33 Examples from A to Z Names for Girls and Boy Meaning Loyal and Trustworthy

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2016


Loyal and Trustworthy Baby Name

Finding right names for your baby is very important. Why giving name is so important? Giving name is important because you can call your baby in easy way. Name usually has meaning and the meaning is related with all things that parents want or hope. It is something serious because your baby will use the name until end of their life. It is important personal identity that will influence so many things in your baby’s future life too. When you are looking for name, you will need long time because you must consider so many things for example the sound of the name and the most important thing is the meaning of the name. All of parents want to give best name for their kids because they want to give their kid name that means prayer too. There are so many good baby names that you can choose and give to your baby.

You need to know that there are some names that recommended for boy and some others are for girls. If you like to get the neutral one, then you can choose baby names for unisex. There are some good meanings of names that you can find. Some parents who like to make their baby as obedient, loyal and faithful one will choose name that has meaning like what they want. If you are looking for baby names ideas that has meaning obedient, loyal or trustworthy you can get some ideas below. You can choose and then cerate full name for your own baby. Here you can get Islamic baby names ideas that have meaning loyal, obedient and trustworthy.

1 . Aminat

It is an Arabic name that you can use for your baby girl. The meaning of this name is trustworthy and obedient women. You can also use the plural form or Aminat, Ameena

2 . Amanah

Amanah is Islamic name for baby girl too that you can choose and the meaning of this name is trust and devotion. This name can mean guardianship too, loyalty and some other things. It is shown in the Quran in verse 33:72 and we know that Amanah is word to refer gift that Gog given to their lovely one.

3 . Caleb

Caleb is name in Hebrew and the meaning of this name is faithful , loyal and also bold.

4 . Clifford

This name is name in Latin language and the meaning of this name is reserved, kind, faithful, loyal, origin obscure and some other things related with loyal meaning.

5 . Dillion

You who need name in celtic word can choose Dillion as the best name for your baby. This name meaning is faithful and it is good for boy and girl name.

6 . Diya Al Din

You can choose to use name Diya al Din for your baby and the meaning of this name is loyal to God, faithful, and also trustworthy.

7 . Enid

This baby name is popular and used in some countries. This name is coming from Arthurian Legend. It is coming from the Welsh. The meaning of this name is soul of life, faithful and some other things. You can take example of full name with Enid such as Enid Blyton.

8 . Everard

Everard is popular too and commonly used for baby girl and boy. You can choose this name and this name meaning is faithful, inclined to be tactless, wild boar, fearless, obedient and some other things.

9 . Faith

It is name in English language and the meaning is faithful.

10 . Fedella

Fedella is variants of Fidel that means faith, faithful. There are some famous names by using Fedella or Fidel such as Fidel Castro.

12 . Hantaywee

Hantaweey is name in Native American language. This name meaning is faithful, obedient, loyal and so on. It is good for baby girl rather than baby boy.

13 . Heman

Heman is good for all of you who are looking name meaning loyal and faithful in Hebrew language.

10 . Ivy

Ivy is name for faithfulness and loyalty. This name is coming from the planet name.

14 . Kaleb

This name is from Hebrew language and the meaning of this name is faithful and bold.

15 . Kostya

Kostya is name in Slavic language and its name meaning is faithful, loyal, obedient and trustworthy.

16 . Leala

Leana is a name that meaning loyalty, faithful. This name is coming from French language.

17 . Lionel

Lionel is name in Latin that has meaning little lion, staunch, hot tempered and also faithful.

18 . Loyal

This name is popular to be used by baby boy and the meaning of course loyal and obedient.

19 . Mimi

It is name in French language and you can use it for baby girl. The meaning of this name is faithful guard.

20 . March

March is name of month and it means more than that. If your baby was delivered in March and you want to give baby name that has meaning faithful and loyal, you can choose to add this name. This march name meaning is horse, faithful, Ideas rather than conservatives.

21 . Mo’mina

This name is Islamic name that has meaning faithful. And Truly Believing.

22 . Nakia

Nakia is name for baby girl and this name meaning is pure and also faithful. It is good name and it is used for some of babies in the world today.

23 . Owen

Owen is name for baby boy and the meaning of this name is Lamb, or Young Warrior, Fearless, Faithful, Imaginative, Has Many Friends.

24 . Penelope

It is beautiful name for your baby girl. In the story, Penelope Was the Faithful Wife of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey.

25 . Pen

You can also just using Pen and the meaning of Pen is loyal. Penelope Was the Faithful Wife of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey.

26 . Roland

This name is for baby boy. The meaning of this name is Fame of the Land, Dour, Faithful, Intelligent, Stern.

27 .  Shaibya

It is Indian name and the meaning of this name is faithful wife. This name is good for your baby girl.

28 . Shraddha

This name is baby name in Indian and the meaning of this name is faithful.

29 . Truman

Truman is name in German language and the meaning of this baby name is faithful man. This name is also popular and used by so many babies in the world.

30 . Verrill

Verill is a name for baby girl that has meaning faithful, loyal and also obedient. This name can be combined with other word to complete the meaning.

31 . Wafi

Wafi is indirect Quranic name for baby boy. This baby boy name means faithful. This name is derived from Quranic W-F-Y root.

32 . Wafiyyah

It is name for baby girl. This baby girl name means loyal and also faithful. This name is also derived from Quranic and you can find this name in Quran.

33 . Wafa

Wafa is name that derived from Quranic too. The name meaning is faithfulness.

Actually there are so many names that you can find in some sources that have meaning faithful, loyal and also obedient. It is good word and good meaning too for your baby. So many parents want that all of their babies will have the same character like the name that is given to them. There are some ideas how to create full name with word means obedient and loyal too. You can combine some names in some languages too. The most important thing that you must consider is the overall meaning and the harmony when you call your baby with the name. It should not too long and it should not too short too.

Now, what do you think about all baby names that offered to you above? Have you already found one name that is good for your baby? You need to consider so many things before finally you pick one that is good and meets your hope too. You can also discuss with someone who really knows about the name and meaning or maybe you need to discuss with your spouse and your parents before you choose one of the best names for your baby. You can also choose and write names that you like first and then compare one to the other to find one that is good for your baby. Some of names above can be used as suggestion and advice for you. All of names should have great meaning like what you want for your baby. It is time for you to choose and pick one that is good for your baby and Good Luck then.