60 Baby Names that Mean Sword

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2016


60 Baby Names that Mean Sword

Name is a form of prayer you give for your baby. If you want your baby to grow up as a brave, valiant and strong person, you should name your baby with something that means sword. Sword is not only a symbol of strength and bravery, but its sharpness also indicates intelligence. So, when you name your baby after a sword, it means you pray that your baby will be a brave and smart person. The combination of those two traits will definitely help your child to go far and successful in life.

Meaningful name is absolutely good. But when you are giving a name to your baby, you should not only think about its meaning, but also about the beauty and attractiveness of the name. You want something that will make your child proud of his or her name because it is something that he or she will bring for the rest of his or her life. Even though the name has beautiful meaning, it won’t mean nothing if it is hard to spell, remember or it means something weird in your own language. There are so many things to consider when choosing a baby name. So, to help you make the best decision, here are some of the most beautiful names for baby girl and boy with sword as their meaning.  

29 Baby Names that Means Sword for Girl

Here are some of most beautiful baby names that come from different language and culture. The names in this list either has the literal meaning of sword or more figurative meaning like smart, wise, intelligent and brave.

  1. Abhaya (Sanskrit): fearless like a sword.
  2. Adira (Hebrew): strong.
  3. Agni (Norse) the edge of a sword.
  4. Andrea (French): brave.
  5. Aquillina (Spanish): a person with very sharp eyes like a sword.
  6. Audrey (English): noble strength.
  7. Bernadette (French): brave like a bear, also a name of a Saint, Bernadette Soubirrous.
  8. Bree, Brigid (Irish): strong or exalted girl, resolute strength.
  9. Brenda (Norse): sword or torch.

  1. Brianna (Celtic): brave and strong.
  2. Carla (Teutonic): a person who is strong and brave.
  3. Casey (Ireland): brave.
  4. Chalondra (African): a person with a very sharp mind, intelligent.
  5. Egberta, Alberta (English): sword that spreads bright light.
  6. Fernanda (German): valiant girl.
  7. Garcia (Spanish): brave in battle.
  8. Gladys (Latin): sword.
  9. Jarvia (German): sharp and keen.
  10. Jordis (Norse): sword maiden.
  11. Keena (Irish): brave.
  12. Kellina (Celtic): a person who has sharp and resolute mind like a sword.
  13. Matilda (German): sharp and full of might.
  14. Marcia (Latin America): brave in war.
  15. Nikita (Russian): sharp.
  16. Saxona (England): sword people.
  17. Trudy (Germany): adored warrior with sword in her hand.
  18. Valda (Norway): sword gives her full spirit in a war.
  19. Zakiyya (African): sharp and intelligent.
  20. Zeva (Greek): sword.

31 Baby Names that Means Sword for Boys

Just like the baby girl names, the boy names in this list are also derived from various language and cultural background. In this list, you will not only find names with sword and sharp as their literal meaning, but also what sword and sharpness symbolizes such as intelligence, strength, bravery and power. Here are some that you will find interesting.

  1. Aldo (Italian): little old sword.
  2. Alexander (English): defender of man.
  3. Amos (Hebrew): strong and brave.
  4. Andre, Andrew (French): brave.
  5. Axton (English): swordsman’s stone.
  6. Baldwin (German): brave friend.
  7. Brandon (English): fiery sword.
  8. Brant (English): blade.
  9. Bryant (Celtic): strong.
  10. Cohen (English): brave.
  11. Dino (Italian): little sword.
  12. Dustin (English): fighter.

  1. Edgar (English): powerful spear.
  2. Emery (English): brave and powerful.
  3. Einhard (German): become strong with the power of sword.
  4. Ethan (English): strong and powerful.
  5. Flint (Jewish): shotgun.
  6. Gareth (English): brave man with a spear in his hand.
  7. Gerald, Gerry, Gerard, Fitzgerald (German): the person who rules with a sword.
  8. Gilmore (Scottish): the holder of the sword.
  9. Husamuddin (Arabic, Islamic): the sword of faith.
  10. Keenan (English): sharp.
  11. Kenji (Japanese): intelligent.
  12. Kentaro (Japanese): sharp.
  13. Lance (French): weapon.
  14. Maximus (Latin): the greatest.
  15. Morgan (English): warrior.
  16. Oscar (German) God’s sword.

  1. Roger (Old Norse): famous spear.
  2. Saif (Arabic, Islamic): sword.
  3. Zulfikar (Arabic, Islamic): the sword of Prophet Muhammad.

As you can see, all the names on the list above are unique, meaningful and beautiful. This list definitely will make choosing baby name easier for you. Name with sword as its meaning resonates power and strength so it is best if you choose middle name with lighter meaning to soften the impression of your baby’s name. If you manage to mix and match the words well, you definitely will get great name with remarkable meaning for your baby.