140 Best Baby Names for Calm Meaning

Last Updated: 06 Sep 2016


A Baby Boy Looks Calm

Finding appropriate baby names is rather difficult to do. You have to take the best name to represent your baby. There are some series of baby names that you can take. You can find out baby names composed by Japanese, Hebrew, English, American, Arabic, Latin, and the other different languages. One of the unique meanings for baby names is quiet. The baby name with quiet meaning is possibly given for baby girls and baby boys.

Though there are some baby names with quiet meaning, it is better to select it carefully. It should not be taken randomly. If you have an appropriate name for your babies, it is not wrong to find the meaning in details. It is likely happened for baby names with quiet meaning. There possibly have the other names from different languages. It is important to pick out the name with good meaning to represent your babies.

Baby Girl Names for Calm Meaning

  1. Ka 카(Korean) means quiet, calm, godly, and holy.
  2. Kiyoshi清(Japan) means a calm child.
  3. Nilaya (Indian) calm, quiet, and a residence.
  4. Shoumo (Indian) means calm and love learning.
  5. Armani (Hungarian) means silent, secret, calm.
  6. Graffiello (English) means calm.
  7. Hisoka (Japan) means calm.
  8. Kyoshi 虚子(Japan) means calm.
  9. Sike (Indian) means staying calmly at home.
  10. Tacio (Latin) means calm.
  11. Titan (Latin) means calm.
  12. Doireann (Irish) means calm.
  13. Abequa (Indian) means staying calmly in the house.
  14. Ballari (Indian) means walking quietly and calmly.
  15. Diamanta (French) means calm like a diamond.
  16. Diamond (English) means an amazingly calm precious stone.
  17. Penney (Greek) means a calm worker.

  1. Pennie (Greek) means a calm worker.
  2. Penny (Greek) means a calm worker.
  3. Tacey (English) means calm, quiet, and positive thinking.
  4. Shysie (Latin) means a calm child.
  5. Jodie (Hebrew) means a calm girl, praises, and a strong girl.
  6. Ayameあやめ(Japan) means having a calm feature.
  7. Fatima (Arabic) means a girl who is calm, kind-hearted, loyal, religious, and the daughter of Muhammad Prophet.
  8. Fatimah (Arabic) means gentle, kind-hearted, and calm.
  9. Laqueta (African) means the calm one.
  10. Fatim (Arabic) means a girl who is soft, smooth, calm, and quiet.
  11. Ruruh (Indonesian) means a girl who is calm and smooth.
  12. Viella (Irish) means calm.
  13. Tacita (Latin) means calm.
  14. Veily (Irish) means calm and quiet.
  15. Viela (Irish) means calm and quiet.
  16. Hien (Vietnamese) means fun, calm, quiet, and calm.
  17. Tracey (English) means a woman who is kind-hearted, generous, calm, quiet, and enthusiastic.
  18. Eloise (French) means the wife of Peter Abelard being the expert of religion and philosophy. She got married secretly.
  19. Gracetian (American) means an elegant, calm, and quiet man.
  20. Myleigha Sirenn (Hawaiian) means peaceful and calm.
  21. Rena (Greek) means peaceful, calm, and quiet.
  22. Wadi’ah (Islamic) means the calm and positive one.
  23. Kealaina (Hawaiian) means great, quiet and calm.
  24. Geyna (African) means calm, quiet, and having aura. She loves giving gifts, generous, and lovable..
  25. Alvena (American) means a precious and wise friend.
  26. Fahmida (Arabic) means clever, smart, wise, calm, and quiet.
  27. Safiya (African) means pure, wise, quiet, and calm.
  28. Alvina (Christian) means a wise and calm friend.
  29. Gefanda (Scandinavian) means smart, wise, calm, and quiet.
  30. Hakimah (Arabic) means wise, calm, and quiet.
  31. Palixena (Greek) means a girl who is kind-hearted, wise, calm, quiet, silent, and enthusiastic.
  32. Alvena (English) means a noble, wise, and calm friend.
  33. Faheema (Arabic) means smart, wise, and calm.
  34. Safiyeh (African) means sincere, calm, wise, and kind-hearted.
  35. Arindra (Sanskrit) means wise, calm, and quiet.
  36. Eutimia (Spanish) means kind-hearted, wise, and calm.
  37. Quinn (German) means smart, clever, wise, and calm.
  38. Tomoko (Japan) means a girl who is friendly, wise, calm, and silent.
  39. Penelope (Christian) means a calm girl. She is unique, strong, enthusiastic, communicative, smart, open minded, adventurous, and leadership soul.
  40. Ding (Chinese) means calm and stable.
  41. Galen (Greek) means calm, guiding, and silent.
  42. Kaiolohia (Hawaiian) a calm sea and peaceful mind.
  43. Lana (Irish) means interesting, attractive, calm, and silent.
  44. Nalani (Hawaiian) means calm paradise.
  45. Quinterie (Latin) means calm.
  46. Nene (Japan) means she is calm and peaceful.
  47. Saatvika (Indian) means calm.
  48. Reena (Greek) means peaceful and calm.

  1. Salama (Arabic) means a girl who always feels calm, peaceful and silent.
  2. Salome (Hebrew) means peaceful and calm.
  3. Samita (Indian) means calm.
  4. Shamitha (Indian) means she is calm, discipline, and silent.
  5. Sulamita (Hebrew) means a calm woman and gentle.
  6. Tranquila (Spanish) means calm, silent, and quiet.
  7. Tullia (Irish) means calm, peaceful, and quiet.
  8. Umeno 梅野(Japan) means beautiful and calm.
  9. Yasu 野洲(Japan) means gentle, calm, and quiet.
  10. Yong 勇(Chinese) means calm and silent.

Baby Boy Names for Calm Meaning

  1. Hisoki (Japan) means calmly and secretly.
  2. Zalman (Latin) means calm and quiet.
  3. Graffiello (English) means calm.
  4. Hisoka (Japan) means calm and quiet.
  5. Kiyoshi (Japan) means the calm one.
  6. Sike (Indian) means the person who is calmly staying at home.
  7. Tacio (Latin) means calm.
  8. Titan (Latin) means calm and quiet.
  9. Aggashe (Sanskrit) means silent and calm.
  10. Aghosh (Sanskrit) means silent, calm, and quiet.
  11. Graffiello (English) means the calm and silent one.
  12. Sushant (Sanskrit) means silent and calm.
  13. Placido (Latin) means calm, silent, and quiet.
  14. Gupi (Indonesian) means touching silently.
  15. Noe (French) means the comfort in calmness and silence.
  16. Stille (Dutch) means silent and calm.
  17. Xola (African) means calm and silent in peace.
  18. Mojag (Indian) means it never gets silent and calm.
  19. Shamit (Islamic) means the calm and silent one in which he does not talk more.
  20. Sike (Indian) means the silent and calm one at home.
  21. Tacito (Portuguese) means silent, no sounds, and calm.
  22. Vidar (Scandinavian) means a calm god having great power and authority.
  23. Isham (Islamic) means a man who is kind-hearted, careful, interesting, caring, smart and adventurous. He is happily staying at home and hard worker.
  24. Kuhlbert (German) means calm, quiet, and bright.

  1. Lianリアン (Chinese) means calm, quiet, reasonable, and logical.
  2. Salim (Arabic) means protected by God, calm, and quiet.
  3. Yasuhiro康弘 (Japan) means a man who is calm, silent, and careful. He is regarded by many people.
  4. Damiean (English) means calm, quiet, and kind-hearted.
  5. Cony (English) means a strong and wise man that can run the life.
  6. Raimondo (Italian) means wise, sensible, calm, silent, and quiet.
  7. Riond (Italian) means the man who is wise, sensible, and calm.
  8. Seanan (Irish) means the small, wise, and calm one.
  9. Senan (Irish) means the small and wise one.
  10. Alman (Islamic) means good, enthusiastic, wise, calm, and quiet.
  11. Alvaronizam (Islamic) means a wise, calm, and fair leader.
  12. Pandya (Sanskrit) means a holy, wise, and calm person.
  13. Alan (Irish) means handsome, calm, and silent.
  14. Allambee (Australian) means a silent and calm place.
  15. An (Chinese) means peaceful, calm, and silent.
  16. Benjiro (Japan) means enjoying peace, calmness, and silence.
  17. Erhard (German) means strong, calm, and silent.
  18. Erin (Irish) means peaceful, calm, and silent.
  19. Eustace (Latin) means stable, strong, calm, and silent.
  20. Galen (Latin) means calm, silent, and peaceful.
  21. Langundo (American) means peaceful and calm.
  22. Linfred (German) means calm, peaceful, and silent.
  23. Noah (Hebrew) means peaceful, calm, and silent.
  24. Noe (Spanish) means peaceful, calm, and quiet.
  25. Pax (Latin) means calm, silent, and peaceful.
  26. Paxton (Latin) means a calm and silent city.
  27. Placido (Spanish) means silent, calm, and peaceful.
  28. Salim (Arabic) means calm, peaceful, and silent.

  1. Sereno (Latin) means calm, silent, and quiet.
  2. Solomon (Christian) means calm and silent.
  3. Stillman (English) means peaceful and calm.
  4. Tanton (English) means a city near to the calm river.
  5. Yasuo 康夫(Japan) means peaceful, calm, and silent.
  6. Razzani (Arabic) means the silent and calm one.
  7. Wadi (Arabic) means the calm one.
  8. Zuher (Islamic) means a small peaceful and calm flower.
  9. Zuhair (Islamic) means a calm face.
  10. Kai-Olohia (Hawaiian) means calm sea and peaceful mind.
  11. Tamtun (English) means calm river.
  12. Renfrew (Walsh) means calm quiet river dwellers.
  13. Hototo (Indian) means a calm soldier who love singing.