191 Best Name for Baby Boy and Girl Meaning Justice

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016


Baby Name with meaning Justice

There are hundreds of name for your beloved baby. You can also find a name which has a good name. A good name is like a hope for your baby. Let say, you hope that your baby will be a person who can do fairly and uphold justice. Because of that, it is good idea to give your baby with a name meaning justice.

The list below shows to you 100 names for baby boy and 100 names for baby girl. It is great for you to find this website because you don’t need to buy book or get confuse to decide the best name for your baby. For your information, the list of the name below is taken from various languages, countries, religions, culture, and many more. Hopefully, after reading the list of the name below, you can get one as the best name for your beloved baby whether it is baby boy or baby girl.

The List of Name for Baby Boy Meaning Justice

  1. Adil (Arabic): justice, fair
  2. Adlan (Arabic): justice
  3. Adley (Hebrew): fair
  4. Adli (Arabic): my justice, my right
  5. Ahmad (Indonesia): feeling toward justice
  6. Ajit (Sanskrit): feeling toward justice
  7. Alfaro (Spain): justice, wise
  8. Alfaronizam (Arabic): a fair and wise leader
  9. Ashish (Sanskrit): feeling toward justice
  10. Akiyoshi 아키요시 (Japanese): a clear justice
  11. Badilah (Arabic): the changer
  12. Banaventura (Italy): good, honest, fair
  13. Banning (America): small and fair
  14. Barly (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  15. Calixte (Greek): bright and fair
  16. Capac (Quechua): fair, strong, goodness
  17. Courtney (England): court
  18. Cyprus (Hebrew): justice
  19. Damar (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  20. Dan (Christian): fair
  21. Daniel (Christian): the king of justice
  22. Daniel (Hebrew): God is my judicature
  23. Danny (America): God’s infinite justice
  24. Danon (America): God’s infinite justice
  25. Darnel (Hebrew): God’s infinite justice
  26. Davian (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  27. Deems (England): children court
  28. Dhonan (America): God’s infinite justice
  29. Ewould (Scandinavia): a fair leader
  30. Fateh (Africa): fair
  31. Fati (Africa): fair
  32. Giusto (Italy): justice
  33. Gopal (Sanskrit): feeling to justice
  34. Hakim (Arabic): judge, a fair leader
  35. Geng 更 (Chinese): fair, honest
  36. Gwyn (Wales): fair, blessed
  37. Hari (Sanskrit): feeling to justice
  38. Hiromasa 히로마사 (Japanese): fair, balance
  39. Imad (Arabic): fair, the main tides
  40. Jagdish (Sanskrit): feeling to justice
  41. Jahangir (Sanskrit): feeling to justice
  42. Jamshed (Sanskrit): feeling to justice
  43. Jaston (Latin): justice
  44. Jayashankar (Sanskrit): feeling to justice
  45. Joost (Netherlands): fair, balance
  46. Justin (Latin): justice, balance,
  47. Justis (French): fair, balance
  48. Kapono (Hawaii): justice
  49. Kendrick (England): fair, a bless from God
  50. Learco (Greek): justice

  1. Liaqat (Sanskrit): a fair decision
  2. Lestyn (Wales): fair, obey the law
  3. Lukekini (Hawaii): fair
  4. Masahiko 마사히코 (Japanese): a fair prince
  5. Masahiro 正博 (Japanese): a true justice
  6. Masato 한국어 (Japanese): justice
  7. Masanori 正典 (Japanese): the example of justice
  8. McKenzie (England): fair, honest, and hansom
  9. Michael (Christian): the carrier of justice from God
  10. Minkah (Egypt): justice, balance
  11. Musqsith (Islam): doing something fair
  12. Musthofa (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  13. Nashif (Islam): fair
  14. Nemi (Spain): fair
  15. Nicodemus (historical name): court
  16. Nemesio (Spain): justice
  17. Piers (historical name): hard work, wise, and fair
  18. Ping 平 (Chinese): fair
  19. Percles (Greek): a fair leader
  20. Qadi (Islam): fair
  21. Rafka (Arabic): fair
  22. Ramirez (Spain): justice
  23. Ramiro (England): justice
  24. Ramiro (Spain): justice giver
  25. Rashad (Arabic): a good justice
  26. Rasheed (Sanskrit): fair
  27. Rashid (Sanskrit): fair
  28. Reinald (Portuguese): a fair leader
  29. Reinaldo (Portuguese): a leader of justice
  30. Sadhat (Turkey): fair
  31. Sedat (Turkey): fair
  32. Sugiyana (Javanese): court, justice
  33. Syahdat (Turkey): fair
  34. Suhai (Indonesia): fair and smart
  35. Taneli (Finland): God is my judicature
  36. Tobiah (Christian): a justice from God
  37. Tedja (Javanese): justice and strength
  38. Tsidhqiyah (Christian): a justice from God
  39. Tzadok (Hebrew): justice
  40. Vivek (Sanskrit): justice, wise
  41. Viyoza (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  42. Wilson (England): good, fair, and kind
  43. Wilsen (England): fair, good, and kind
  44. Yadon (Hebrew): he will give the fair
  45. Yesti (Wales): justice
  46. Yustine (England): fair
  47. Yugo (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  48. Yi (Tiongha): fair
  49. Yoga (Indonesia) feeling to justice
  50. Zedekiah (Hebrew): God almighty

The List of Name for Baby Girl Meaning Justice

  1. Aadila (Islam): fair
  2. Adila (Africa): fair, the right one
  3. Adila (Arabic): justice
  4. Adilah (Islam): the justice doer
  5. Adilah (Arabic): fair
  6. Adilla (Africa): fair
  7. Adlin (Indonesia): justice
  8. Adlina (Indonesia): justice
  9. Aguilina (Spain): justice
  10. Ainul (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  11. Aitana (Indonesia): felling to justice
  12. Alanna (Celtic): fair
  13. Alfia (Spain): justice, wise, and honest
  14. Allana (Scotland): fair
  15. Alya (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  16. Alyasyifa (Arabic): feeling to justice
  17. Anata (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  18. Anggarawati (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  19. Anggawati (Indonesia): justice
  20. Aurelia (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  21. Avi (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  22. Belanca (Italy): justice
  23. Belancah (Italy): justice
  24. Belancka (Italy): justice
  25. Belanckah (Italy): justice
  26. Belanka (Italy): justice
  27. Belankah (Italy):  justice
  28. Belita (Italy): fair
  29. Belitah (Italy): justice
  30. Belite (Italy): justice
  31. Bella (Italy): justice
  32. Berta (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  33. Bron (Wales): fair, bright, white, and blonde
  34. Brongwyn (Wales): fair, bright, white, and blonde
  35. Bronwen (Wales): Fair, bright, white, and blonde
  36. Bulan (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  37. Dana (America or England): God’s infinite justice
  38. Danela (America): God’s infinite justice
  39. Danela (England): God’s infinite justice
  40. Danell (America or England): God’s infinite justice
  41. Danelle (America or England): God’s infinite justice
  42. Danette (America or England): God’s infinite justice
  43. Dania (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  44. Daniela (Italy): God’s infinite justice
  45. Daniela (German): God as the court
  46. Danila (Hebrew): God as the court
  47. Danita (America or England): God’s infinite justice
  48. Dayndra (Indonesia): fair and holy
  49. Deavi (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  50. Deeana (Indonesia): feeling to justice

  1. Edil (Indonesia): the one who fair
  2. Elfira (Spain): the justice giver
  3. Enika (Hawaii): a fair winning
  4. Erni (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  5. Erniawati (Indonesia): a fair woman
  6. Eunika (Hawaii): a fair winning
  7. Fadheela (Arabic): fair
  8. Faradillah (Islam): holy, fair
  9. Farlen (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  10. Fayre (England-America): fair
  11. Fayza (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  12. Febrian (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  13. Febriani (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  14. Feira (England): fair
  15. Feira (America): fair
  16. Felicia (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  17. Ferlin (India): feeling to justice
  18. Ferlina (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  19. Fika (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  20. Fiona (Celtic): justice, white
  21. Gwen (Historical Name): fair, holy, white
  22. Gypsi (England or America): fair and able to work
  23. Hafika (Polynesia): the river of justice
  24. Hafisah (Arabic): fair
  25. Hafsa (Arabic): fair
  26. Hafsah (Arabic): fair
  27. Hafza (Arabic): fair
  28. Handini (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  29. Hariana (Indonesia): justice
  30. Hariani (Indonesia): justice
  31. Hendiana (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  32. Hilna (Indonesia): fair and smart
  33. Himaya (Indonesia): feeling to justice
  34. Hiromasa 弘昌 (Japanese): fair
  35. Ienipa (Hawaii): a fair woman
  36. Indhira (Sanskrit): feeling to justice
  37. Indira (Sanskrit): feeling to justice
  38. Indira (Sanskrit): doing something fair
  39. Indria (Sanskrit): has a fair feeling
  40. Inova (Greek): the symbol of justice
  41. Iqni (Hawaii): justice

Now you know that there are hundreds of name for you beloved baby boy or baby girl. You can choose one of them and it comes from various countries, languages, religions, and many more. Just pick one of them which will be your favorite name. Then, you can combine it with different type of name. The most important thing is that you can finally found the best name for your baby boy or baby girl meaning justice. It hopes that later in the future your baby will be a person who defend justice and be a fair just like the meaning of their name. Of course, your dream to have a baby meaning justice is come true. More than that, you are also proud of your son or daughter because they can be acted just like their name when they grow up. There is no one can guest that probably someday they will work in a court or something related to justice.