139 Best Names Meaning Light for Baby Boy and Girl

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2016


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Finding a name for your beloved baby is not easy to do. It is more than just a name with a good meaning but also a name which unique and easy to pronounce. Light can be a good meaning for the name of your baby. It hopes that your baby become a light in your family. It will be good if you check our collection best names for your baby meaning light. The list of the name here is taken from different countries or idiom. Just combine it to produce a good and unique name for your beloved baby. The best part to take the name below is that you don’t have to go out only for buying book which contains of name for baby.

From the list below you can also know which one of the name is for baby boy and which one is for baby girl. Light is a good meaning. You can make a hope that in the future, your baby will be a light for the family. They will be brilliant and bright in their career and their relationship. It is also good if you give a name with light from God because it seems that your baby will be protected and guided by God in the rest of their life. Light means one and you can use this type of name for your first baby born. You don’t need to worry because here, there are two lists whether names for baby boy and names for baby girl. All the names mention here mean light.   

The List of Name for Baby Boy Meaning Light

  1. Alvin (Germany): light skinned
  2. Aabha (Indian): light
  3. Arell (Hebrew): light
  4. Aaron (Hebrew): enlightened
  5. Abner (Israeli): father of light
  6. Aloke (Indian): light
  7. Achic (Quechua): glowing, sparkling, shinning
  8. Amandeep (Punjab): light of peacefulness
  9. Angilberto (Teutonik): He who is glowing with the power of God
  10. Anwar (Arabic): light
  11. Ambert (Germany): bright light, shinning light
  12. Bert (Germany, England): bright, glowing
  13. Bhaskar (India): provider of light
  14. Chuquilla (Quechua): bright light, gold light
  15. Cuminao (Mapuche): light scarlet, the last spark of the sun
  16. Cumya (Quechua): glowing
  17. Dip (Sanskrit): light
  18. Dritan (Albania): light
  19. Etu (America): bright, full of light of the sun
  20. Elior (Hebrew): light from the God
  21. Gagandeep (Sikh): light from the sky
  22. Guiuyac (Quechua): glowing, sparkling, bright/brilliant
  23. Gurjot (Sikh): the light from a teacher
  24. Jyvyn (Africa): light spirit
  25. Konane (Hawaii): the bright light of the moon
  26. Leor (Hebrew): my light
  27. Liuz (Poland): light
  28. Lucius (Latin): light, light bearer
  29. Lukan (Basque): light
  30. Moswen (Africa): colorful light
  31. Manar (Arabic): beam light
  32. Misbah (Africa): the light of lamp
  33. Menyhert (Hungarian): royal light
  34. Nelek (Poland): colorful light
  35. Navtej (Hindi): light
  36. Ori (Hebrew): my light
  37. Oran (Gaelic): light
  38. Omeet (Hebrew): my light
  39. Probert (America): ray of light
  40. Roshaun (Afro America): bright light, bright/brilliant
  41. Siraj (Arabic): light, beam
  42. Uriah (Hebrew): the light of my life
  43. Uriel (Hebrew): God is the light of my life
  44. Udup (India): the light of the moon
  45. Zain (Hindi): light
  46. Zohar (Hebrew): bright light
  47. Zuhayr (Arabic): bright/brilliant, glowing
  48. Xhaiden (America): beam of cleansing light

The List of Name of Baby Girl Meaning Light

  1. Ali-Rum or Alli-Leom 알리 – 럼 (Korea): the light of torch
  2. Akiko or あきこ, アキコ (Japanese): sparkle, bright
  3. Amandeep (Punjab): peaceful light
  4. Amritrashmi (India): light of the moon
  5. Arunima (India): the red glow of dawn
  6. Atmikha (India): the light of God
  7. Bertina (England): bright, light
  8. Chandini, Chandrabha, Chandrajyoti, Chandrakanti (India): the light of the moon
  9. Chantrea (Cambodia): the light of the moon
  10. Deepa, Deepal (India): light
  11. Deepaprabba (India): the light of lamp
  12. Deepjyoti (India): the light of lamp
  13. Deepta (India): glowing, sparkling, bright, flaming
  14. Deepti (India): full of light
  15. Deeptikana (India): beam of light
  16. Deng 等 (Chinese): light
  17. Divyata (India): the light of the God
  18. Dyuti (India): light
  19. Eleanor (Greek): light
  20. Eleora (Hebrew): God is the light of my life
  21. Eta (India): glowing, sparkling
  22. Filza (India): light
  23. Gagandeep (Sikh): the light from the sky
  24. Guang 光 (China): light, glowing
  25. Haala (India): the circle of bright light from a holy man
  26. Helen (Greek): bright light
  27. Hemprabha (India): golden light
  28. Inina (Chuukese): warm light
  29. Izna (India): light
  30. Jayaprabha (India): the light of winning
  31. Jjong (Chinese): glowing
  32. Jyothi, Jyotika (India): light
  33. Jyoti (India): light, bright/brilliant
  34. Jyotishmati (India): glowing, bright, sparkling
  35. Kanchanprabha (India): the golden light
  36. Kanti (India): light
  37. Kashvi (India): glowing
  38. Kira (Latin): light
  39. Kiran (Hindi): light
  40. Kushi (India): glowing
  41. Lara (Latin): bright/famous, glowing
  42. Leora (Hebrew): light
  43. Levina (Latin): beam of light
  44. Lina (Greek): light
  45. Liora (Hebrew): light
  46. Lucerna (Latin): the light of lamp, the circle of light
  47. Lucy (Latin): light, the light bearer
  48. Luz (Spain): light
  49. Lesedi (Africa): light
  50. Luz (Religion): our light (for woman)
  51. Malana (Hawaii): light
  52. Malati (India): the light of the moon
  53. Malti (India): the light of the moon
  54. Manaar (India): the light guidance
  55. Manar (Arabic): the light guidance
  56. Marisol (Spain): glowing sea
  57. Meira (Hebrew): light
  58. Ming 明 (Chinese): glowing, light of the future
  59. Muneera (India): sparkling, glowing
  60. Munira (Arabic): the source of light
  61. Navdeep (Sikh): new light
  62. Neeru (India): light
  63. Nirel (Hebrew): the light from the God
  64. Noga (Hebrew): the morning light
  65. Nora (Greek): light
  66. Nova (Astronomy): the light from a star which produce positive energy
  67. Nura (Aramaik): light
  68. Nuria (Aramaik): the light from the God
  69. Orli (Hebrew) light
  70. Pardeep (Sikh): mystical light
  71. Prabha (India): light
  72. Prabhjot (Sikh): the light from the God
  73. Ratnajyoti (India): the light from a pearl
  74. Ratnajyouti (India): a glowing jewel
  75. Ratnaprabha (India): the light from a pearl, the light which spread the world
  76. Rishima (India): the light of the moon
  77. Roshan (Sanskrit): brighter light
  78. Ruchika (India): glowing, sparkling
  79. Satin (French): warm light
  80. Saumyi (India): the light of the moon
  81. Shaiming (Chinese): the light of the sun
  82. Shashiprabha (India): the light of the moon
  83. Shera (America): light
  84. Shobhna (India): glowing, beautiful sparkling
  85. Shula (Arabic): bright, glowing
  86. Solana (Spain): the light of the sun
  87. Svetlana (Russia): bright light
  88. Xia 夏 (Chinese): the light of sunrise or sunset
  89. Yeira (Hebrew): light
  90. Zia (Arabic): light
  91. Zohat (Hebrew): glowing

Now, you have a lot of references for your beloved baby. You can combine those names above so your baby can have a complete and unique along with good of meaning. The best part is that finally you can give your baby whether it is baby boy or girl with name meaning light. Moreover, you can also know that light is not only name for baby boy. In fact, several names written on the list above are a name for baby girl. Some of the names above are unique and sound unfamiliar especially if you are using it in different country. It hopes that this article especially the list of name for baby meaning light above helps you to make a beautiful as well as meaningful name for your beloved baby. It is also possible for you to give this reference to your friends who also confuse to make a name for their baby and you think that they love to give a name for their baby meaning light.

It is up to you whether you want to have a bright or glowing baby which means a good wish for their future. It hopes that they can also be a light for their surrounding that makes everybody happy when they get close with your beloved son or daughter. Just start choosing several names from the list mention above. Then classify the possible name which is your favorite name. Later, you can choose the best name and combine it with 2 more words. The last thing to do is giving the name to the baby and showing it to the family and friends. You have to be happy because finally you got a light in your beloved family.