30 Best British Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Last Updated: 17 Aug 2016
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English Baby Boy

British Baby Boy

So you are getting prepared to welcome a new member in your family, eh! Right now, you must be carefully thinking about the best name that you will give to her. Baby name books and websites are undoubtedly abundant. There is no shortage of resources if you want to find inspiration to decide the name of your forthcoming cutie. If you are looking for a simple mononymous name for your baby, you will find one in seconds. The question is, what if you want to give your baby a multi-word name? One-word names are indeed commonplace and easily found, but multi-word names are a little bit tricky to find. The list below is meant to help you find the best multi-word name for your baby.

Why multi-word? In English-speaking countries, people normally have names consisting of a family name and a given name. That’s it! Two words, with given name as the only name the parents find through search and research. However, this doesn’t mean multi-word names are uncommon. In fact, multi-word names have become favorite choices because they stand out, carry deeper meaning and are fancier and unique. Many famous personalities in history, such as J. R. R. Tolkien, George W. Bush and Paul McCartney, have multi-word name. If you are looking for a unique multi-word name for your beloved boy, here you can find top 30 English multi-word names together with their meaning.

1. Lennard Tobias :  A lion-bold boy illuminated by divine goodness.

  • Lennard (French) Lennard is derived from a French word that means bold as a lion.
  • Tobias (Greek) Tobias is the Greek version of the Hebrew word Toviyah, which means the Lord is good.

2. Juli Maximillian :  A young and great boy.

  • Juli (Latin) Juli means youthful. It is the male equivalent to female Julia, Juliette, Juliana, and the like.
  • Maximillian (Latin) Maximillian means greatness. Maximillian can also be a portmanteau of Maximus and Aemilianus, two Roman generals who were known for their splendid achievements.

3. John Paul :  A humble person who is showered by the grace of God. John Paul is also the first ever two-word name used by a pope.

  • John (Hebrew) John is a shortening of Johannes, which is derived from the Hebrew word Yohanna, meaning the grace of God or God is gracious.
  • Paul (Latin) Paul means humble and modest. It is the name of some of the most prominent Christian figures.

4. Fabian Jannick :  A bean grower who is blessed by the grace of God.

  • Fabian (Latin) Bean grower and seller. As bean is the most important commodity in the Roman period, bean grower is a productive person who maintains the sustenance of his community.
  • Jannick (Hebrew) Jannick is an alternative spelling of John, meaning the grace of God.

5. Ian Alexander :  A blessed person who defends the right of his people.

  • Ian (Gaelic) Ian is Gaelic spelling of John, which means the grade or mercy of God. Ian was the most popular name in Britain in the 19th century.
  • Alexander (Greek) Alexander means the people protector or defender. It is the name of some of the greatest leaders and religious figures.

6. Jesse Elias :  The gift of God that demonstrates the solemnity of his faith.

  • Jesse (Hebrew) God’s gift. It is an alternative spelling of Jack and is the male equivalent to Jessica.
  • Elias (Hebrew) Jehovah is God. Elias is considered a trendy name with popularity that has always been rising since more than five decades ago.

7 .Jaden Damian :  A grateful person who tames his own rage and his enemies’.

  • Jaden (Hebrew) Jaden can be derived from Hebrew word Jadon that means thankful or an English word Jade with the popular –aden suffix.
  • Damian (Greek) Tamer. It becomes a popular name especially due to the fame of Saint Damian, a pious Christian who martyred in Cilicia.

8. Robin Luca :  An illustrious person who shows great fame.

  • Robin (Germanic) Bright and famous. Robin is one of alternative spellings for Robert. Although Robert is more popular than Robin, the latter is considered a preferred name for boys.
  • Luca (Italian) Bright. Luca has meaning related to that of Luke and Gianluca.

9. Silas Romeo :  A man from the wood who makes pilgrimage to Rome. A man who traverses the road from the dark to the light.

  • Silas (Latin) A man from the wood. This trendy name is also the name adopted by some early Christian saints and a prophet who accompanied apostle Paul and Timothy.
  • Romeo (Latin) Pilgrim to Rome. This somewhat trendy name became famous after it was mentioned in Shakespeare’s tragedy.

10. Leander Noel :  A strong and brave man who is long-lived and/or born in Christmas.

  • Leander (Greek) A strong and brave man.
  • Noel (Latin) Long-lived, born in Christmas.

11. Jonas Samuel :  A blessed man whose prayer is answered by God.

  • Jonas (Hebrew) God is gracious and merciful.
  • Samuel (Hebrew) God has heard. Samuel is derived from Hebrew words Shama and El, meaning hear and God respectively.

12. Hans Christian :  A follower of Christ who is showered by the grace of God. Hans Christian is also the name of a famous author of children stories.

  • Hans (German) The grace of God. Hans is a contracted form of Johannes. Its meaning is thus similar to that of John.
  • Christian (Latin) Follower of Christ.

13. Justin Taylor :  A just and righteous tailor. One who sews the threads of righteousness.

  • Justin (Latin) Just and righteous. It has similar meaning to that of Jaston
  • Taylor (French) Tailor

14. Ben Finley :  A blessed warrior.

  • Ben (Hebrew) Ben has various meanings. In Hebrew, it means ‘the son of.’ It can also be a contracted form of Benedict or Bennett (blessed) and Benjamin (favorite).
  • Finley (Celtic) Fair warrior.

15. Leon Gabriel :  The brave lion-bold hero of God.

  • Leon (Germanic) Lion or brave
  • Gabriel (Hebrew) The hero of God.

16. Lesley Rene :  Born again from the garden of the hollies.

  • Lesley (Celtic) The garden of the hollies.
  • Rene (Latin) Born again.

17. Noah Dave :  A long-lived child who brings comfort and rest to the family.

  • Noah (Hebrew) Comfort and rest or long-lived. Noah is also the name of the famous biblical figure who built the ark.
  • Dave (Hebrew) Favorite. Also the son of David.

18. Ole Oskar :  A family descendant who bears God’s spear. An important heir in the family.

  • Ole (Old Norse) Family descendant. This Old Norse word is a contraction of the word Olaf. It is equivalent to the word Ben in Hebrew.
  • Oskar (Old Norse) God’s spear or gentle friend. This Old Norse word has Oscar as its alternative spelling.

19. Ole Einar :  A heir who becomes a lone warrior. An autonomous and self-sufficient child.

  • Ole (Old Norse) Family descendant. See above.
  • Einar (Old Norse) An Old Norse word meaning a lone warrior.

20. Peer Arne :  An eager ruler who is as strong and steadfast as a rock.

  • Peer (Norse) Peer is the Scandinavian spelling of Peter, which means rock or stone.
  • Arne (Germanic) Arne is the Germanic spelling of Arnold, which means an eager ruler.

21. Shawn Michael :  A man who bears the grace and likeness of God. Shawn Michaels is the name of a famous professional wrestling personality.

  • Shawn (Irish) Shawn, together with Sean, is the Irish spelling of John, meaning the grace of God.
  • Michael (Hebrew) One who is like God.

22. Tyler Jerome :  A hard working man who bears the sacred and holy name of God.

  • Tyler (Old English) Tiler, one who lays tiles.
  • Jerome (Greek) One who bears a sacred and holy name.

23. Vincent Maurice :  A strong and vigorous conqueror.

  • Vincent (Latin) Winning or conquering
  • Maurice (Celtic) Maurice may be derived from Latin word Mauricius, meaning dark skinned, or from Celtic word Meurisse, which means strength and vigor. In the latter sense, Maurice has Morris as one of its alternative spelling.

24. Viktor Silviu :  A conqueror who comes from the wood. A successful person who starts as a humble one.

  • Viktor (Latin) Conqueror or vanquisher. It is an alternative spelling for Victor
  • Silviu (Latin) A man from the wood. Its alternative spellings inlcude Silas, Silvius and Shelbi.

25. Tim Karl :  A free man who is honored by God.

  • Tim (Greek) Tim might be derived from Germanic word Dietmar, which means great and famous, or Greek word Timothy, which means honored by God.
  • Karl (Germanic) A free man.

26. Simon Florin :  A pious man with blossoming faith whose prayers are answered by God.

  • Simon (Hebrew) God has heard. Simon is derived from the Hebrew word Shama, which means to hear. Its alternative spellings include Simeon and Shimon.
  • Florin (Latin) Blossom.

27. Philip Daniel :  A horseman who submits to God’s justice.

  • Philip (Greek)  Lover of horses. It can also be written in its contracted form ‘Phil.’
  • Daniel (Hebrew)  God is my judge. Danforth and Dan are two of many of its variants.

28. Max Cedric :  A great and generous person.

  • Max (Latin) Max can be a contraction of Maxwell, which is the name of a Scottish clan which originates from the words Maccus Well, or a contraction of Maximillian, which means greatness or a portmanteau of Maximus and Aemilianus.
  • Cedric (Welsh) Generous and amiable. It can be contracted into Cad or Rick.

29. Milan Laurin :  A supreme leader with undisputable favor and fame.

  • Milan (Slavonic) Milan can be a shortening of the Slavonic word Miloslav, which means favor, grace or fame, or the Spanish word Emiliano, which means rivaling. Emil is an
  • Laurin (Latin) Laurin and Lawrence mean Laurel, which is the sign of glory and supremacy in the Roman era

30. Henrik Ryan :  A wise lord of the house.

  • Henrik (Germanic)  Lord of the house. It has many alternative spellings, including Henry and Henric.
  • Ryan (Celtic) Ryan has various meanings depending on its origin. It might be derived from the Irish word Ó Riain or the son of Rian, a little king; from the Arab word Rayyan, which means one of the gate to heaven; or the Persian word Rayan or Rayen, which means ‘wise.’

All of the aforementioned multi-word names are pure given names, meaning they can be combined with a surname to form a name consisting of three or more words, depending on the number of words the surname consists of. Some of those names consist of words that have alternative spellings, so you can actually choose one which you consider the best. Although this list is intended to include English names, you see that some of the names above have non-English origins, such as Nordic and Germanic. As those names are also considered popular in English speaking countries and as linguistically, English and many other European languages are related to one another, choosing any of them is still a good idea even if you have no cultural association with the place where those words originate. As long as the name you choose sounds great and has inspiring meaning, there is nothing that prevents you from choosing it.

Choosing a multi-word name is considered a trend nowadays as long name means long initial and long initial means fame. See the initials of all famous people mentioned in the beginning in this article and you will know how great multi-word names are. As people with long name tend to be more recognizable because their name makes them unique, choosing a multi-word name is definitely a desirable way to name your beloved boy. If you want to make your son a unique or even famous person with his long multi-word name, check the list above and good luck!