134 Best Names with Meaning Knight or Warrior for Your Baby Boy

Last Updated: 06 Oct 2016
Knight, sword
Baby boy with his knight uniform

A baby who comes into your life will surely bring happiness because the baby is a gift given by God to man. You would have to prepare a lot of things to welcome the birth of your baby. One of the preparations made by the young parents is looking for a name for their baby.

Naming the baby is very important and it is the duty of all parents. You may not give a name at the origin or the ugly name for your baby. The name is a sign or characteristic that can be recognized by others. The essence of the provision of a name is that these children could be recognized and honored. Therefore, give the child's name is mandatory. If the child does not have a name, then he will not be recognized by others in the vicinity.

Perhaps you are confused to find the name of the thousands of names on the list of magazines, websites, and more. Actually, you can name your baby boy of the name of the grandfather, husband or your father. This name is called by the family name and the first name that you can take from a roster of the best that have been mentioned above. You can also give a name to your child by taking the name of the famous character that you like, religious leaders, musicians, artists, sports figures, and so forth. Moreover, the name can also be taken from the place that you really like. The names are very appropriate for your child because it reminds you with people you admire and amazing places you will ever visit.

Currently looking for a baby name is much easier because there are various websites that provide baby names that are very nice and as you want. There are many names were written on the internet. The names are derived from a variety of languages and have a good sense. The name is a prayer for the child. If you give a good name, then your child will always be filled with good expectations.

All parents want names that are good for their children so below is a list of the best names for baby boys that have meaning warrior or knight.  Selection of baby name means warrior is more suitable for boys. Giving your baby's name to mean knight or warrior is a very appropriate choice for your baby can grow up to be like the story of brave fighters who had defeated the enemy on the battlefield. In the future your children can grow and brave against fear that he faces.

The Best Baby Boy Names that Have Meaning Warrior or Knight

  1. Abrafo means warrior (Ghana).
  2. Achiyarshu means great fighters (Babylonia).
  3. Achasverosh means great warrior (Hebrew)
  4. Alois meaning famous warrior (Germany).
  5. Andreas means warrior, male (Greece).
  6. Andrew meaning fighters, male (English).
  7. Aloys meaning famous warrior (France).
  8. Aloysius meaning famous warrior (Latin).
  9. Alvar means warrior elf (Anglo-Saxon).
  10. Alvise meaning famous warrior (Italy).
  11. Alyosha meaning famous warrior (Russia).
  12. Anaru means warrior (Maori).
  13. Ander means warrior (Basque).
  14. Andor means warrior, male (Hungary).
  15. Andras means warrior, male (Welsh).
  16. Andrei meaning fighters, male (Russia).
  17. Andres means warrior, male (Spain).
  18. Andro means warrior, male (Krosia).
  19. Andri means warrior, male (Ukraine).
  20. Andronicus means fighters who were victorious (Byzantium).
  21. Andrus means warrior, male (Estonia).
  22. Andy meaning warrior (small form of "Andrew").
  23. Antero means warrior, male (Finland).
  24. Ardeshir means great fighters (Persian).
  25. Arluin means noble warrior (Normandy).
  26. Armel means warrior prince (France).
  27. Armin means army (German).
  28. Aroldo meaning chefs warrior (Italy).
  29. Artasharta means leader and great fighter (Persian).
  30. Baghatur means warrior (Mongolia).
  31. Bagatyr means warrior (Bulgaria).
  32. Bahadur means warrior (Hindi).
  33. Bator means warrior (Hungary).
  34. Batur means warrior (Turkey).
  35. Bojan means warrior (Slovenia).
  36. Cahir means warrior (Gaelic).
  37. Cahal means fighting leader (Gaelic).
  38. Catigern means a combat commander (British).
  39. Cedric means war leader (Anglo-Saxon).
  40. Chad means fighting leader (Anglo-Saxon).
  41. Chester means legions of war (British).
  42. Cheveyo means spirit warrior (Hopi Indian tribes).
  43. Chien means warrior (Vietnam).
  44. Clothar means fighters thundered (Germany).
  45. Clohtharius means warrior (latin).
  46. Cibor means fighters who fought for honor (Poland).
  47. Clovis meaning famous warrior (France).
  48. Red means warrior Clancy (Ireland).
  49. Clancey means red warrior (British).
  50. Conla means individual fighter (Ireland).
  51. Cillin means smaller fighters (Ireland).
  52. Dalibor means combatants fighting in the distance (Republic).
  53. Demonstrate means that the people's army (Greece).
  54. Denis meaning bronze knight (Ireland).
  55. Dieter means warrior people (Germany).
  56. Duncan means knight bronze (Scotland).
  57. Duilius means war fighters (Roman).
  58. Dries means fighters (Netherlands).
  59. Einar means knight who fought alone (Viking).
  60. Earl means warrior nobility (English).
  61. Ernest means combatants fighting it out (English).
  62. Enre means warrior (Latin).
  63. Ermano means fighters and soldiers (German).
  64. Ernesto means fighters who fought to the bitter end (Spain).
  65. Ernust means fighters who fought to the bitter end (Germany).
  66. Erno means fighters who fought to the bitter end (Finland).
  67. Euderyn means fighting leader (Celtic).
  68. Flanchadh means red warrior (Gaelic).
  69. Gideon means tough fighter (Hebrew).
  70. Gianluigi means God bless the warrior (Italy).
  71. Gonzalo means warrior war strategy (Spain).
  72. Goncalves means knight war strategy (Portuguese).
  73. Gunnar means knight (Viking).
  74. Gualtiero means leader legions (Roman).
  75. Gundisalv means knight war strategy (Visigoths).
  76. Gunther means knight (Germany).
  77. Gurganus means ferocious fighters (Welsh).
  78. Harold Knight means war leaders (Germany).
  79. Herbert means great knights and soldiers (German).
  80. Haraldur means war leader (Viking).
  81. Harbin means a great army (Ireland).
  82. Harlin means noble knight (British).
  83. Harvey means a great fighter in the battle (English).
  84. Helushka means warrior (Winnebago Indian Tribe).
  85. Herbertus means a great army (Latin).
  86. Herluin means noble knights (Normandy).
  87. Herman means the soldiers (German).
  88. Herrick means the power of a fighter (Germany).
  89. Hondo meaning fighters (Egypt).
  90. Igor means knight archer (Russia).
  91. Junaidi means ksatriakecil (Arabic).
  92. Kalistratos means knight fighting with a beautiful (Greece).
  93. Kamau means silent knight (Kenya).
  94. Killian means small fighter (English).
  95. Koldo meaning famous warrior (Basque).
  96. Lewis meaning famous warrior (British).
  97. Louis meaning famous warrior (France).
  98. Luidwig meaning famous warrior (Germany).
  99. Lodewijk means famous warrior (Netherlands).
  100. Lothar means fighters thundered (Germany).
  101. Luther means warrior people (Germany).
  102. Ludo meaning famous warrior (Latin).
  103. Luiz meaning famous warrior (Spain).
  104. Lysimachus means freedom fighters (Greece).
  105. Mardig means warrior (Armenia).
  106. Murray means sea warrior (Scotland).
  107. Murdock does it mean sea warrior (Gaelic).
  108. Sea warrior Murphy (Ireland).
  109. Nero means wise knight (Roman).
  110. Nolan means knights champions (Ireland).
  111. Nikostratos means knight who wins (Greece).
  112. Oliver meaning elf army (British).
  113. Olivier means elf army (French).
  114. Ormarr means knight snake (Viking).
  115. Perseus means deadly fighters (Ancient Greek).
  116. Ptolemaus means aggressive fighter (Greece).
  117. Ragnar means warrior wise (Viking).
  118. Rainier means warrior wise (France).
  119. Rainer meaning wise warrior (Germany).
  120. Wolter means knight warlords (Germany).
  121. Wyatt means warrior in the war (English).
  122. Walter means knight warlords (English).
  123. Abimayu means fearless warrior (Sanskrit).
  124. Aditya means the knights are clever and wise (Sanskrit).
  125. Adhikari means special knight (Sanskrit).
  126. Ararya means class warrior (Sanskrit).
  127. Balin means warrior honor (Sanskrit).
  128. Bhadrika means brave warrior (Sanskrit).
  129. Bramanty means war warrior (Sanskrit).
  130. Satriaji means valuable knight (Indonesia).
  131. Satriyo means valuable knight (Java).
  132. Satrio means knight (Java).
  133. Attar means brave in battle, knights (Arabic).
  134. Faris means horseman, knight (Arabic).

That the names for your baby boy who has the meaning warrior or fighter. These names might be on before your baby boy is born into the world. The names of these can be combined into a series of beautiful and good name. Instead, you should look for the name long before your child is born. In the past you may still find a name by buying books at the bookstore but now you just need to open the phone or computer to view the list of names that are best for your baby boy. If you select a name from a list, then the name of your child will have a meaningful sense but also easy to remember.