190 Best Baby’s Names Having Meaning of Good Looking

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

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Best Baby’s Names Having Meaning of Good Looking

Brilliant ideas are always important to inspire you giving your baby names. Both baby girls and boys must be named beautifully. If you are seeking the name of babies having a meaning of good looking, you do not get worried about it. You can browse it in internet to find the best name. By only one clicking way, you can easily gather various baby names for girls and boys with the good looking meanings. The names are inspired from different languages so that you can select the best appropriate name for your babies. To find the cute baby name, you do not need to buy books. Just browse and find it in internet.

There are some options of baby names for good looking meaning. It is compiled from Islamic, African, American and the others. You may discuss it with your family before deciding the best name with positive meanings for your baby in the future. Here are 200 best baby’s names having meaning of good looking. You may pick out one of the name lists for your baby girl and boy.

Baby Boys Names with Good Looking Meaning

  1. Aalhassan (Islamic) means kind and good looking
  2. Abrisham (Islamic) means gentle, handsome, and good looking
  3. Abrizam (Islamic) means kind hearted and good looking (another name, Abrisam)
  4. Aden (Hebrew) means good looking and handsome
  5. Alano (Italian) means good looking and happy
  6. Al (American) means handsome
  7. Alan (English) means gorgeous and good looking (another name of Aland)
  8. Aldebaron (English) means a handsome and virtuous warrior
  9. Ale (Irish) a strong stone and handsome man

  1. Al-Farokh (Arabic) means lucky and good looking
  2. Alkanna (Hawaiian) means a handsome deity
  3. Alley (Irish) means good looking
  4. Alluca (Hawaian) means the light of handsomeness
  5. Alun (English) means handsome
  6. Alzelvin (American) means a handsome royal friend
  7. Arrayyan (Islamic) means a handsome nobleman
  8. Arshaq (Islamic) means proportional and good looking
  9. Arjunka (German) means a good looking leader
  10. Ataubaq (Islamic) means good looking and a helper
  11. Bahy (Arabic) means handsome
  12. Bale (American) means handsome
  13. Balle (English) means good looking
  14. Barram (Irish) means handsome and good looking
  15. Beale (American) means handsome
  16. Beal (American) means good looking
  17. Beall (English) means good looking
  18. Beau (English) means handsome
  19. Beaufort (French means strong and good looking
  20. Beldon (American) means a handsome man
  21. Carrington (American) means handsome
  22. Cullen (Celtic) means a young and handsome star
  23. Esmond (American) means a happy and handsome keeper
  24. Farqah (Islamic) means right and handsome
  25. Fatinnaufal (Arabic) means smart, kind hearted, generous, and good looking
  26. Formerio (Latin) means good looking
  27. Gathannaufal (Islamic) means a handsome and generous man from hill
  28. Ghanduur (Islamic) a good looking man
  29. Graciano (Latin) means a masculine and handsome guy
  30. Gryson (Latin) means handsome
  31. Hamizan (Islamic) means strong, smart, and good looking
  32. Harit (Indian) means handsome
  33. Hasani (Egyptian) means handsome
  34. Hideaki 英明 (Japan) means a shining superiority and brilliant handsomeness
  35. Hisan (Egyptian) means good looking
  36. Huritt (Indian) means handsome
  37. Husani (Egyptian) means handsome
  38. Irving (Celtic) means handsome
  39. Jahanzeb (Islamic) means handsome
  40. Jahmal (Arabic) means handsome
  41. Jamaal (Arabic) means good looking
  42. Jamar (African and American)means good looking
  43. Jamael (Arabic) means handsome
  44. Jameel (African and American) means gorgeous and handsome
  45. Jamil (American and African) means beautiful and handsome
  46. Jamiel (Christian) means handsome
  47. Jamiil (Islamic) means manly and handsome
  48. Jazib (Islamic) means handsome
  49. Kambythet (Egyptian) means a handsome king
  50. Kanaka (Hawaiian) handsome
  51. Keneke (Hawaiian) handsome

  1. Kenete (Hawaiian) good looking
  2. Kenids (African and American) means handsome
  3. Noufal (Islamic) means a handsome man
  4. Mafileokaveka (Polish) means a handsome conqueror
  5. Masashi (Japan) means elegant and good looking
  6. McKenzie (American) honest, diligent, and handsome
  7. Muamoholeva (Polish) a good looking leader
  8. Nailufar (Egyptian) means handsome
  9. Narcisse (French) means handsome
  10. Naufal (Arabic) kind hearted, generous, and handsome
  11. Nauffal (Arabic) kind hearted, generous, and handsome
  12. Nurrayyan (Arabic) means the light of handsomeness
  13. Nohea (Hawaiian) means handsome
  14. Pulikeka (Polish) means handsome
  15. Qaabuus (Islamic) means manly, soft skin, and handsome
  16. Qosim (Islamic) means generous and handsome
  17. Rafanudin (Islamic) means a handsome leader
  18. Raifan (Islamic) means friendly and handsome
  19. Raiq (Persian and Arabic) means handsome
  20. Rhounaq (African) means good looking
  21. Runako (African) means good looking
  22. Schneider (German) means a handsome guy
  23. Schoen (German) means a handsome man
  24. Shondel (German) means a good looking man
  25. Shaquil (American) means a handsome man
  26. Shaquilano (Islamic) means God’s gift to be a handsome man
  27. Shakeel (Arabic) means handsome
  28. Shakeil (Arabic) means handsome
  29. Shaquell (Arabic ) means handsome
  30. Syafiqal (Islamic) means handsome, kind hearted, lover, and symphatic
  31. Tajammal (Islamic) means good looking
  32. Talat (Islamic) means good looking
  33. Toibe (Christian) means beautiful, handsome, and good
  34. Xaquille (Islamic) means handsome
  35. Yaphet (Christian) means handsome
  36. Yusuf (Arabic) means a handsome man
  37. Wasim (Islamic) means handsome
  38. Zamar (Islamic) means a handsome boy
  39. Zuhoor (Islamic) means gorgeous and handsome
  40. Zhang Junqing张峻宁(Chinese) a handsome guy with full of vitality

Baby Girl Names with Good Looking Meanings

  1. A’yunina (African) means a beautiful flower
  2. A’yunina (African) means a beautiful flower
  3. Adama (African) means a beautiful teen
  4. Alika (African) means the most beautiful one
  5. Aliqa (African) the most gorgeous one
  6. Ashaki (African) means beautiful
  7. Desya (African) means beautiful, love, and happy
  8. Ifeoma (African) means beautiful
  9. Isabis (African) something beautiful
  10. Kenisha (African) means beautiful and prosperous
  11. Makeda (African) means beautiful
  12. Michiah (African) means beautiful
  13. Nabelung (African) means beautiful
  14. Naresha (African) means beautiful
  15. Narkeasha (African) means beautiful
  16. Nbulungi (African) means beautiful
  17. Nekengrah (African) means beautiful
  18. Qiandra (African) means beautiful
  19. Ravika (African) means beautiful and trusted
  20. Revika (African) means beautiful and trusted

  1. Shakela (African) means beautiful
  2. Shakila (African) means beautiful
  3. Shakina (African) means beautiful
  4. Musu (Indian) means beautiful
  5. Nahid (Persian) means a love goodness
  6. Nani (Hawaiian) means beautiful
  7. Naomi (Hebrew) means fun and beautiful
  8. Nehal (Indian) means rain and beautiful
  9. Noelani (Hawaiian ) a beautiful girl from paradise
  10. Olathe (American) means beautiful
  11. Parnashri (Indian) means beauty
  12. Prakriti (Indian) means beautiful and nature’
  13. Rupali (Indian) gorgeous and beautiful

  1. Rupashi (Indian) means beautiful
  2. Venus (Latin) means a love goodness and beauty
  3. Wynaet (American) means the unforgettable beauty
  4. Xin Qian钱鑫, Xin-Qian鑫钱(Chinese) happy and beautiful
  5. Yachiko (Japan) means a calm and beautiful girl
  6. Yaffa (Hebrew) means beautiful
  7. Yole, Yone (Greek) beautiful like a violet flower
  8. Yoshino吉野(Japan) means beauty
  9. Yukariゆかり(Japan) means beautiful like a flower
  10. Yuko 裕子(Japan) a beautiful and honest friend
  11. Zaynah (Arabic) means beautiful
  12. Zuleica (Arabic ) means perfect and beautiful
  13. Moon달(Korea) means beautiful, song, family and professional
  14. Maribel (French) beautiful
  15. Majidah (Arabic) beautiful and gorgeous
  16. Abha (Indian) means beautiful
  17. Adara (Greek) means beautiful
  18. Adonia (Spanish) means beautiful
  19. Afrodite, Aphrodite (Greek) means the goodness of love and beauty
  20. Alan (Irish) means beautiful and peaceful
  21. Amara (Greek) means eternal beauty
  22. Amisha (Indian) means beautiful
  23. Ani (Hawaiian) means beautiful
  24. Aulii (Hawaiian) means beautiful and perfect
  25. Bada우루루(Korea) means beautiful
  26. Beau (French) means beautiful
  27. Belinda (Spanish) means beautiful
  28. Bella (Latin) means beautiful and gorgeous
  29. Belle (French) means beautiful
  30. Bhamini (Indian) means beautiful and a patient woman
  31. Bonita (Spanish) means beautiful
  32. Bonnie, Bonny (English) means beautiful and elegant
  33. Calisto (Spanish) means the most beautiful one
  34. Callista (Greek) the most beautiful one
  35. Cho조(Korea) means beautiful

  1. Christabel (Latin) means a Christian beautiful woman
  2. Clarabelle (Latin) means beautiful and sparkling
  3. Cullen (Irish) means beautiful
  4. Daila (Latin) means beautiful like a flower
  5. Damyanti (lndian) means beautiful
  6. Ella (Indian) means a beautiful goodness
  7. Farah, Farrah (English) means beautiful and fun
  8. Geranio (Greek) means she is beautiful as geranium
  9. Hadara (Hebrew) means the beauty
  10. Hermosa (Spanish) means beautiful
  11. Iseult (Wales) means a beautiful woman
  12. Jamal (Arabic) means beautiful
  13. Jolie (French) means beautiful
  14. Kalliope (French) means gorgeous and beautiful
  15. Kanani (Hawaiian) means beautiful
  16. Keana, Keanna (Irish) means beautiful
  17. Kennice (English) means beautiful
  18. Kevin (Irish) means beautiful
  19. Kintuben (Indian) means a beautiful athlete
  20. Lada (Russian) means the goodness of beauty
  21. Lynda (Spanish) means a beautiful girl
  22. Lynelle (English) means beautiful