15 Beautiful and Meaningful African Baby Names

Last Updated: 19 Aug 2016
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Giving a name is like giving a prayer. When someone makes a prayer, for themselves or anyone, the best ones are given, in order to make everything better, living in hopes and wishes, and hard works at the same time. The same case when a baby is born; parents are surely excited to welcome new member of their family, giving it a name and making it the best one so the baby will grow like what they plan before. But who knows, right? People with gratefulness and happiness are those who trust the Highest Creator and believe over things they don’t have power at.

Yet, everyone can wish upon something. Something inside the name sometimes gives a tingling feeling, sometimes they don’t believe that the baby is theirs. But that is true. In this article, you are going to be spoilt rotten and be shown African names arrangement, with the best meaning and hope. The names listed below are of course, fluid, for every parents can match and mix them with another pair and chain. African names are mostly originally from Arabic. Though they have difference, but the similarity still can be seen. Find your baby’s and call it with the best names.

1 . Ode Zoya (Girl): a girl who is born on the road, or during a travel, which can give strength to their parents, and faith to hold, and the one who is able to gain more love in other people’s heart just by their presence.

  • Ode: Means someone, a girl in this context, who is born on the road.
  • Zoya: Means a bargain of love

2 . Asha Imani (Girl): a girl who is lively, and is someone who gives lives in not a literal meaning, and the one who has strong faith, making everyone surround her proud and grateful.

  • Asha: Means lively, woman, and life; Asha is also the variant of Aisha
  • Imani: Means faith

3 . Ada Amina (Girl): a first daughter who can bring happiness into a new life, the one who is also full of trustworthy.

  • Ada: Means the first daughter, in English version, this one means prosperous and joyous
  • Amina: Means trustworthy, originally from Swahili

4 . Taj Shaka (Boy): a boy who is exalted, the one who can be a king because of the crown he has, the king he is.

  • Taj: Means exalted, is also originally from Sanskrit
  • Shaka: Means a leader, is also commonly used by Hindi

5 . Issa Omari (Boy): a boy who believes that God is salvation, simply because he puts his trust in God, and believes that God is the highest

  • Issa: Means God is salvation
  • Omari: Means believing God as the Highest

6 . Zain Kellan (Boy): a boy who is like a flower, nourished, and flourished, but at the same time, he is also powerful. Like two different personalities, both are balanced and perfectly matched.

  • Zain: Means like a flower, beautiful and flourishing
  • Kellan: Means powerful, is also taken from Swahili

7 . Oni Nailah (Girl): a girl who is born in holy place called Yorba, is also known as a sacred and blessed place, will be the one who is successful in the future.

  • Oni: Means born on holy place
  • Nailah: Means successful, is also commonly used and known as an Egyptian name

8 . Tale Sabra (Girl): a girl who loves peace and nature, because of her fond in green, she is also blessed with patience huge heart.

  • Tale: Means green, is commonly associated with peace and nature
  • Sabra: Means patience, is originally taken from Arabic (Sabr)

9 . Amai Latrice (Girl): a girl who is motherly, believes that everything is going to be alright, and that makes her the best woman, the one who is also called as noble.

  • Amai: Means mother, language also spoken in Zimbabwe
  • Latrice: Means noble woman

10 . Kofi Jabari (Boy): a boy who is born on good day, Friday that is, and is the one who brave and fearless.

  • Kofi: Means born on Friday
  • Jabari: Means fearless and brave

11 . Abiola Amarey: a boy who is born in wealth, and is also the one who has great strength to do good for the people surround him.

  • Abiola: Means born in wealth
  • Amarey: Means the one who possesses great strength, and is the variation of Amar

12 . Mosi Naiser (Boy): a boy who can be a protector of his clans, the one who is also the founder, and is the one who born first.

  • Mosi: Means born first
  • Naiser: Means the founder and protector of clans

13 . Adana Bahati (Girl): a girl who is the daughter of her father, the one who creates pride and joy in her family, simply because she is born so lucky.

  • Adana: Means the father’s daughter
  • Bahati: Means lucky or fortunate, is also known as Swahili name

14 . Lehana Mandisa (Girl): a girl who is insistent in a good sense, and is the one who brings happiness and sweetness.

  • Lehana: Means the one who refuses (in a positive sense)
  • Mandisa: Means sweetness, is also originally from Egypt

15 . Nichelle Nakeisha (Girl): a girl who is victorious and knows how to state the life like it is her life, simply living to the fullest, helping people like there is no tomorrow.

  • Nichelle: Means victorious
  • Nakeisha: Means her life; also can be used as a philosophy of life she owns and stands for

The fifteen names of African babies above are all beautiful. The arrangement is arranged according to the goodness of vowel and pronunciation. One can also mx and match, and is clicked with the meaning, referred to the religious matter as well. In the list above, it can be seen that most of the names given are originally from Swahili, Egyptian, and Arabic. Then, it covers almost all common religions in the world (Islam, Christian, and Jewish) which came from one actual ancestor. However, make sure that every syllable and meaning gives another life to the baby of yours. Enjoy choosing one, enjoy becoming parents, and enjoy growing one up and wishing them the best of life.