161 Names with the Meaning of “Grace” from All over the World

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

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161 Names with the Meaning of “Grace” from All over the World

Are you looking for name for your baby with the meaning of “grace”? Grace is God favor. If you name your baby with this meaning, it will show your gratitude to the favor of God that give you such lovely child and a hope that God favor will always be given upon your child.

Below are baby names with the meaning of “grace” from different countries all over the world. The total is 161 consist of 33 names of boy and 128 names of girl with grace as the meaning.

With the list below, you should not buy book to find the meaning of the names. I hope that you will find one that best for your lovely child.

Baby Boy Names with the Meaning of “Grace”

  1. Aamin (India): grace of God
  2. Aeshan (India): in God grace
  3. Anibal (Spain): grace
  4. Benhanan (Israel): son of grace
  5. Charis (Greece): grace
  6. Chieko/ 恵子(Japan): wisdom and grace
  7. Drobomil (Czech Republic): good grace
  8. Elu (America) : full of grace

  1. Esmond (English): grace, protected by God
  2. Hanan (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  3. Haniel (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  4. Hubbard (German): graceful
  5. Hulbard (German): graceful
  6. Hulbart (German): graceful
  7. Hulbert (German): graceful
  8. Huldiberaht (German): graceful
  9. Hye (Greece): gracefulness
  10. Lirit (Israel): musical grace
  11. Lukina (Slovakia): graceful and bright
  12. Lutfi (Arabia): grace
  13. MacRae (Scottish): son of grace
  14. MacRay (Scottish): son of grace
  15. Nann (France): grace, favor

  1. Nay (Arabia): grace and highness
  2. Nayef (Arabia): grace and highness
  3. Nimat (Africa): blessing grace
  4. Prasad (India): living with grace
  5. Quinian (Irish): graceful
  6. Rae (Scottish): grace
  7. Rahimat (Arabia): grace
  8. Ray (Scottish): grace
  9. Sulalit (India): one who possess grace
  10. Virajith (India): shiny grace

Baby Girl Names with the Meaning of “Grace”

  1. Abriana (Italy): mother of grace
  2. Ana (Spain): grace
  3. Anabelle (Latin-America): beautiful grace
  4. Anais (Hebrew): grace
  5. Anci (Hungary): graceful
  6. Anechka (Russia): grace
  7. Anice (Scotland): grace
  8. Annelli (Finland): favor grace
  9. Annike (Sweden): grace
  10. Apain (Basque): graceful
  11. Arete (Greece): graceful lovely
  12. Bethanna (Arabia): house of god grace
  13. Caylee (America): graceful and peaceful
  14. Chan (China): graceful
  15. Charisse (France): grace, beauty
  16. Cyanne (England): graceful
  17. Duyen (Vietnam): charm and grace
  18. Eithne (Irish): graceful, ardent
  19. Engracia (Spain): graceful
  20. Ethna (Irish): graceful

  1. Gazelle (Latin America): graceful
  2. Gloriana (English): glorious grace
  3. Gracelynn (German): graceful as waterfall
  4. Graciana (Spain): grace
  5. Gracie (English, Irish, American): grace
  6. Gracience (Latin America): grace
  7. Gracinha (Latin America): grace
  8. Gradana (Latin America): grace
  9. Grainne (Gaelic): grace
  10. Gratia (Italy): grace
  11. Gratiana (Italy): grace
  12. Grazina (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  13. Grazyna (Hebrew, Israel): grace

  1. Gricie (English): grace
  2. Hae/해 (Korean): grace
  3. Hajna (Hungary): grace
  4. Hannah (Hebrew, English, Biblical): grace, favor
  5. Hanne (Scandinavia): grace
  6. Hannela (Hebrew, Israel):grace
  7. Havily (America): grace of God
  8. Hei/혜 (Korean): grace
  9. Henadad (Israel): grace of the beloved
  10. Hye (Greece): gracefulness
  11. Ingelise (Denmark): grace
  12. Ionanna (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  13. Jamila (African-America): graceful
  14. Jarmila (Slovakia): the grace of spring
  15. Jodie (Israel): grace of God
  16. Jodayne (Israel): grace of God
  17. Jehohanan (Israel): grace, mercy
  18. Kaiyah (Israel): full of grace
  19. Karis (Greece): graceful
  20. Karissa (Greece): grace, love
  21. Keavy (Irish): graceful
  22. Keyanna (America): living with grace
  23. Krupa (India): grace favor
  24. Laranya (India): graceful
  25. Lavanya (India): graceful
  26. Leane (Irish, English): graceful willow
  27. Li-Na (China): one who has beauty and grace
  28. Lilliana (English): graceful lily
  29. Linette (Celtic): grace
  30. Linnette (Irish): grace
  31. Lirit (Israel): musical grace
  32. Luana (German): graceful maiden
  33. Luane (German): graceful maiden
  34. Lucia (Italy): graceful, light
  35. Luciana (Italy): graceful, light
  36. Lucilla (Italy): graceful, light
  37. Lucina (Italy): graceful, light
  38. Lucetta (Italy): graceful, light
  39. Lucinda (Italy): graceful, light

  1. Ludkhannah (German): graceful maiden
  2. Lukina (Slovakia): graceful and bright
  3. Lutfiyah (Arabia): graceful, elegant
  4. Maliha (Arabia): graceful, beautiful
  5. Marcsa (Hungary): grace, bitter
  6. Martuska (Hungary): grace, bitter
  7. Maysa (Arabia): graceful
  8. Mei-Xiu (China): grace and beauty
  9. Mettalise (Denmark): graceful pearl
  10. Michie (Japan): gracefully dropping flower
  11. Mignon (France): graceful, delicate
  12. Miyana (Japan): peaceful temple of grace
  13. Nainsi (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  14. Nancey (English, France): grace, favor
  15. Nancie (English, France): grace, favor
  16. Nancy (English): grace
  17. Nanelia (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  18. Nanette (France, English, Hebrew): grace, favor
  19. Nann (English, France): grace, favor
  20. Nannie (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  21. Nanny (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  22. Nanon (France): grace, favor
  23. Nin (Hebrew, Israel): grace
  24. Ninacska (Hebrew, Israel); grace
  25. Ninette (France): grace
  26. Ninockha (Russia): grace
  27. Nita (Hebrew): grace
  28. Nusa (Hungary): grace
  29. Nyura (Croatia): graceful
  30. Ona (Hebrew): graceful
  31. Onit (Hebrew, Israel): graceful
  32. Quiana (America): living with grace
  33. Rexanna (Latin America): royal grace

  1. Rosana (Hebrew, Israel, English): graceful rose
  2. Rosanne (Hebrew, English, Latin America): graceful rose
  3. Roseanne (English): graceful rose
  4. Roseann (America): graceful rose
  5. Rowanne (America): graceful
  6. Roxanne (Latin America): graceful rose
  7. Rue (Greece): herb or grace
  8. Saranna (English): grace, favor, princess
  9. Susannah (Hebrew): graceful lily
  10. Suzanne (Hebrew): graceful lily
  11. Suzette (Hebrew): graceful lily
  12. Tabitha (Hebrew): grace, beauty
  13. Ting (China): graceful, slim
  14. Vanka (Russia): graceful
  15. Vanni (Italy): grace
  16. Waseeme (Africa): grace
  17. Wasima (Arabia): graceful, pretty
  18. Wasime (Africa): graceful, pretty
  19. Willlow (English): graceful, slender
  20. Xiu (Chinese): graceful
  21. Zarifa (Arabia): move with grace
  22. Zi (China): graceful, beautiful
  23. Zuza (Czech-Republic): graceful lily

Those are the names with “grace” as the meaning behind it for boys and girls. You can pick one of them and then combine it with another beautiful name and your family name. You can also pick more than one and combine them to create meaningful name for your children. I hope it give you favor in choosing the best name for your baby.