30 Modern Baby Names for Girl with Meaning

Last Updated: 06 Sep 2016

baby girl playing toys

A Baby Girl plays the blocks

Nowadays, we live in the modern era, it is useful if whatever we did was adjust with the times. One of the important things, which are often the forgotten is about giving a name to the newborn. Selection of a name for a newborn baby has become one of the important things to do. But it also sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Because it is difficult to do, then we need guidance and information so that it fits the selected name and in accordance with what is best is given to the baby kids. To find the best name for baby, we have to understand and know also what things related with the baby characteristic and hope to reach in the future.

There are some things that are usually used as reference before the choice of names for the babies do. In general, the baby's gender is becoming a major and most influential guide. That's because the name that exists in this world has a characteristic that is the difference the use of names for men and women. Well, for those of you who are currently confused to find a suitable name for your daughter, then the following list of names below are the best that you can choose. The names are taken from many languages, but the most important thing is where the name is quite popular and widely used by many people.

1. Alison Caleigh (A woman is truthful and noble as a brave warrior.)

  • Alison (English) means truthful and noble.
  • Caleigh (American) means brave warrior.

2. Adela Rossalene (A dear woman and beautiful like a beautiful rose.)

  • Adela (English) meaning noble.
  • Rossalene (American) means beautiful rose.

3. Syndy Raveena (A woman who is lovely and light like a blackbird.)

  • Syndy (American) means light.
  • Raveena (English) means blackbird.

4. Nanci Macayla (A woman who is gracious and very in love and obedient to god.)

  • Nanci (English) means gracious.
  • Macayla (American) means love to God.

5. Louisa Dionette (A woman god of wine is famous warrior.)

  • Louisa (English) meaning famous warrior.
  • Dionette (American) means the god of wine.

6. Alira Joycena (A beautiful woman and often get joy in life.)

  • Alira (American) means light.
  • Joycena (American) means joy, delight.

7. Jamesha Royale (A woman who supplanter and like on the royal.)

  • Jamesha (American) means supplanter.
  • Royale (English) means royal.

8. Niesha Valora (A holy woman who has a passion in life.)

  • Niesha (American) means pure.
  • Valora (English) means courage.

9. Edrice Shanda (A woman who are prosperous ruler and have the attitude of short-tempered.)

  • Edrice (English) means prosperous ruler.
  • Shanda (American) means short-tempered.

10. Kinsey Iria (A beautiful and sweet lady who loves the unique things like offspring.)

  • Iria (English) meaning lady.
  • Kinsey (English) means the offspring.

11. Lauryn Chanice (A woman who was very gracious withdrawal crowned with laurels.)

  • Lauryn (English) means crowned with laurels.
  • Chanice (American) means God is gracious.

12. Lyah Marabel (A very beautiful woman and weary.)

  • Lyah (American) means weary.
  • Marabel (English) meaning beautiful.

13. Timi Lakeiya (A woman who is very intelligent and protected and blessed by God.)

  • Timi (English) means honoring God.
  • Lakeiya (American) means intelligent.

14. Zollie Starlyn (A woman who became a star in her life so widely known.)

  • Zollie (American) means life.
  • Starlyn (English) means little star.

15. Taniesha Whoopi (A kindhearted woman whose life is filled with happiness.)

  • Taniesha (American) means good girl.
  • Whoopi (English) means happy.

16. Reneda Varnette (A beautiful woman like butterfly re-born into this world.)

  • Reneda (American) means reborn.
  • Varnette (American) means butterfly.

17. Missy Laquisha (A consort was very pretty and sweet as honey bee.)

  • Missy (English) means honey bee.
  • Laquisha (American) means empress.

18. Jelissa Kassey (A woman who is very charming and could be a helper of mankind.)

  • Jelissa (American) means enchanting.
  • Kassey (American) means helper of mankind.

19. Jessilyn Karel (A woman who has great confidence in achieving success in life.)

  • Jessilyn (American) means confidence.
  • Karel (American) means song of joy.

20. Kenika Hazel (A woman who often wears black cloth that also like hazelnut tree.)

  • Kenika (American) means black cloth.
  • Hazel (English) means hazelnut tree.

21. Geralyn Carrie (A clever woman who came from a simple family.)

  • Geralyn (American) means an intelligent speaker.
  • Carrie (English) means simple.

22. Haeley Debara (A bumblebee woman who has the ability in many ways like a dweller in the hay.)

  • Haeley (English) means dweller in the hay.
  • Debara (American) means bumblebee.

23. Akayla Britin (A woman of great britain given favors health.)

  • Akayla (American) means health.
  • Britin (American) means from Great Britain.

24. Bonnia Akylie (A woman who is cheerful and provide many benefits to many people.)

  • Bonnia (American) means cheerful.
  • Akylie (American) means helpful.

25. Cleantha Dionette (A woman glory that is part of the god of wine.)

  • Cleantha (English) means glory.
  • Dionette (American) means the god of wine.

26. Earna Fonda (A wise woman like leafy branch and have sharp eyes like a hawk.)

  • Earna (English) means eagle.
  • Fonda (American) means leafy branch.

27. Jonna Krystle (A man who is gracious and brilliant thoughts.)

  • Jonna (American) means God is gracious.
  • Krystle (American) means brilliant as glass.

28. Mieka Sebrina (A beautiful woman who is beautiful as moonlight.)

  • Mieka (American) means moon.
  • Sebrina (American) means princess.

29. Patricia Yirelly (A woman who noble lord and also because it has authoritative stance.)

  • Patricia (American) means noble women.
  • Yirelly (American) meaning lord.

30. Sharee Marcayla (A woman who is very beloved by many people because faith to the god.)

  • Sharee (American) means beloved.
  • Marcayla (English) means faith to the god.

Some of the options above names can indeed serve as the best reference for those of you who will give the modern name for your daughter. Moreover, these names can also be used as a benchmark for then you change and combine again with some other name. With the use of these names, it is expected that you can provide the name of the most nice and modern to your child. To find know about the best name, it will be right for you to discuss with another family member till then are able to decide which the best name.