173 Best Names for Baby Boy and Girl Meaning Honest

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016


Honest Baby

For parents, having a baby is a gift from God. So, parents always want to give everything for their baby, to make their baby become a good person in the future. One of thing can be done by parents for their baby is giving a good name for their baby. Name is not only the form of word, but when it has good meaning, it can be a pray from parents to their baby.

For you who want to give a meaningful name for your baby, name which has meaning honest may become your recommendation. As we know that every parent always wants to have son or daughter who is honest and also kind. When you give name with meaning honest for your baby, you have given pray for your baby to be honest person in the future. So, here are 174 best names for baby boy and girl meaning honest that may become your choice.

The List of Names for Baby Boy Meaning Honest

  1. Abisatya (Indonesia): A person who will be honest person in the future.
  2. Adalard (French): Brave, strong, honest.
  3. Adhelard (French): Brave, strong, honest.
  4. Alfarras (Sanskrit): Honesty.
  5. Almeer (Arabic): A prince, honest.
  6. Amin (Arabic): Honest, commendable.
  7. Amish (Sanskrit): Honest.
  8. Anton (Indonesia): Smart and honest.
  9. Arshad (Islamic): Honest and guided.
  10. Aryasetya (Sanskrit): An honest and loyal nobleman.
  11. Athanasios (Greek): Honest.
  12. Avilas (Sanskrit): Loyal and honest.
  13. Bernard (French): Strong, brave and honest.
  14. Calogero (Italian): An honest person.
  15. Casto (Greek): Pure, honest, and clean.
  16. Dao 道 (Chinese): An honest explanation.
  17. Diogenes (Greek): Honest.
  18. Duan (Chinese): Honest, sincere.

  1. Duan 段 (Chinese): Honest and knowledgeable.
  2. Ehrlich (German): Honest and respected.
  3. Eleuterio (Greek): A person who feels freedom because of his honesty.
  4. Fahriza (Arabic): Honest.
  5. Farook (Arabic): Honest.
  6. Faroque (Arabic): Honest.
  7. Farraez (Sanskrit): Honesty.
  8. Farras (Sanskrit): Honesty.
  9. Faruq (Arabic): Honest.
  10. Franco (German): Firm and honest.
  11. Frank (English-American): Honest, free.
  12. Franziskus (German): An honest person.
  13. Gerard (French): Strong, brave and honest.
  14. Guyapi (Indian): Honest.
  15. Honesto (Philippines): Honest.
  16. Jie 杰 (Chinese): Honest, truth.
  17. Joon 준 (Korean): Honest, natural.
  18. Jurtino (Portuguese): Fair, honest and right.
  19. Khairy (Arabic): Honest.
  20. Kharim (Arabic): Honest.
  21. Laban (Indonesia): White, honest, straight.
  22. Leal (Spain): An honest and loyal worker.
  23. Leonard (French): Strong, brave and honest.
  24. Lie (Chinese): Honest and sincere.
  25. Liem (Vietnamese): Honest.
  26. MacKenzie (Unisex): Fair, honest and handsome.
  27. Naoki 直樹 (Japanese): Honest and strong.
  28. Naoko 直子 (Japanese): Honest.

  1. Prudenciano (Spain): Kindhearted and honest.
  2. Rashan (Islamic): Direction, honest.
  3. Sachdev (Sanskrit): Honest.
  4. Sadikin (Indonesia): Honest.
  5. Satyam (Sanskrit): Right, honest.
  6. Seiya 星矢 (Japanese): Honest and sincere.
  7. Shadiq (Islamic): A person who is honest.
  8. Shareef (Arabic): An honest nobleman.
  9. Shidqi (Islamic): Right and honest.
  10. Shidqiandra (Islamic): Honest and manly.
  11. Shodiq (Islamic): Right and honest.
  12. Socrates (Greek): Wise and honest.
  13. Swocratis (Greek): Wise and honest.
  14. Tam (Hebrew): Honest.
  15. Thanasis (Greek): Honest.
  16. Thanos (Greek): Honest.
  17. Timon (Greek): Honest.
  18. Tiurma (American): Honest.
  19. Trueet (American-English): Small but honest.
  20. Wafiy (Dutch): Loyal and honest.
  21. Wynne (Unisex): Fair, honest and clean.
  22. Yo (Cambodian): Honest.
  23. Yoshimitsu 義満 (Japanese): Honest.
  24. Zhong 忠 (Chinese): Strong and honest.

The List of Names for Baby Girl Meaning Honest

  1. Aaleasha (Greek): Honest.
  2. Aaliesha (Greek): Honest.
  3. Aalisha (Greek): Honest.
  4. Aleaka (Hawaii): An honest poppet.
  5. Aletha (Greek): Honest, one.
  6. Alfia (Spanish): Fair, wise, honest.
  7. Alice (Greek): Honest.
  8. Alicia (Romanian): Honest, nobleman.
  9. Aliesha (Greek): Honest.
  10. Alika (Hawaiian): Honest.
  11. Alina, Alyna (Scots): Honest.
  12. Aline (Scots): Honest.
  13. Alisha (Greek): Honest.
  14. Alva (Indonesia): Clean and honest.
  15. Alyzabeth (Greek): Honest, a promise holder.
  16. Alzbeta (Greek): An honest girl who hold a promise.
  17. Amena (Irish): Honest.
  18. Amidha (Christian): Honest, sincere.
  19. Amida (Christian): Honest.

  1. Angela (Characteristic): A leader who has ambition. She has smart and easy to adapt, optimistic, and honest.
  2. Anindyaswari (Indonesia): Innocent, honest.
  3. Belva (Latin): Honest.
  4. Bernadia (French): Strong, brave and honest.
  5. Bona (Italian): Honest, kind.
  6. Candice (Characteristic): Cheerful, creative, expressive, optimistic, honest and smart.
  7. Cecily (Characteristic): Cheerful, easy to adapt, optimistic, honest and always blessed.
  8. Cary (Unisex): Honesty, shy.
  9. Clarence (Characteristic): A person who has good communication skill, smooth, kind, optimistic, and honest.
  10. Dao 道 (Chinese): An honest explanation.
  11. Duan 段 (Chinese): Knowledgeable and honest.
  12. Eloise (French): Honest, respected.
  13. Ehrlich (German): An honest and respected girl.
  14. Eulalia (Italian): Honesty.
  15. Faroqi (Arabic): An honest girl.
  16. Finna (Indonesia): Smooth and honest.
  17. Fiona (Irish): White, honest.
  18. Firda (Indonesia): A girl who is honest when working.
  19. Fraerman): An honest person and doesn’t have secret.
  20. Fran (German): An honest girl who doesn’t have secret.
  21. Franze (German): An honest girl who doesn’t have secret.
  22. Franzizka (German): An honest person.
  23. Freissy (Sanskrit): Honest.
  24. Ginevra (Italian): An honest girl.
  25. Haifa (Arabic): Honest.
  26. Haifaa (Arabic): An honest girl.
  27. Haqikah (Egyptian): Honest.
  28. Honesto (Philippines): Honest.
  29. Jaishi (Unisex): Rich, honest and productive.
  30. Jessie (Unisex): Rich, honest and productive.
  31. Ji (Unisex): Moon, rich, honest and productive.
  32. Jie 杰 (Chinese): Honest, truth.
  33. Kekiokolanee (Hawaiian): An adorable and honest girl who doesn’t have secret.
  34. Khanifa (Islamic): Honest, right, a girl who is in the right way.
  35. Latanya (Characteristic): Honest, energetic, confident, brave and unique.
  36. Leanna (Characteristic): Honest, romantic, sensual, confident, and brave.
  37. Libna (Hebrew): Honest
  38. Lie (Chinese): Honest and sincere.
  39. Liz (Characteristic): Honest, emotional, tolerant and has positive thinking.
  40. Lucia (Characteristic): A girl who has good communication skill, kind, interesting, optimistic, honest and always blessed.
  41. Lynn (Characteristic): Honest, romantic, sensual and need a lot of freedom.
  42. Micaela (Characteristic): Patient, tolerant, optimistic, honest, and has good communication skill.
  43. Nadda (Arabic): Honest.
  44. Naeswari (Indonesia): Honest and taciturn.
  45. Naifa (Arabic): Honest and kind-hearted.
  46. Nazaha (Islamic): Pure and honest.
  47. Naziha (Islamic): Honest.
  48. Nazzaha (Indian): Pureness, truth and honesty.
  49. Nazeeha (Indian): Honest.
  50. Nefa (Arabic): Honest and kindhearted.
  51. Nishka (Indian): Honest.
  52. Niswara (Indonesia): Honest and taciturn.
  53. Prudenciana (Spanish): Honest and humble.
  54. Quenby (Characteristic): Honest, easy to adapt, shy but friendly.
  55. Ramana (Indonesia): Diligent and honest.
  56. Raminah (Indonesia): A diligent and honest girl.
  57. Rekha (Sanskrit): Honest.
  58. Rina (Indonesia): Beautiful and honest.
  59. Rinawati (Indonesia) A beautiful and honest girl.
  60. Rita (Sanskrit): Brave and honest.
  61. Ruqayga (Arabic): Honest.
  62. Safinah (Islamic): Honest and kind.
  63. Sarala (Sanskrit): Straight, honest.

  1. Scarlet (Characteristic): A girl who is optimistic and honest. She can be a good leader who is brave to take a risk. She is also smooth, kind and does anything to get her goals. She has good communication skill and always through the life with full spirit. She is also dynamist and busy to achieve her goals.
  2. Shadiqah (Islamic): Right, honest.
  3. Shafana (Islamic): A kind and honest girl.
  4. Shafina (Islamic): An honest and kind girl.
  5. Shafyna (Islamic): An honest and kind girl.
  6. Shifa (Indian): Friend, honest.
  7. Shwiti (Indian): Honesty, justice.
  8. Susan (Indonesia): Honesty.
  9. Wynne (Unisex): Fair, honest and clean.
  10. Xinerva (Italian): Honest.
  11. Xinervah (Italian): Honest.
  12. Xynerva (Italian): Honest
  13. Yeshara (Christian): Honest, firm.
  14. Yuko 裕子 (Japanese): A beautiful and honest friend.
  15. Zazkia (German): An honest person who doesn’t have secret.
  16. Zheng 郑 (Chinese): Honest.
  17. Zhi 志 (Chinese): An honest characteristic, friendship.
  18. Zhong 忠 (Chinese): Strong, honest.
  19. Ziska (German): An honest person who doesn’t have secret.
  20. Zynercah (Italian): Honest.
  21. Zechariah (Characteristic): A girl who is smart and not easily fooled. She is also optimistic and always blessed. She can be a good leader who has braveness to take a risk. She also doesn’t depend on other person and always success.

Those are recommended names for baby boy and baby girl which has meaning honest. Actually, there are still many names which can be your recommendation, but the names above are so great and have beautiful meaning. You can use one of names above to be your baby girl’s name or baby boy’s name. You can also combine the name above with other name which has great meaning too. Remember that a good name can give a good pray for your baby girl or boy, then your baby will be a great person in the future. Hopefully some recommended names above will be useful for you.