25 Names Are Always Taken From The Book Of Buddhism

Last Updated: 23 Aug 2016
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Names of Baby Taken From The Book Of Buddhism

Buddhism is one of the popular religions in the world. Religious believers are almost evenly distributed throughout the world. Someone with Buddhists religion will do things based on their religion, cultural, rules of life and how to worship the god. One of the things that applied by the followers of Buddha is giving a name to a newborn child. To a Buddhist, a name given to their newborn child should have prayers and good wishes. Generally, the names were taken from the book of Buddha. They believe the names are taken from the book of Buddha has a good sense which would give a fortune to the wearer.

To produce a series of beautiful name, the names have been taken from the book Buddha then combined with other languages from around the world. Some of the language used to create a series of great names is the German language, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Jewish and others. With the use of these languages, the series generated name to be unique and beautiful. Basically, a name said to be beautiful is when the name has a good meaning. So, make sure you prioritize what is the meaning of the circuit name you choose. The meaning of the name will be the hope and prayer of both parents to their children.

As we know, the name is a very important thing for everyone. He could be one of identity. With the name, someone would be easier to remember and get to know other people. Making name is usually adapted to the culture, religion, and region respectively. With a name, we can guess what the religious affiliation and where their came from.

For those of you who are looking for references to the names of the children were taken out of the book of Buddha, the following are a few examples of names taken from the book of Buddhist and combined with other languages such as German, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Jewish and others resulting in a series of very beautiful name.

1. Abhimanggala Adelard Huanran: child who always gets safety and good luck in life. He was gallant and brave man who has a jovial character.

  • Abhimanggal (Buddhist) means good luck
  • Adelard (German) means brave
  • Huanran (china) means having a cheerful disposition

2. Bhadaa Bertin Adli: girls are very beautiful and elegant. She has a clean heart and always does justice to all people.

  • Bhadaa (Buddhist) means elegant, beautiful
  • Bertin (Spain) means special friend means
  • Adli (turkey) means fair

3. Bhata Aidan Jareb: boys who have a passion like warriors. He will not give up before get the win.

  • Bhata (Buddhist) means warrior
  • Aidan (Irish) mean spirited
  • Jareb (Jews) can be a struggle

4. Candika Alvaro Jingmi: boys who become light to peoples around her because of her kindness. He was good respect for others and always be wise in all circumstances.

  • Candika (Buddhist) means moonlight
  • Alvaro (Spain) means wise
  • Jingmi (china) means clever appreciate the

5 . Catura Alvis Juro: children who become parents' expectations, he would be a smart boy who knows a lot of things.

  • Catura (Buddhist) means clever
  • Alvis (Scandinavia) means knowing a lot of things
  • Juro (Japan) means the best hope

6. Daraka Amanto Kendrick: a boy who deeply loved his parents, as an adult he would become wise leaders like the head of a palace in Scotland

  • Daraka (Buddhist) means boys
  • Amanto (Japanese) means beloved
  • Kendrick (Scotland) means the head of the palace

7. Dassaniya Barners Archard: Girls are very charming. he is a hard worker who has a strong passion getting what he envisioned.

  • Dassaniya (Buddhist) means beautiful, charming, attractive
  • Barners (English) means workhorse
  • Archard (German) means very strong

8. Devi Berwyn Liu Xingsheng: a beautiful daughter like empress king. He was loved by many people, especially parents that her life was prosperous and happy.

  • Devi (Buddhist) means empress
  • Berwyn (English) means darling
  • Liu Xingsheng (China) means affluent, prosperous

9. DInakara Blenda Masato: children whose lives are filled with luxury because of the blessed God. He has a fair personality and always giving love to everyone like the sun that illuminates all parts of the earth.

  • DInakara (Buddhist) means the sun
  • Blenda (German) means full of luxury
  • Masato (Japanese) means justice

10. Nerda Changyi Gandhi: the presence of children is on the delicious scent of flowers for life as a parent. It has a generous nature that likes to do well.

  • Gandhi (Buddhist) means have the delicious scent
  • Changyi (china) means an open, good-natured
  • Nerda (Greek) means happiness

11. Jalita Clearest Ophir: a child whose life is always shining and glorious so gets topped the glory of everyone. He believed many people because it has good personality as honesty and friendly.

  • Jalita (Buddhist) means shining
  • Clearest (German) means the peak of glory
  • Ophir (Jews) means trustworthy

12. Kalyani CLeine Qibo: beautiful women who love to seek knowledge. With cleverness she could well known in the world.

  • Kalyani (Buddhist) means beautiful woman
  • CLeine (Greek) means famous
  • Qibo (china) means love in search of knowledge

13. Darrel Lakkhi Quon: children who become soul mates of parents, his life is always lucky and shines like a light in the darkness.

  • Lakkhi (Buddhist) means lucky
  • Darrel (French) means soul mate
  • Quon (china) means light

14. Mahandhana Deana Roubai: beautiful women whose hearts are pure, have consistent properties such as pine trees that do not have a lot of branches. Her life is always filled with riches because of his hard work.

  • Mahandhana (Buddhist) means wealth
  • Deana (latin) means beautiful woman
  • Roubai (china) mean straight as spruce

15. Mangala Dobry Sava: boy kind, always thinking quiet and auspicious.

  • Mangala (Buddhist) means good luck
  • Dobry (polish) means good-natured
  • Sava (Hebrew) means tranquility

16. Narapati Ellard Shilin: spirited assertive, brave and high-minded like kings.

  • Narapati (Buddhist) means king, leader
  • Ellard (German) means brave
  • Shilin (Chinese) means having extensive knowledge

17. Pandita Emery Taoran: a bright child can be a good leader liver. Presence becomes a source of happiness for others.

  • Pandita (Buddhist) means intelligent, thoughtful
  • Emery (German) means good-natured
  • Taoran (china) means happy

18. Ramana Erland Tianlun: children who live freely like the mighty eagle, he likes to fly and move around without fear. He is a child who becomes a source of happiness in the family.

  • Ramana (Buddhist) means excitement
  • Erland (German) means a giant eagle
  • Tianlun (china) means happy

19. Rucira Evania Tong mu: girls are flawless. She is dutiful to his parents. Her heart was clean and likes to do good.

  • Rucira (Buddhist) means beautiful
  • Evania (Greek) means a pushover
  • Tong mu (Chinese) means having a good personality, friendly

20. Saga Farand Tristan: children are a source of happiness. he was very handsome and brave. The presence of children makes the family atmosphere be like paradise.

  • Saga (Buddhist) means heaven
  • Farand (Greek) means fun
  • Tristan (Wales) means strong and brave

21. Sakhi filbert Wang Chunying: the best friend that has a lot of knowledge. He is very good at making his life always gets ease.

  • Sakhi (Buddhist) means friend
  • filbert (Anglo Saxon) means very clever
  • Wang Chunying means knowledgeable

22. Relaxing Frodline Zohar: children are a source of light to her parents. she has a thoughtful nature that always spread peace.

  • Relaxing (Buddhist) means peace
  • Frodline (Teutonic) means a wise friend
  • Zohar (Jew) means bright light

23. Thama Gene Amato: Child of noble descent who deeply loved. He has a strong spirit, not easily surrender and defeat.

  • Thama (Buddhist) means strength
  • Gene (Greek) means highborn
  • Amato (French) means beloved

24 Thira Haldis Apuila: children who have a passion such as steel, firm in fighting such mighty eagle.

  • Thira (Buddhist) means strong, steadfast
  • Haldis (Teutonic) mean spirited steel
  • Apuila (Latin) means eagle

25 Udena Herwit Axelle: children are flawless like a royal. He became a source of life for both parents and the people around him.

  • Udena (Buddhist) means king of the Buddhist era
  • Herwit (German) means very pretty
  • Axelle (French) means the source of life

Those are some examples of the names are taken from the book of Buddhist and have been combined with various other languages in world languages ​​such as German, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Jewish and others. Add to these names as the best gift for your newborn child into the world. With the names of your child is expected to grow into a child who boasts, life is full of luck and always a happy life.

There are many more names that can be taken from the Book of Buddha, but 25 names above are the best names with meanings that are very beautiful, in accordance with the expectations of every parent.