170 Best Baby Names with Strong Meanings

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016


Best Baby Names with Strong Meanings

Are you seeking names for your cute babies? Giving the best name for your babies must be conducted to represent and motivate your child when they are adults. The meaning of strong seems to sound great and good for your baby name. It also can be defined in some languages. This meaning is appropriate for being implemented for baby girl and baby boys with a positive meaning. If you want to find the best baby name with strong meaning, you should not take it randomly. Take a name with the best meaning for your baby.

Finding baby names with strong meaning actually can be found easily. You do not only get references from books but it also can enrich your information from internet. Just click and browse the baby name that you want. You are able to look for the details of baby name with strong meaning for your babies. Here are the list of baby names with strong meaning.

Baby Girl Names with Strong Meanings

  1. Dayana (Arabic) means a woman who is strong and elegant
  2. Batrisya (French) means a strong, clever, and smart woman
  3. Jordana (Christian) means a strong, valorous, and brave woman
  4. Jordane (Christian) means a strong and valorous woman
  5. Jordan (Christian) means a strong and brave woman
  6. Abira (Hebrew) means a strong woman
  7. Andra (Greek) means a enthusiastic and strong woman
  8. Anima (Indian) means the strength
  9. Arashel (Hebrew) means a strong and protected woman
  10. Mani’ah (Islamic) means a strong and brave woman
  11. Valia (Indian) means a strong army woman
  12. Falia (Indian) means a strong army woman

  1. Tarrisa (Greek) means a strong and brave woman
  2. Amandla (African) means the strength
  3. Ashmita (Indian) means a strong, and hard woman
  4. Audrey (English) means the strength
  5. Avarielle (American) means the strength of woman
  6. Babette (French) means a stronger woman
  7. Bedelia (French) means the strength
  8. Bhrithi (Indian) means a honor and stronger woman
  9. Birkita (Celtic) means the strength
  10. Bryanne (Irish) means something strong
  11. Briana (Celtic) means a strong woman
  12. Brianna (Irish) means something strong
  13. Bridget (Celtic) means the strength
  14. Bridie (Irish) means strong
  15. Brietta (Celtic) means strong
  16. Brigette (French) means a stronger woman
  17. Brigid (Irish) means a strong woman
  18. Brit (Irish) means a strong woman
  19. Brites (Celtic) means the strength
  20. Brittany (Latin) means strong
  21. Matilde (German) means a strong woman in a war
  22. Magan (German) means the strength
  23. Karla (German) means strong and feminine
  24. Hashinah (Arabic) means a strong wall
  25. Gunjan (Indian) means a strong woman
  26. Gabrielle (Hebrew) means the strength of God
  27. Erika (English) means always strong
  28. Ebba (German) means the strength
  29. Drucilla (Latin) means strong
  30. Damia (Greek) means nature strength goodness
  31. Carlynda (American) means strong and beautiful
  32. Brygid (Polish) means the strength
  33. Caroline (German) means a strong, good, and great woman
  34. Chetna (Indian) means the strength and smartness
  35. Maud (Latin) means the strength
  36. Raina (German) means a strong woman
  37. Pemba (African) means the strength
  38. Odeda (Christian) means a strong woman

  1. Obelix (Greek) means the source of the strength
  2. Nishi (Indian) means a stronger and braver woman
  3. Muncel (American) means an available and strong woman
  4. Miakoda (African) means the strength of moon
  5. Mildred (Anglo) means strong and smooth
  6. Mani’ah (Arabic) means honor and strong
  7. Maliha (Indian) means strong beauty
  8. Kaori (Japan) means a strong woman
  9. Leandra (Greek) means strong woman like lion
  10. Zuriel (Hebrew) means the strength of God
  11. Waltraud (German) means the strength
  12. Valeria (Italian) means the strength
  13. Vallerie (French) means a woman who is being stronger one
  14. Valterra (American) means strong earth
  15. Urwatul (Arabic) means a strong religious basic
  16. Treasa (Celtic) means a strong woman
  17. Tamimah (Arabic) means strong, protection, and guidance
  18. Sahoj (Indian) means a strong woman
  19. Rhona (Irish) means a strong woman
  20. Valarie (Latin) means the strength

Baby Boy Names with Strong Meaning

  1. Qawi (Arabic) means a brave, masculine, and strong man
  2. Manna’ (Arabic) means a strong and brave man
  3. Maynard (English) means the braver one
  4. Alliy (Islamic) means a honor and strong man
  5. Erland (German) means a strong hawk
  6. Conn (Celtic) means strong and high
  7. Bali (Indian) means a strong soldier
  8. Connal (Celtic) means high and strong
  9. Valentino (Italian) means the strong and brave one
  10. Walmond (German) means a strong ruler
  11. Mamerto (Latin) means a strong, strapping, and handsome man
  12. Reilly (Irish) means a brave and strong man

  1. Tarsicio (Greek) means strong and strapping
  2. Tarso (Greek) means strong and masculine
  3. Andre (French) means strong and masculine
  4. Rally (Irish) means brave and strapping
  5. Connacht (Irish) means strong, valorous, and tall
  6. Jaabir (Islamic) means the strong one
  7. Maska (American) means the strong one
  8. Andrei (Russian) means a strong man
  9. Manfredo (Italian) means a brave and strong man
  10. Reaito (Japan) means a strong and brave man
  11. Ahmik (Hebrew) means the strength of God
  12. Akid (Arabic) means a strong, religious, and kind-hearted man
  13. Akwa (Arabic) means a stronger and valorous one
  14. Alcander (Greek) means strong
  15. Arnaldo (Spanish) means a strong man like an eagle
  16. Arsen (Greek) means a strong man
  17. Ashwin (Indian) means a strong horse
  18. Astin (Latin) means a strong leader
  19. Aziz (Arabic) means the kind-hearted, lovely, honor, and strong one
  20. Azri (Arabic) means the strength and support
  21. Bahadur (Arabic) means brave and strong
  22. Balavan (Indian) means very strong

  1. Baldev (Indian) means strong
  2. Balint (Latin) means strong and healthy
  3. Brian (Celtic) means a strong man
  4. Bryan (Irish) means something strong
  5. Carel (French) means a strong man
  6. Carolos (Greek) means a strong and masculine man
  7. Chacha (African) means a strong man
  8. Chale (Spanish) means masculine and strong
  9. Charles (English) means strong and masculine
  10. Chike (African) means the strength of God
  11. Comfort (Latin) means a stronger man
  12. Denim (American) means strong cloth hopefully the man strong like that cloth
  13. Dhabit (Arabic) means the strong memory
  14. Dhiren (Indian) means a strong and brave man
  15. Eagan (Irish) means a strong man
  16. Eberhard (German) means a masculine and strong man
  17. Eitan (Christian) means the strong and constant one
  18. Emmet (German) means a strong worker
  19. Ethan (Hebrew) means a strong man
  20. Everett (English) means a strong masculine
  21. Eyal (Hebrew) means the strength
  22. Ezekiel (Hebrew) means the strength of God
  23. Fergal (Irish) means the human strength
  24. Fergus (Celtic) means the strength
  25. Flannery (English) means strong like steel
  26. Gabriel (Hebrew) means God is my strength
  27. Gaylord (English) means the strength and braveness
  28. Hagan (German) means the strong defense
  29. Hamiz (Arabic) means a smart, strong, and handsome man
  30. Hamizan (Arabic) means a smart, strong, and good looking man
  31. Harith (Arabic) means a strong and diligent man
  32. Iqtidar (Arabic) means the strength and energy
  33. Ishayu (Indian) means a man with full of strength
  34. Iyad (Arabic) means the support and strength to face life
  35. Jalud (Arabic) means patient and strong
  36. Janu (Indian) means soul and the strength of life
  37. Leander (Greek) means strong like lions
  38. Li (Chinese) means the strength
  39. Mahabala (Indian) means the strength
  40. Makeen (Indian) means strong and discipline
  41. Mather (Latin) means a strong and gentle man
  42. Medwin (German) means a strong friend
  43. Muayyad (Arabic) means the winner and the stronger one
  44. Nero (Latin) means the strong one
  45. Ninad (Indian) means a strong man
  46. Obelia (Greek) means the source of the strength
  47. Oded (Christian) means a strong man
  48. Ossie (English) means the strength and miracle of God
  49. Oz (Hebrew) means the strength
  50. Ozzie (English) means the strength of God
  51. Ozzy (English) means the strength of God
  52. Plato (Greek) means strong
  53. Prabal (Indian) means strong
  54. Reginald (English) means very strong
  55. Roldan (English) means a strong and masculine man
  56. Rustam (Arabic) means a strong and brave man
  57. Sabal (Indian) means the strength
  58. Sahasya (Indian) means strong
  59. Saubal (Indian) means a strong man
  60. Subali (Indian) means a strong man
  61. Sudesh (Indian) means the stronger one, wiser, and skilful one
  62. Warrick (English) means a strong leader

  1. Zabir (Arabic) means a strong and smart leader
  2. Zenobio (Greek) means strong like Jupiter
  3. Zihni (Arabic) means the strength and cleverness
  4. Zakur (Arabic) means the strong memory

Those are some groups of baby names having strong meaning for your baby girls and baby boys. Try taking the best baby name for naming your babies. It must interpret and represent good meaning and names for your babies.