50 Baby Names from Around the World That Mean “Generous” or “Generosity”

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

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Baby Names from Around the World That Mean “Generous” or “Generosity”

Generosity. Generosity is something people look for, when they are in the dark, both physically and in philosophy. When walking in the tunnel, and everything seems to be absurd, the light in the end of the tunnel is something very beneficial, and that light can be gained from generosity inside one’s heart. Generosity is believed and felt to be one thing people need to have in this world, simply because by helping each other, we know that life can just keep going.

Thus, Generosity is something to hope by parents to their kids. If you are one of those parents, you might as well have a look on the lists below, and acknowledge yourself with a bunch of names that have a meaning of the generosity or generous, and name your darlings after it.

Why then? Because the generosity is what we look for when we are on trouble. Because generosity is something we hope for our next generation to have. Because the worst thing that has ever happened to being is to get lost, therefore helping each other is the way. Depending on how you see the meaning, generosity is still worth enough to see, consider, and feel. Create one beautiful name after it and make sure that you will raise them with also the generosity of optimism, positivity, and all the mighty of being good and humble. When once upon a time they grow, you know that you have left the light beside them to guide them pass a dark moment they experience. So parents, sit back and enjoy, choose and be wise.

Baby Boy’s Names That Mean “Generous”.

  1. Abdal-Karim (Arabic): the servant of the generous
  2. Abdul-Kareem (Arabic): the servant of noble and generous person (Another form of Abdal-Karim, and the servant is referred to the Lord)
  3. Ajwad (African): a better generous
  4. Akram (Arabic): a boy who is generous
  5. Bazi (African): the one that is most generous
  6. Corley (English): the variant of Corliss that means generous
  7. Fadil (Arabic): the generous person who believes in kindness with all his heart
  8. Fayadh (African): a person with great generosity, helpful for everyone
  9. Hiroshi (Japanese): a person who grows with generosity in his being

  1. Humam (African): someone who is courageous and generous, a perfect role model he is
  2. Isaiah (Hebrew): this names refers to the philosophy of the Lord is generous
  3. Ithel (English): the name that drives generous Lord to hold a destiny
  4. Jawad (Africa): someone who likes to help people, being openhanded, and is the one that is generous
  5. Jawaid (Africa): someone who is loyal with his generosity
  6. Kareem (Arabic): a person with generosity as his life
  7. Frank (German, Dutch): a person who is free and generous
  8. Maddox (English): a son from generous parents
  9. Mailav (Indian): someone who is generous, and is the one who believes on that power
  10. Almortaza (Arabic); a generous one
  11. Noufal (Arbic): someone who is good looking and generous at the same time
  12. Nahid (Arabic): someone with generosity, living with it in peace
  13. Nawaz (Arabic): a generous prince
  14. Adavya (Indian): a boy who is always generous and happy
  15. Aimo (Finnish): a person with a huge amount of generosity in his heart
  16. Amr (Indian): someone who is generous and amazing

Baby Girl’s Names That Mean “Generous”.

  1. Karimah (Arabic): a girl who is generous
  2. Lilo (Hawaiian): the one with generous heart
  3. Macawi (Native American): a girl whose love is motherly and loyal, as well as generous
  4. Nadda (Arabic): someone who is generous
  5. Samihah (Arabic): a girl who loves to forgive simply because generosity is in her heart
  6. Yetta (English): one that is generous
  7. Zenas (Greek): the one whose characteristic is generous
  8. Eudlina (English): the woman that is generous
  9. Feiidha (Arabic): someone who knows that generosity is something important
  10. Hiroko (Japanese): a child that loves to give goodness and kindness, a generous person she is
  11. Humairaa (Arabic): a girl that respects other people, with her generosity
  12. Inaki (Native American): the one whose generosity in her heart is a nature
  13. Mileta (Latin): someone with huge amount of generosity
  14. Nediva (Arabic): practically the name means noble and generous, so that is what she is
  15. Polidora (Irish): a generous woman

  1. Querima (Spanish): this literally means the generous one
  2. Semiha (Arabic): originally taken from samih which means forgive, and by forgive, it is also meant generous
  3. Wahibah (Arabic): a girl whose habit is to give, make a chance, make a huge amount of kindness
  4. Jewell (English): a girl with a sparkling eyes, the eyes of heart, the generosity planted in her life
  5. Genereux (French): originally means generous, and is taken from the meaning of giving
  6. Fadeelah (Arabic): a girl who is excellent and virtuous, a generous person with her amazing ability she is
  7. Fruin (English): a girl who likes to befriend everyone, a noble and a generous person she is
  8. Riewe (German): a girl whose life is filled with peace and generosity, becoming an amazing person she is with those characteristics
  9. Milde (Dutch and German); a girl who is gentle and kind, generous and full of passion
  10. Francouer (French): a girl who is full of heart and generosity, making it possible for everyone to love her just as much as her parents do.

Well, that is a wrap. 50 names have been presented to you, new parents, whose hope for their kids to be able to give more to humanity, and feel more for their own happiness, as well as the people surround them. Hopefully, along the journey to pass, we will all then realize that giving name could be a wish. Yet, the effort does not stop there. Way better to give examples to kids, letting them see what their parents do, and soon will become the person they see and take a role of model.