25 Best Names Are Taken From The Verses Of The Quran Complete With Meaning

Last Updated: 11 Nov 2016
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The name becomes a very meaningful thing for everyone. Therefore, parents will prepare the best names for their children. The name is considered as a prayer and hope for the owner name.  The names will bring good luck to the child. Therefore, when given the name should really have a good meaning, full of prayer and hope for the child. Naming usually tailored to religion and region of origin.

For people who are Hindu or Buda, then it will use the names of their books as gospel, Vedas and other, also use the names of goddesses that they trust. Whereas for the religion of Islam used to use the names of the books of al-Quran, names of prophets, angels and names of Arabic who had a good sense.

Giving a good name as well as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad ordered to provide the names that are good for our children as a manifestation of love to them. Children are given by God to be a treasure that must be honored and maintained properly. One way to honor him is given a good name. This is because later on the Day of Resurrection, people will be called use their names in the world.

Typically, the name is taken from a variety of languages ​​ranging from Greek, Russian, Islamic, Arabic and others. One of the names that people use Islam is a name taken from verses of the Qur'an. Some of the names that have the good sense and are taken from the Quran believed to give blessings for the child.

There are many names we can be taken from the verses of Qur'an, name for girls or boys. The names are taken is the name that has a corresponding meaning parents' expectations. To be able to find the names do not need to search one by one in the Qur'an, because today you can find the names over the internet. There are many articles that review the names are taken from the verses of Qur'an even combined with other languages, which very good means.

For those of you who want to find the reference name of the child in the capture of several words in the Qur'an, the following are examples of a name derived from the words in the Qur’an and combined with words from another language that has good meaning which can become a prayer and hope for your child.

1. Adifa Mashel Hasanah: smart girl, be light to peoples around because she likes to do goodness.

  • Adifa (Islam) means smart, clever
  • Mashel (Islam) means light, shining
  • Hasanah (Qur'an 27:89) means goodness

2. Afida Adreena Arasely: girls who have a wealth of conscience so she get the happy life as in heaven

  • Afida (Qur'an 16: 780 means conscience
  • Adreena (islam) means rich
  • Arasely (Latin) means heaven

3. Almashyra Irene Khalisa: girls like to do goodness, loved peaceful so he becomes a noble woman

  • Almashyra (Islam) means: do goodness
  • Irene (French) means a peaceful, prosperous
  • Khalisa (Qur'an 7:32) means noble, pure, fresh

4. Annisa Marzia Nazafarin: Women are always blessed God and always brings happiness to everyone

  • Annisa (Arabic) means women
  • Marzia (Qur'an 89:28) means blessed
  • Nazafarin (Persian) means to bring happiness

5. Arista Yasna Amani: A girl who has meek heart like beautiful white roses and become big hope for both parents.

  • Arista (java) means meek heart
  • Yasna (Islam) means white roses
  • Amani (Qur'an 4: 123) means big hope

6. Assyifa kamila Jilani: children who become bidders in grief and wounds, have a perfect heart and strong in all trials

  • Assyifa (Islam) means the bidder
  • Kamila (Qur'an 2: 196) means perfect, complete
  • Jilani (Africa) means strong, steadfast

7. Aqila Marhama Aalesha: Smart Girls, has the soul of compassion for all people and always tell the truth

  • Aqila (Islam) means clever
  • Marhama (Qur'an 90: 170 means compassion
  • Aaliesha (Greek) means honest

8. Elmer Barrah Ilmi: The boy who has noble heart, devoted to religion and has a lot of knowledge

  • Elmer (English) means the glorious
  • Barrah (Islam) means filial
  • Ilmi (Qur'an 11:47) means knowledge

9. Ernest Zareen marufa: The boy who has the sincerity, always smiling in all circumstances and always do goodness to everyone

  • Ernest (german) means sincerity
  • Zareen (Islam) means full of expression, smile
  • Marufa (Qur'an 24:53) means goodness

10. Fariza Aghnia Farzana: boy brave as a knight in the war, rich and always have good luck.

  • Fariza (Arabic) means knight
  • Aghnia (Qur'an 2: 273) means rich
  • Farzana (Islam) means always lucky

11. Hafizah Alnaira Zayaan: Children who became the protector of the weak, her kindness like sparkling light that look very beautiful

  • Hafizah (Qur'an 33:35) means protector
  • Alnaira (Arabic) means glitters
  • Zayaan (Islam) means something beautiful, beautiful

12. Hilya Almeera Rumaiza: a beautiful princess like a bunch of flowers, she very valuable as jewels.

  • Hilya (Qur'an 16:14) means the jewelries
  • Almeera (Arabic) means a king's daughter
  • Rumaiza (Islam) means a bunch of flowers

13. Kirei Aizza Malaika: The flawless girl who get honorary as the angel because the goodness of his heart.

  • Kirei (Japan) means a beautiful face
  • Aizza (Qur'an 5:54) means honored, have honor
  • Malaika (Arabic) means angel

14. Lulu Alnaira Shirly: A girl who has clean heart as pearls, always glowing as bright sparkling meadows

  • Lulu (Qur'an 55:22) means Pearl
  • Alnaira (Arabic) means glitters
  • Shirly (English) means bright meadow

15. Levina kamila Akleema: Children who have a bright light like a sun, perfect in personality as a child of Adam gorgeous

  • Levina (English) means light rays
  • Kamila (Qur'an 2: 196) means complete without flaws, perfect
  • Akleema (Islam), one of the daughters of Adam name means beautiful

16. Marufa Ashalina Amara: child good personality, fun and has a timeless beauty of face and her heart

  • Marufa (Qur'an 24:53) means goodness
  • Ashalina (Islam) means fun, sweet
  • Amara (Islam) lasting beauty

17. Mahveen Annasya Sabira: The girl whose life is full of love, patience and always shines like the sun for both parents

  • Mahveen (Islam) means sunlight
  • Sabira (Qur'an 8:66) mean patience
  • Annasya (Islam) means loving

18. Nazeefah Hilya Rafailah: Girls who have a clean heart and pure so look as luxury jewelry

  • Nazeefah (Islamic) means clean, pure, sacred
  • Hilya (Qur'an 16:14) means the jewelries
  • Rafailah (Islam) means fancy or precious

19. Nur Rezfan Fardhan: The boy who has a light like heaven, illuminating everyone's life with goodness of his heart, so he is invaluable to everyone

  • Nur (Qur'an 39:35) means light
  • Rezfan (Islam) means heaven
  • Fardhan (Indonesia) means priceless, invaluable

20. Nafillah Shezan Amahyra: beautiful prize of God given to parents who give happiness and luck

  • Nafilah (Qur'an 21:72) mean prizes
  • Shezan (Islam) means beautiful, beautiful
  • Amahyra (Islam) means intelligent, good luck, good

21. Qanita Arissa Ananda: children always obey their parents and religion, always been the best and loved by many people

  • Qanita (Qur'an 33:35) means obedient, submissive
  • Arissa (Greek) means the best, the main
  • Ananda (African-American) means the best love

22. Queena Zahra Alfathunnisa: The girl who has meek heart and graceful demeanor like a beautiful flower.

  • Queena (Inggris) means graceful
  • Zahra (Qur'an 20:31) means flower
  • Alfathunnisa (Islam) means gentle girl

23. Romessa Azkadina Shifa: Good children who devout in religion, became a healer for the misery of others and have a breathtaking beauty as paradise

  • Romesse (islam) means beauty of paradise
  • Shifa (Qur'an 10: 570) means healer, antidote
  • Azkadina (Islam) means obedience to religion

24. Yusra Gazala Fariza: Intelligent boy, always given the ease by God and to be light for everyone

  • Gazala (Islam) means intelligent
  • Yusra (Qur'an 87: 8) means easy
  • Fariza (Islam) luminous, shining

25. Yumna Mutmainah Arsyla: girls who given blessing by God so can give the livelihood peaceful, calm and happy for her parents

  • Yumna (Islam) means blessed
  • Mutmainah (Qur'an 89:27) means it is quiet
  • Arsyla (Islam) means the livelihood peaceful and happy

Those are some of the names that taken from the Qur’an verse. The names above have the good sense that made a wish or prayer for the child from the parent. The names are not only derived from the Quran alone but have been combined with other languages that also have a good meaning, so that became a series of names which are very beautiful and full of meaning.

By giving a good name, then we've run the teachings of the Prophet as a manifestation of love and glory for our children. Allah says that anyone who like and want to run the teachings of the Prophet then it will get help on the Day of Judgment. Hopefully with the names of their children could be pious, brings a lot of hope as the meanings of their names prayerful.