25 Baby Names Ideas Means Leader or Ruler

Last Updated: 20 Aug 2016

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All parents want to give the best for their kids. Name is important thing that will be prepared when you know that your wife is pregnant. You and your spouse will need to discuss and then share together of all name ideas that will be given to your future baby. There are some ideas of names that you can choose but some of parents will choose name with special meaning or specific meaning. Meaning for your baby’s name is important because it is showing what parent’s want and also what parent’s hope to their kid in the future day. Some other people like to give name of their idol, popular person in the world because of parent’s ambition.

You can give your kid, great name but please make sure that you don’t give your baby complicated name. All parents want that their baby will give leader or ruler so your baby or your kids will be able to control all things in all places too. If you like to give your kid that kinds of name what you need to search is name with leader or ruler meaning. There are so many names ideas that have meaning leader or ruler. Which better name for your baby then? You don’t need to worry because you can read some lists of name below and then compare first before you pick one that is good for your baby.

1 . Harriet

Harriet is considered as upscale and stylish name in England. This name has meaning estate ruler. This name is good for you all parents who want to make your kid as serious, solid and classic one.

2 . Aubrey

This name is originated from German and the meaning of this name is ruler of the elves. This name can be used both for your baby boy or baby girl. In 2002, this name has been used for girl although at the first time, it has been used for male name.

3 . Henrietta

Henrietta is feminine version of Henry. This name means estate ruler. This beautiful name is coming from Princess Henriette Marie.

4 . Rona

This name is female variation of Ronald. This name means wise rules. It is also popular name in America because one of American Actress’s name is Ellen Rona Barkin. This name is usually used in Wales, Spain and America too.

5 . Erica

Erica is female name for eternal rule. It is popular name in English and usually this name is used for baby girl, while the baby boy can use Erick. This name has strong meaning too and sharp sound.

6 . Kendra

This name is coming from Welsh and the meaning of this name is Wise ruler. This name is popular in 20th century.

7 . Aubrianna

Aubrianna is ultra feminine version of Aubrey. It is good for all of you who want that your baby will love music and become powerful and has good leadership qualities in the life.

8 . Mazarine

Mazarine is name of dark blue color that is used to honor Cardinal Mazarin. He is France leader in 17 th century. He is charming and unusual person. It is good for you who want to give your baby boy name because you can have baby boy that is charming and become strong leader too.

9 . Sophrona

Sophrona is Greek Name. This name meaning is self controlled. It is also related with Sainth Sophronius. It is also great alternative to use Sophia. Sophia can be used as baby girl name.

10 . Isolde

Isolde is Welsh name. This name has meaning as ice ruler. It is also aristocratic and also romantic name for your baby. You who like with history and classis legend then can choose this name for your baby.

11 . Dericka

This name is good for all of you who like to give name that has meaning gifted ruler. This name sounds trendy and stylish name too for your baby now. This baby name is cute baby name too for your daughter.

12 . King

King is good name too for all of you who have high expectation for your baby boy. This name means ruler and it is considered as someone that has great leadership quality, charming, and should be honored by so many people in the world or in the environment.

13 . Fritz

This name means peaceful ruler. This name is name of some popular people I the world too such as Fritz Pollard, Fritz Land, and some other people in the world.

14 . Roark

Roark is irish name that has meaning illustrious ruler. This name is name of princely families in Ireland. This name is considered as oldest name in the world too. This name can be found as a name of Canadian actor, Roark Crithlow.

15 . Quade

Quade is well known name too and this name meaning is ‘ruler of the army.’ It’s a relatively uncommon name now and hasn’t even made to the top 1000 baby name list. You can use it as unique name for your baby boy.

16 . Ashur

Ashur is a lovely Assyrian mythology name that you can choose too, this name belonging to the supreme deity of the Assyrian Empire. Ashur as we know is the Assyrian ruler of the gods, the creator of all things and the god of war. This name and character is also associated with a character on “Spartacus”.

17 .  Mircea

Mircea is an unusual name that we can use too, yet widely used Roman name, meaning of this name is ‘peace.’ It was the name of a medieval ruler too that is loyal and who brought stability to Wallachia with his wit and wisdom.

18 . Richard

Richard is a popular and distinguished Norman name that has been popular for more than a thousand years. In the United States and maybe in some other countries, Richard was the sixth most popular boy in the year 1925, but now, this name is 100 top names in the world for baby boy. And it was a favorite with the Kings as well. The meaning of Richard actually is ‘dominant ruler’.

19 . Ruaidhri

Ruaidhri is the variation of the name Rory and this name means ‘famous ruler.’ This spirited, Gaelic classic name became very popular in Ireland in the 13th century. You can use this name when you like to have baby that energetic.

20 . Terry

It is well known name until now. Besides this name is being the gender neutral short forms of names like Theodore, Terrence, and Theresa, Terry name is also the spelling variation of Thierry and this name means ‘ruler of the people.’ This name has been on the American baby boy name list since the late 1880s.

21 . Alaric

Alaric is an ancient regal name, meaning ‘all-powerful ruler’. This name actually belonged to the Goth king who plundered Rome in 410 AD. It is also the traditional name of the kings of the Ostrogoths. Some people think that this name is ancient name, even though Alaric is an ancient name, you still can find that this name is stylish and it sounds modern enough to be considered.

22 . Aldrich

Aldrich is an English name and this name meaning is ‘old, wise ruler’. It is masculine name and it is popular name too that you can choose for your baby boy.

23 . Roderick

Roderick is a German popular name that has meaning ‘famous ruler’. This aristocratic and stylish name has always been on the top 1000 list and it reached all-time high #221 in the year 1967. This name can be found in some places and this name has several literary references, including “Roderick Hudson” by Henry James.

24 . Etta

Etta is the other form of the name Henrietta and means of this name is ‘ruler of the home’. This name was surprisingly popular over 100 years back, but now this name is enjoying a moderate distribution. Etta is simple name that you can choose, yet confident and strong.

25 . Ethan

Its namesake of, Ethan Allen, one of the war hero and patriots of the 18th century American Revolution and he was the leader of the “Green Mountain Boys”. This name is one of the highly ranked name in Ireland, Belgium, England and Wales. So, it is great to use this name for your baby boy.

Which favorite name that you will choose for your baby then? All parents in the world will discuss and compare names first before finally they pick one that has great meaning and that sounds good too for their baby. They will consider their baby family, gender and of course hope that parent’s want too for their baby before choosing one of best name.