185 Best Names for Baby Boy and Girl Meaning Clear

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

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A lovely Baby Boy

For parents, having a baby is a gift from God. So, parents always want to give everything for their baby, to make their baby become a good person in the future. One of thing can be done by parents for their baby is giving a good name for their baby. Name is not only the form of word, but when it has good meaning, it can be a pray from parents to their baby.

For you who want to give a meaningful name for your baby, name which has meaning clean may become your recommendation. As we know that every parent always wants to have son or daughter which has clean heart, pure and also kind. When you give name with meaning clean for your baby, you have given pray for your baby to be clean person in the future. So, here are 185 best names for baby boy and girl meaning clean that may be your choice.

The List of Names for Baby Boy Meaning Clean

  1. Abyan (Islamic): Clearer.
  2. Adisa (African): A clean person.
  3. Adishaka (African): A clean person.
  4. Adsa (African): A clean person.
  5. Adzka (Islamic): Clean.
  6. Agha (Sanskrit): Pure, Clean.
  7. Ak (Sanskrit): Pure, clean.
  8. Al Barra (Islamic): Who is clean, a baby who is given this name is wished to become person who has clean and kind character.
  9. Anmar (Islamic): The clean water.
  10. Anwari (Islamic): A person who is luminous, shiner and cleaner.
  11. Ari (Maori): Clean and visible.
  12. Arrazka (Islamic): A person who has a clean heart.
  13. Athaar (Arabic): Pure, clean, holy.

  1. Athara (Islamic): A person who has a clean heart.
  2. Athariandi (Islamic): Clean and strong.
  3. Atharizz (Arabic): Clean.
  4. Azbin (Islamic): Clean, pure.
  5. Azhar (Islamic): Clean, brilliant, luminous.
  6. Azkaryan (Arabic): A clean soldier.
  7. Azhka (Arabic): More advanced, pure, clean.
  8. Azigha (Sanskrit): Holy, pure, clean.
  9. Azkarya (Arabic): A person who is clean and respected.
  10. Barra (Arabic): Clean.
  11. Baeden (German): A clean person.
  12. Bradley (English): Broad clearing in the wood.
  13. Cain (Welsh): Clear water.
  14. Casey (French): Clear, pure.
  15. Cheng 程 (Chinese): Clean, pleasure.
  16. Cath (Irish): Clean, pure.
  17. Clarance (Latin): Clean, victory.

  1. Claro (Latin): Clean and extrovert.
  2. Dhaval (Sanskrit): Holy, pure, clean.
  3. Dhavlen (Sanskrit): White, pure, clean (another form of Dhaval).
  4. Dhavlesh (Sanskrit): White, pure, clean (another form of Dhaval).
  5. Edda (German): A person who has clear goals.
  6. Enggelberth (German): A clean person who is like an angel.
  7. Hijaz (Arabic): Clean (Another form of Hijazi).
  8. Hijazi (Arabic): Clean.
  9. Ingleberth (Germany): A clean person who is like an angel.
  10. Jing 京 (Chinese): A clean sound.
  11. Kanzaki (Islamic): A treasure which grows so well and clean.
  12. Ken (Welsh): The clean water.
  13. Kenda (English): Child of clean, cool water.
  14. Khaalish (Islamic): Pure, clean.
  15. Laban (Hebrew): White and clean.
  16. Muzakki (Islamic): A person who gives Zakat and cleans himself.
  17. Nadhif (Islamic): Clean.
  18. Nasim (Arabic): The clean air.
  19. Nazeef (Arabic): Clean.
  20. Nazhief (Islamic): Clean.
  21. Nazih (Islamic) Clean of stains.
  22. Nirmal (Sanskrit): Clean.
  23. Quang (Vietnamese): Clean.
  24. Radin (Indonesia): Clean.
  25. Rizky (Sanskrit): Cleaning.
  26. Safwan (Arabic): Clean, honest.
  27. Satoshi サトシ (Japanese): clean.
  28. Shafwat (Islamic): Clear, clean.
  29. Shafy (Islamic): A person who is clean, pure, and holy.
  30. Shui 风水 (Chinese): A symbol of water, clean and pure, quiet and prosperous.
  31. Taheer (Arabic): innocent, clean.
  32. Thahir (Islamic): Clean, pure.
  33. Vimal (Sanskrit): Clean, pure.
  34. Wynne (Unisex): Fair, honest, clean.
  35. Zacchaeus (Christian): Clean and perfect.
  36. Zakee (Arabic): bright and clean.
  37. Zaki (Islamic): A person who grows so well and clean.
  38. Zakia (Arabic): Bright and clean.
  39. Zakiyy (Islamic): Pure, clean.
  40. Zhang 张 (Chinese): Clean, interesting, visible

The List of Name for Baby Girl Meaning Clean

  1. Aazkiya (Islamic): More holy, clean.
  2. Adzka (Islamic): Clean.
  3. Aghnia (Irish): Clean, Pure.
  4. Aghnilla (Italian): Clean.
  5. Aghniya (Russian): Clean.
  6. Agna (German): Clean, Pure, sacred.
  7. Agnella (Greek): Pure, clean.
  8. Agnella (Italian): Clean.
  9. Agnesh (French): Clean and pure.
  10. Agnes (German): Pure, clean and sacred.
  11. Agnes (Greek): Clean, pure.
  12. Agnesca (Greek): Clean, pure.
  13. Agnethe (Germany): Clean, pure, and sacred.
  14. Agnisa (French): Clean and pure.
  15. Agniya (Russian): Clean.
  16. Aliviani (Spanish): Clean and white.
  17. Alva (Indonesia): Honest and clean.
  18. Alva (Spanish): White and clean.
  19. Alvana (Spanish): White, clean.
  20. Alvanna (Spanish): White and clean.
  21. Alvannah (Spanish): White and clean.

  1. Amala (Unisex): Clean, clean of stains.
  2. Aneesa (Greek): Clean, pure.
  3. Aneska (Greek): Pure, clean.
  4. Anka (Greek): Pure, clean.
  5. Aquani (American): Peace, clean
  6. Aridhah (Islamic): Who is clean, bright and impress.
  7. Asca (Arabic): More advanced, clean, and holy.
  8. Athari (Arabic): Clean.
  9. Ayska (Arabic): Holy, clean.
  10. Ayskaa (Arabic): More advanced, clean, holy,
  11. Azka (Arabic): More advanced, clean, and holy.
  12. Azkatia (Indonesia): More advanced, clean and pure.
  13. Azkayra (Islamic): A clean and respected person.
  14. Azkha (Arabic): Holy, clean.
  15. Azkira (Islamic): A respected and clean person.
  16. Azqiara (Islamic): A clean and respected person.
  17. Bianca (Italian): White and clean
  18. Bianquah (Italian): White and clean.
  19. Bianqua (Italian): White and clean.
  20. Bing Qing 冰情 (Chinese): Clean, new.
  21. Caitriona (Irish): Clean, pure.
  22. Candeea (Latin): White and clean.
  23. Candi (Latin): White and clean.
  24. Candida (Latin): White and Clean

  1. Candita (Latin): White and clean.
  2. Catarina (Italian): Clean.
  3. Caterina (Italian): Clean, pure.
  4. Catherine (French): Clean and pure.
  5. Chaternie (French): Clean and pure.
  6. Catriona (Irish): Clean, pure.
  7. Cattarina (Italian): Clean.
  8. Cerah (Italian): Clean and luminous.
  9. Chayara (Italian): Clean, luminous.
  10. Cheara (Italian): Clean, luminous, famous, a princess.
  11. Cheng 成 (Chinese): Clean, pleasure.
  12. Chyara (Italian): Clean, luminous, a princess.
  13. Claire (English): Clear, clean.
  14. Claire (Irish): Clean, luminous, famous (Clare).
  15. Clara (Scots): Bright, clean, famous.
  16. Clare (Irish): Clean, bright, famous.
  17. Claribel (Italian): Clean, bright, famous.
  18. Clarissa (Portuguese): Clean, famous, brilliant.
  19. Cleara (Latin): Clean, famous, brilliant.
  20. Ekaterina (Russian): Clean.
  21. Fatiyatuzzahra (Islamic): A clean victory.
  22. Finna (Irish): Clean.
  23. Glenys (English): Clean, pure, holy.
  24. Hening (Indonesia): Silent, quiet, clean, clear.
  25. Inessa (Russian): Clean.
  26. Ineza (Russian): Clean.
  27. Jing 京 (Chinese): A clean sound, pure.
  28. Kaethe (Germany): Clean.
  29. Kalea (Hawaiian): Bright, clean.
  30. Katharina (Germany): Clean.
  31. Kathe (Germany): Clean.
  32. Kaysia (Scandinavian): Clean, pure.
  33. Kenda (African): The clean water.
  34. Khalisa (Islamic): Pure, Clean.
  35. Khalisah (Islamic): Pure, clean.
  36. Khisca (Russian): Clean.
  37. Kiyoko 清子 (Japanese): Clean.
  38. Klara (Germany): Brilliant, clean, famous.
  39. Klarice (Germany): Clean and smart.
  40. Klarisa (Germany): Clean and smart.
  41. Klarysa (Latin): Brilliant, clean and famous.
  42. Labita (Latin): Clean.
  43. Lien (Dutch): Clean.
  44. Ligia (Portuguese): A girl who has clean skin.
  45. Lina (Dutch): Clean.
  46. Marie-Claire (French): Famous, clean, and bright.
  47. Nadhifa (Islamic): Clean.
  48. Nathifa (Islamic): Clean, pure.
  49. Nausha (Russian): Clean.
  50. Nazeefa (Islamic): Clean.
  51. Neysha (Greek): Clean, pure.
  52. Nirmala (Indonesia): Clear, pure.
  53. Pevita (Indian): The clean water.
  54. Pristine (English): Clean.
  55. Qing 清 (Chinese): Peaceful, clean.
  56. Raelani (Indonesia): A girl who has clean soul.
  57. Raiqa (Islamic): Clean, pure, holy.
  58. Rayna (Islamic): Clean, pure.
  59. Revalina (Indonesia): A beautiful and clean girl.
  60. Safa (Arabic): Clean, peace, close friend.
  61. Safeya (Arabic): Clean, peace, close friend.
  62. Serena (Italian): Clean.
  63. Shafia (Islamic): Clean.
  64. Taheera (Arabic): Clean, virgin.
  65. Whitely (American-English): A clean field.
  66. Whiteney (American-English): A clean island.
  67. Wynne (Unisex): Fair, honest, and clean.
  68. Zakia (Sanskrit): Pure and clean.
  69. Zhang (Chinse): Clean, interesting, visible.
  70. Zhen (China): Clean.

Those are recommended names for baby boy and baby girl which has meaning clean. Actually, there are still many names which can be your recommendation, but the names above are so great and have beautiful meaning. You can use one of names above to be your baby girl’s name or baby boy’s name. You can also combine the name above with other name which has great meaning too. Remember that a good name can give a good pray for your baby girl or boy, then your baby will be a great person in the future. Hopefully some recommended names above will be useful for you.