200 Best Baby Names for Boy and Girl Meaning Love

Last Updated: 06 Sep 2016

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You can get inspiration for the name of your beloved baby anywhere. For example, you can take your love journey with your beloved couple as the inspiration of the baby. Love is a good name for your baby because later you will always remember about your love journey. Someday, you can explain to your kid or daughter about the history of their name. For your information, love for the name of baby is not only for baby girl but also baby boy. The interesting part is using or combining the baby name which mean love. In fact, there are several unique names from the word love which comes from different language, ethic, religion, culture, and many more.

Here, there is the list of baby names meaning love both for baby boy and baby girl. Hopefully, the list below helps you to decide the name of your beloved baby. The most important thing is that you can really make your dream to have a baby with love as their name come true.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Love

  1. Adofo (Africa): someone who full of love.
  2. Aziz (Arabic): beloved.
  3. Amias (Latin): lovely.
  4. Agapius (Latin): divine love.
  5. Anwil (Welsh): lovely.
  6. Amor (French): love, romance.
  7. Aimo (French): the one who loved.
  8. Aichi 愛知県 (Japanese): love to wise.
  9. Ai 人工知能 (Japanese): love.
  10. Alhanan (Islam): beloved.
  11. Babafemi (Eygpt): father’s beloved.
  12. Bardon (English - America): poem lover.
  13. Bebe (Spain): baby, beloved.
  14. Bogumil (Poland): love from God.
  15. Booker (English): book lover.
  16. Brahmaputra (Javanese/Indonesia): nature lover.
  17. Bratumil (Poland): brotherhood love.
  18. Brighton (Hebrew): the love one.
  19. Buck (English-America): horse lover.
  20. Can (Turkey): beloved.
  21. Caradawc (Wales/English): beloved.
  22. Caradawg (Wales/English): beloved.
  23. Carwyn (Wales/English): blessed love.
  24. Chad (Africa-America): the greatest love.
  25. Conchobar (Ireland): dog lover.
  26. Connor (Ireland): wolf lover.
  27. Craddock (Wales): love.
  28. Crogher (Ireland): dog lover.
  29. Cyrano (Greek): ancient Greek play about love.
  30. Dahdy (Arabic): the love one.
  31. Daibhadh (Ireland): beloved.
  32. Darel (English-America): beloved.
  33. Darelano (German): blessed love.
  34. Dariel (English-America): blessed love.
  35. Darpak (Sanskrit): the Gods of love.
  36. Darrel (English-America): beloved.
  37. Darwin (English-America): beloved friend.
  38. Daud (Sanskrit): beloved.
  39. Daudi (Arabic): beloved.
  40. Daurrel (America): beloved.
  41. Dave (Hebrew): beloved person.
  42. Dave (Christian): beloved.
  43. David (America): the love one.
  44. Efendi (Indonesia): the love one, happiness.
  45. Eras (Latin): love.
  46. Erasmus (historical word): to be loved.
  47. Erastus (Christian): beloved.
  48. Eros (Greek): the Gods of love, love.
  49. Esme (French): to be loved.
  50. Federick (German): leader who love peacefulness.

  1. Feidhlim (Greek): animal lover.
  2. Fendianto (Indonesia): the love one, happiness.
  3. Geoffredo (Italia): peaceful lover.
  4. Geoffroi (French): peaceful lover.
  5. Georg (German): hard worker, plant lover.
  6. Habib (Arabic): the love one.
  7. Habibullah (Islamic): love to Allah.
  8. Hamlin (German): person who love his place.
  9. Hanun (Arabic): lover.
  10. Harianto (Indonesia): the love one, happiness.
  11. Ife (Africa): love.
  12. Ireneo (Greek): love of peacefulness.
  13. Itang (Indonesia): lovers.
  14. Jaromil (Poland): autumn lover.
  15. Jawara (Africa): loving with peaceful.
  16. Jed (Christian): the friend of God, God’s lover.
  17. Jeronimo (Portuguese): autumn lover.
  18. Juara (Africa): loving with peaceful.
  19. Jumoke (Africa): loved by many people.
  20. Jurgen (German): hard worker, plant lover.
  21. Kamadev (sanskrit): the Gods of love.
  22. Kamajaya (Javanese/Indonesia): the Gods of love.
  23. Kameswara (Hindu): the Gods of love.
  24. Karusha (Latin): loving.
  25. Kasihono (Indonesia): love.
  26. Lancelot (French): a soldier who love his queen.
  27. Latrevo (Greek): love.
  28. Lawel (Indonesia): the love one.
  29. Leif (Scandinavian): the love one.
  30. Lewin (English-America): good friend, the love one.
  31. Madaharsa (Javanese): love.
  32. Madana (Javanese): love.
  33. Mahbub (Islamic): loved, lovely.
  34. Manfred (English-America): a man who love peacefulness.
  35. Manoj (Sanskrit): the Gods of love.
  36. Narcissus (historical word): a handsome man who love his own shadow.
  37. Nugra (Indonesia): loving.
  38. Oase (Egypt): loved by God.
  39. Onofredo (Italia): love of peaceful.
  40. Onslow (English-America) artinya lover.
  41. Paris (Greek): lover.
  42. Phil (Greek): horse lover.
  43. Placidio (Italia): love of peaceful.
  44. Pomponio (Latin): lover.
  45. Prem (Sanskrit): love.
  46. Quiros (Latin): loving.
  47. Raaghiib (Islami): loving.
  48. Radho (Africa): love.
  49. Rajanikant (Sanskrit): loved by night.
  50. Ramey (Arabic): love.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Love

  1. Adna (Africa): lovely daughter.
  2. Afrya (Africa): love of peaceful.
  3. Affera (Africa): leader who love peacefulness.
  4. Affery (Africa): leader who love peacefulness.
  5. Affra (Africa): leader who love peacefulness.
  6. Afra (Africa): leader who love peacefulness.
  7. Afrya (Africa): leader who love peacefulness.
  8. Ananda (Africa): the importance love.
  9. Anandea (Africa): the best love.
  10. Betra (Marshallese): love.
  11. Brisa (Spain): the love one.
  12. Cakusola (Africa): the one who love.
  13. Cakusolah (Africa): the one who love.
  14. Desya (Africa): love, beauty, happy.
  15. Darlene (Aborigine): the love one.
  16. Davenia (Africa-America): loved.
  17. Desiyaa (Africa-America): love, beauty, happy.
  18. Femi (Africa): love me.
  19. Jiji (Africa): love.
  20. Kamadesta (Africa): the love of happiness.
  21. Myiesha (Africa): love.
  22. Mapenzi (Africa): the love one.
  23. Na`Zyia (Africa): lovely mother’s daughter.
  24. Thandy (Africa): love.
  25. Kavon (Africa-America): love, water woman.
  26. Tandey (Africa-America): the love one, masculine.
  27. Lovely (American – English): love, caring.
  28. Lovena (American – English): small, the love one.
  29. Lovewell (American – English): love, caring.
  30. Cadhna, Chadna (India): love.
  31. Caridad (Latin): she who give love and care to the surrounding.
  32. Carissa (Greek): the love one.
  33. Carys (Welsh): love (Variasi lain: Caris, Carise, Ceris, Cerys.)
  34. Chiti (India): love.
  35. Ciprina (Spain): blessed by the Gods of love.
  36. Cyteria (Greek): the Gods of love.
  37. Davida (Hebrew): the love one.
  38. Dayita (India): the love one.
  39. Dibech (Palau): a woman who love by someone.
  40. Dilber (India): lover.
  41. Dionisia (Greek): wine lover, blessed by God in difficulty.
  42. Dionne (Mythology): mother Aphrodite, the Gods of love.
  43. Dodie (Hebrew): the love one.
  44. Echo (Mythology): a lovely angle.
  45. Frederica (Germany): a leader who loved by her people.
  46. Freja (Scandinavia): an honor woman, the Gods of love.
  47. Gamami (Chamorro): we love you.
  48. Gertrudes, Gertrudis (Spain): the love soldier.
  49. Habiba (Arabic): the love one.
  50. Haviva (Hebrew): the love one.

  1. Hayaam (India): falling in love deeply.
  2. Hitee (India): love and care.
  3. Iseult (Wales): beautiful woman.
  4. Isolde (Literature): a love hero.
  5. Jaime (French): I love you.
  6. Kaela (Hebrew, Arabic): the love one.
  7. Kama (Sanskrit): the love one.
  8. Lalasa (Hindi): love.
  9. Liberata (Latin): she loves freedom.
  10. Lida (Slavic): being loved by people.
  11. Lubov (Russia): love.
  12. Ludmilla (Slav): love by her people.
  13. Luvena (Latin, English): the love one, small.
  14. Mahal (Filipina) love.
  15. Mamata (India) love.
  16. Manami まなみ (Japanese): beautiful love.
  17. Manpreet (Punjab): full of love.
  18. Mehbooba (India): the love one.
  19. Mila (Russia): the love one.
  20. Mina (German): love.
  21. Mishka (India): giving love.
  22. Myrna (Ireland): the love one.
  23. Penda (Swahili): the love one.
  24. Philana (Greek): care lover.
  25. Philanta (Greek): flower lover.
  26. Philip (Greek): horse lover.
  27. Philomena (Greek): love.
  28. Preyasi (India): a woman who loved.
  29. Prisha (India): God giver, a woman who loved.
  30. Prital, Pritika (India): the love one.
  31. Priti (India): love.
  32. Pritikana (India): a love.
  33. Pritilata (India): a love finder.
  34. Priyal (India): the love one.
  35. Psyche (Mythology): beautiful.
  36. Rida (Arabic): loved by God.
  37. Saachee (India): the love one.
  38. Sajani (India): the love one.
  39. Sampriti (India): love.
  40. Shari (French): the love one.
  41. Sheree (French): the love one.
  42. Suki すき(Japanese): the love one.
  43. Taffy (Wales): the love one.
  44. Teodelina, Teodolinda (German): a woman who love her village.
  45. Tivona (Hebrew): nature lover.
  46. Toan (Vietnam): soft love.
  47. Unn (Norway): the love one.
  48. Vashti (Persia): the love one.
  49. Venus (Latin): love.
  50. Wadd (Arabic): love.

From the list above, you know that there are unique names for your baby and all of the names meaning love. It is also the fact that love can also be used for baby boy and there are 100 masculine names for your beloved baby boy. You don’t have to buy book about baby names and its meaning because this website helps you to find the best one especially if you want to give the name of the baby meaning love. Just combine the name so your beloved baby has a lovely and beautiful name.