30 Best Arrangement of Portuguese Baby Names for Boy with Meaning

Last Updated: 26 Aug 2016
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portugal boy

Portuguese Baby Boy

Dare you confuse when are going to select the best name for you baby boy? If so, it is one of a usual thing actually. There are many people who get confuse and dizzy when they must select the name for their baby. It is because as we know that today there are so many selections of the name that we can choose. Because there are so many names can be selected, so to find the best name is not easy to do. There are some things must be considered well carefully so that then the name will be selected for the baby will be right and same with what we hope.

For you who want to select the name, actually it is free for you to choose whatever the name and from whatever language in the world. To help you find the inspiration, here bellow there is the list of the name for baby from Portuguese. This is one of language which have many popular names that is used by many people in all over the world. If you are also interested to pick the name from this language, you can find some arrangement bellow for the inspiration that you can pick for your baby boys.

1 . Leandro Abilio (A male who is competent, intelligent, skilled brave as a lion)

  • Leandro (Portuguese) means brave like a lion
  • Abilio (Portuguese) means capable, clever, and skillful

2 . Alexio Leopoldo (A men who have a firm stance and also likes to help a lot of people)

  • Alexio (Portuguese) means helper
  • Leopoldo (Portuguese) means the firm

3 . Liberio Airelhan (A men who have a free spirit who always get the best things in life)

  • Liberio (Portuguese) means freedom
  • Airelhan (Portuguese) means Golden

4 . Alberto Damião (A male who is highborn brilliant, but still humble)

  • Alberto (Portuguese) means royalty brilliant
  • Damiao (Portuguese) means benign

5 . Aldino Liberato (A male who is strong and have been delivered)

  • Aldino (Portuguese) means Strength
  • Liberato (Portuguese) means that have been released

6 . Arnando Lourenco (A male who is strong and decisive just like soldiers)

  • Arnando (Portuguese) means Soldiers
  • Lourenco (Portuguese) means strong man

7 . Bruno Eusebio (A male who is sweet like chocolate pious and benevolent)

  • Bruno (Portuguese) means brown
  • Eusebio (Portugal) means godly

8 . Breno Godofredo (A king that is very kindly heart brings peace)

  • Breno (Portuguese) means king
  • Godofredo (Portuguese) means peace

9 . Artur Heliodoro (A men who have a strong determination like a stone that can enlighten a lot of people)

  • Artur (Portuguese) means stone
  • Heliodoro (Portuguese) means solar prize

10 . Arcelio Henrique (A noblemen paradise into a great ruler)

  • Henrique (Portuguese) means the ruling house
  • Arcelio (Portuguese) means Nobility Heaven

11 . Luciano Ardenis (A king on earth who always enlightening light to other humans)

  • Luciano (Portuguese) means light
  • Ardenis (Portuguese) meaning King of the Earth

12 . Luis Benedicto (A men who are very famous in the war that always blessed god)

  • Luis (Portuguese) means well known in warfare
  • Benedicto (Portuguese) means blessed

13 . Jordao Benigno (A men who are highborn but always welcoming and friendly)

  • Jordao (Portuguese) means descent
  • Benigno (Portuguese) means welcoming, friendly

14 . Macario Balduino (The man who could become good friend’s bold and blessed god)

  • Macario (Portuguese) means blessed
  • Balduino (Portuguese) means a friend who dared

15 . Manuel Arnaldo (A male who is strong like eagles were always blessed god)

  • Manuel (Portuguese) means God with us
  • Arnaldo (Portuguese) means strong as an eagle

16 . Anxo Pascoal (A male who is benevolent like an angel who always pure in Easter)

  • Anxo (Portuguese) means angel
  • Pascoal (Portuguese) meaning of Easter

17 . Marcio Augusto (A great man who had a strong survival)

  • Marcio (Portuguese) means of defense
  • Augusto (Portuguese) means sublime

18 . Bernardo Paulino (A small man who has power like a bear)

  • Bernardo (Portuguese) means strong as a bear
  • Paulino (Portuguese) means small

19 . Marco Bertrao (A male manly like a crow who had a brilliant vision)

  • Marco (Portuguese) meaning manly
  • Bertrao (Portuguese) means crow brilliant

20 . Bonifacio Martin (A men who like to fight and always benefit)

  • Bonifacio (Portuguese) means profitable
  • Martin (Portuguese) means warlike

21 . Marques Branco (A white Handsome guy and warlike like a god of war)

  • Branco (Portuguese) means white
  • Marques (Portuguese) means the god of war

22 . Mohri Bathasar (A Male offspring eligible Moorish splendor into a prince)

  • Mohri (Portuguese) means descendants of Moorish
  • Bathasar (Portuguese) means prince splendor

23 . Mateus Avonso (A son of man gifts god worthy of being a nobleman)

  • Mateus (Portuguese) means a gift of god
  • Avonso (Portuguese) means Nobility

24 . Maureo Anselmo (A dark-skinned man who gets the protection of the gods)

  • Maureo (Portuguese) means dark skin
  • Anselmo (Portuguese) means the protection of God

25 . Andres Maximiliao (A terrific guy is very brave just like a soldier)

  • Andres (Portuguese) means that men; soldier
  • Maximiliao (Portuguese) means the greatest

26 . Ambrossio Maximino (A great man whose name is always timeless remembered a lot of people)

  • Ambrossio (Portuguese) means timeless
  • Maximino (Portuguese) means the greatest

27 . Miguel Amancio (A male good and loving to love like a god)

  • Miguel (Portugal) means godlike
  • Amancio (Portuguese) means loving

28 . Modesto Aleixo (A wise man who love to help a lot of people)

  • Modesto (Portuguese) means wise
  • Aleixo (Portuguese) means helper

29 . Aldino Narcisco (A men who have incredible power despite being in a state of sleep)

  • Aldino (Portuguese) means Strength
  • Narcisco (Portuguese) means sleep

30 . Nicola Aemiliano (A men who are ready to compete and always get the victory)

  • Nicola (Portuguese) means victory
  • Aemiliano (Portuguese) means a competitor

How about the list of name arrangement above? Perhaps, you can find one of the best name that you can use and be gave to your baby. However, before you make sure to give the name, it is good for you to determine what the characteristic of baby especially related to what you want to be reached by the baby in his life in the future. There are most people who say that the name is a pray for the man in their life. As you know that above, you can read the meaning of the name, so make sure to choose the name with best meaning.