherever it wants.
  • Ega (Teutonic): great and free woman.
  • Eleftaria (Greece): freedom.
  • Fagan (Gaelic): free and joyful little fairy.
  • Feronia (Latin): the name of Latin goddess of freedom.
  • Francene (French): a free and cheerful little girl.
  • Gertrude (Teutonic): a girl which is really independent and affectionate.
  • Ilde (Teutonic): free and independent heroine.
  • Isra (Turkish): free and high-spirited girl.
  • Joyce (Latin): freedom and happiness.
  • Julia (Greece): a happy and independent teenage girl.
  • Juliet (Iris): a free and independent spirit.
  • Loise (Latin): free-spirited woman or heroine.
  • Lola (Spain): independent and strong woman.
  • Margot (Greece): pearls which are freely in the sea.
  • Naela (Gaelic): a girl which is free and full of happiness.
  • Najya (Arabic): an independent little girl.
  • Nyssa (Greece): the starting point or freedom and independence.
  • Rachel (Hebrew): free, simple, and innocent.
  • Valentina (Latin): free, affectionate, and full of love.
  • Valerie (Latin): free and strong.

30 Baby Boy Names that Mean Free and Independent

It is so interesting if you are expecting a new born baby boy. Why? It is because names with “free” and “independent” meanings tend to be more masculine and boyish. The names are particularly in relation to other similar and associated meanings like “wild”, “powerful” and also “passionate”. Many of them are even the names in which we commonly hear. So, what are they? Check them out.

  • Ari (Teutonic): free condor.
  • Aaron (Hebrew): free and powerful light from high mountain.
  • Alwyn (Germany): an independent and inspiring friend
  • Arnvid (Anglo Saxon): wild and free condor which wants to fly wherever it wants.
  • Asher (Hebrew): passionate and full of fortune.
  • Colley (Greece): glory and freedom for people.
  • Celo (Greece): high-spirited and joyful man.
  • Constantine (Latin): free, independent, and powerful.
  • Edward (Anglo Saxon): free and glorious soldier.
  • Ellard (Germany): a man who is brave, independent, and great.
  • Fanshom (Teutonic): free and independent.
  • Gale (Anglo Saxon): free, independent, and passionate people.
  • Harvey (Germany): independent soldier with weapons.
  • Ithnan (Hebrew): strong and independent sailor.
  • Jonah (Hebrew): free male dove.
  • Jorge (Greece): freedom of farmer.
  • Jules (Latin): teenage boy who is always spirited, cheerful, and expecting freedom.
  • June (Latin): free-spirited teenager.
  • Kemp (Anglo Saxon): free-spirited and strong soldiers.
  • Malcolm (Celtic): free and independent male dove.
  • Nicholas (Greece): freedom and victory for people.
  • Oswald (Germany): a man with freedom and strength from God.
  • Paco (Northern America): Free and strong condor.
  • Patera (Sanskrit): joyful bird which is symbol of freedom and independence.
  • Rayma (Teutonic): free and independent man.
  • Sherard (Teutonic): very brave and independent.
  • Sheridan (Celtic): very wild and free.
  • Sloa (Celtic): free-spirited soldier.
  • Woodley (Anglo Saxon): free like grass on the prairie.
  • Wyman (Anglo Saxon): soldier.

Of course, there are actually since many other beautiful and nice names in which the meanings are related to the “freedom” and “independent” . The names mentioned above, on the other hand, are those which are considered as the coolest and most unique. Besides, they are also really good whether you want to place them as the first or maybe middle name. So, are you interested in using one of them?