50 Baby Names that Mean Peace

Last Updated: 06 Oct 2016
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World peace on baby hand

Every baby is born in this world in holy condition. Of course parents want the baby to enjoy the peace in the baby’s life. It is not easy to have kids in the family, but with the prayer which is done over and over again; people can have peaceful life with the family and children. The prayer can be done over and over again if it is added to the baby name. Name must be a beautiful gift from parents to the kids. Here are baby name inspirations with peace meaning which can be chosen for baby boy and baby girl.

Baby Names that Means Peace for Boys

  1. Stellan: this is the name which is originated from Scandinavia. It means rest, peace, as well as calm. Stella at the beginning of this name means stars and the n ending becomes the favorite for people. This name is used by Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connolly for their son as honor for Sweden actor Stellan Skarsgard.
  2. Frederick: it is an English name which has meaning of leader that is peaceful. This name can be considered as classic name after all. As for the nickname, people can use Fred or Freddie.
  3. Humphrey: it means warrior of peaceful. It is used a lot in England but it is not kind of name which is often used in the United States of America. That is why this name is unique and extraordinary.
  4. Tully: this name is the modern version of Tuathal. It is ancient name in Ireland. There are some meanings of this name including peace. Tully is more often used as nickname.
  5. Pax: this cute name that means peace can be used by boys or girls. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt use this name for one of their sons. It is very popular name used in Rome since it represents the Romans god of peace.
  6. Placido: it is Italian name which means serenity and peace.
  7. Solomon: this name is taken from Shalom in Hebrew which means peace. Solomon is the King of Israel who is also son of David. He is well known of his wise mind.
  8. Paxton: it is English name that means city full of peace.
  9. Godfrey: it is originated from Germany that means peace of God. Normans brought this name to England and it spread widely during Middle Age.
  10. Casimir: the English form of name in Poland, Kazimierz.
  11. Amandeep: Hindu name that is given to Punjabi girls. It means lamp of peace. This name is not only used for first name but also surname in Punjab. Aman which can be used as nickname also has the meaning of peace.
  12. Zalman: means peace in Yiddish. Zal can be the nickname.
  13. Amenhotep: sounds too long for boy’s name. However, people can shorten it according to their liking. It is taken from Egyptian which means the peace of Amon. Amon is the ancient Egypt god. The additional word after Amon means satisfaction of peace. This name is the name of the fourth Pharaoh of New Egypt Kingdom.
  14. Manfred: taken from Germany element, magan which means power as well as frid which meand peace.
  15. Kazuki: Japanese name which means harmony or peace. Two elements are used for building this name including kazu that means one and ki which means bright. Kazuki can be made from other kanji combination after all.
  16. Miroslav: this Czechs name is taken from Slavian element, miru that means world peace and slava which means victory. Miro can be used as cute nickname for the baby boy.
  17. Bohumir: Czechs name which means world of peace. It is taken from Slavian element; bogu that means god and miru that means peace of world. Mir can be used as the nickname.
  18. Irenaeus: the Latin version of Greek name, Eirenaios that means peace.
  19. Galen: this name actually can be used by baby girl or baby boy. The meaning of this name is peace, calm, as well as healer.
  20. Absalom: this Hebrew name means my father is peace.
  21. Wilfred: English name that means friend of peace.
  22. Aaru: peace meaning can be found from this Egyptian name. In the Egyptian mythology, Aary field is a paradise where Osiris leads.
  23. Axel: German name that means father of peace. People can remind Axl Rose who is the vocalist of rock band, Guns N’ Roses. Axel is the Scandinavian version from Absalom in the Bible.
  24. Sheehan: name which is taken from Irish name which sounds beautiful. It gets more beautiful because it comes with peace meaning within.
  25. Paciano: this is the alternative variation of Pax name for the baby. It is taken from Spanish which means peace.

Baby Name that Means Peace for Girls

  1. Irene: this name is pretty popular and it is taken from the Greek goddess of peace.
  2. Frideswide: the modern version of ancient English name Friouswip. Frip means peace while swib means strong.
  3. Dove: it is the name of bird in English. Dove actually becomes the symbol of peace for long period of time. This word can also be translated into other languages. For example, Paloma is dove in Spanish. In Hebrew, people can use Jonah and Jemima. In Gaelic, people can use Callum while Columba is dove in Latin.
  4. Salome: name in Raman which is associated with shalom in Hebrew that means peace.
  5. Paz: the short version of Pazia which is interesting baby name with the meaning of peace.
  6. Shiloh: name which can be used by baby boy or baby girl. It is mentioned often in Old Testament that means serenity and peace.
  7. Serenity: it is noun in English but it is pretty popular to be used as baby name.
  8. Winifred: this Welsh name means the blessed peace holder. This name is used often in the countries were English used as daily language. Cute nickname such as Winnie can be used but for tomboyish nickname, Freddie can be considered.
  9. Frida: Sweden name which is the shorter version of Frederica.
  10. Yasu: Japanese name that can be used for baby boy or baby girl that means peaceful. This name sounds rhythmical. That is why it can be used for nickname or middle name of the baby.
  11. Shalom: this term is used often by Jewish when meeting other people. It actually means peace.
  12. Frederica: the feminine version of Frederic which means the leaver of peaceful. This name can be great choice for parents who love vintage name.
  13. Jemima: the name that means dove. Dove is the global symbol of peace.
  14. Irini: the Russian version of Irene which sounds great on ears.
  15. Olive: love branch actually becomes the symbol of peace.
  16. Pacifica: this name in Spanish means calm and peace. If people spell this name correctly, they can feel the beautiful sound which is suitable with the harmony as well as peace meaning within this name.
  17. Paloma: shows the peace because this name means dove which becomes the symbol of peace.
  18. Placida: the masculine form of this name is Placido. Compared to its masculine version, Placida is kind of name which is not often heard by people. It has calm and peace meaning within. This name can be used as alternative option for Serena.
  19. Salma/Salama: this name is originated from Arab or Africa with the meaning of peace, security, as well as safety.
  20. Salima: Arabic name which is very popular. Of course it comes with the meaning of peace.
  21. Serene: this name had been used since Roman age. It sounds peaceful and serene just like the meaning within this name.
  22. Shanta: Indian origin name which means peaceful.
  23. Shulamit: Hebrew name that means peace.
  24. Concordia: the goddess of peace and harmony in Roman mythology.
  25. Tullia: the feminine form of Tullius in Roman. This name can be used as alternative choice for Talullah that can be given to baby girl.

There are various kinds of name which can be given to the baby girl or the baby boy. All of them has association with the peace meaning. By giving the name that means peace to the baby, there is a great hope of the parents that the baby can grow in the peaceful caring and nursing. Besides, there is also kind of hope that this little creature can also bring the peace and serenity to the family