122 Best Baby Names Having Cheerful Meanings

Last Updated: 03 Sep 2016


Cheerful Baby

Giving baby names should be considered carefully. It should represent positive impression and meaning for your baby. It is able to convey beautifully cute meaning and series of name making you proud of the baby name. Are you finding baby names with cheerful meanings for both baby girls and boys? You do not get confused on finding and choosing the best appropriate name for your baby. You just take it and grasp the meaning of the name. Then, you select the best one. You may also see a list and collection of baby names having cheerful meanings to inspire you. The baby names have similar meanings to cheerful, cheerfulness, and bring the cheerfulness.

If you bought a book of baby names, it currently tends to be easy in which you only search in internet to find the collection of baby names. You can get the inspiration of beautiful baby names with cheerful meanings from different languages in internet. There are a wide of options to seek inspirations of baby names with cheerful meaning. Some media are possibly taken to compose the beautiful baby name for boys and girls. These are some inspiringly beautiful baby names for both baby girls and baby boys.

Baby Names of Cheerful Meanings for Baby Boys

  1. Keiji (Japan) means cheerful and leading peacefully
  2. Keizi (Japan) means cheerful and leading peacefully
  3. Sunny (English) means cheerful
  4. Tatum (English) means enthusiastic and cheerful
  5. Bahij (Islamica) means the cheerful and beautiful one
  6. Basam (Islamic) means the friendly, cheerful, and enthusiastic one
  7. Edbert (English) means fortunate and brightly cheerful
  8. Asyrani (Islamic) means cheerful
  9. Anas (Islamic) means kind-hearted, friendly, gentle, sweet, and cheerful
  10. Ademaro (German) means cheerful and the famous stronger one
  11. Adimar (German) means cheerful

  1. Hilary (English) means cheerful
  2. Laris (Latin) means bright and cheerful
  3. Ilarion (Greek) means cheerful
  4. Jolie (French) means beautiful and cheerful
  5. Ilar (English) means cheerful
  6. Bard (English) means always cheerful
  7. Hilario (Spanish) means happy and cheerful
  8. Ilario (Latin) means bright and cheerful
  9. Illarion (Greek) means cheerful
  10. Larissa (Greek) means cheerful
  11. Hilarion (Greek) means cheerful
  12. Laris (Latin) means bright and cheerful
  13. Larissa (Greek) means cheerful
  14. Pigmalion (Spanish) means colorful and cheerful

The Baby Names of Cheerful Meanings for Baby Girls

  1. Ailsa (American) means a cheerful woman
  2. Alisa (English) means a cheerful woman
  3. Ada (German) means cheerful
  4. Anandio (Indian) means cheerful
  5. Jovita (Latin) means cheerful
  6. Gay (French) means cheerful
  7. Etsuko (Japan) means a cheerful woman
  8. Asyrani (Arabic) means a cheerful and beautiful woman
  9. Shuwan (Chinese) means a kind-hearted and cheerful woman
  10. Larissa (Greek) means a cheerful girl

  1. Misa (Christian) means Christmas Eve, warm, and cheerful
  2. Jovetta (Latin) means cheerful
  3. Joveta (Latin) means cheerful
  4. Jovitta (Latin) means cheerful
  5. Annasya (Islamic) means romantic, love, and cheerful
  6. Joveda (Latin) means cheerful
  7. Jovida (Latin) means cheerful
  8. Alyanna (English) means cheerful
  9. Joyce (English) means cheerful
  10. Joyceanne (English) means a cheerful girl
  11. Froska (Greek) means cheerful
  12. Hilaria (Polish) means cheerful
  13. Alair (French) means a cheerful girl
  14. Alegria (Spanish) means cheerful
  15. Friska (Greek) means cheerful
  16. Shanika (English) means a cheerful girl
  17. Hilalia (Hawaiian) means a cheerful and beautiful girl
  18. Neeshad (Islamic) means a cheerful and loving girl
  19. Bahiyah (Arabic) means a girl with cheerful face
  20. Carina (German) means a clever, beautiful and cheerful girl
  21. Jolee (French) means a beautiful and cheerful girl
  22. Joli (English) means a beautiful and cheerful woman
  23. Thalawah (Arabic) means kind-hearted and cheerful
  24. Ulani (Polish) means a generous and cheerful woman
  25. Ayaka (Japan) means a cheerful summer
  26. Joleigh (French) means a beautiful, pretty, and cheerful woman
  27. Aliza (Christian) means a happy and cheerful girl
  28. Biandra (Latin) means a funny and cheerful woman
  29. Gelasia (Greek) means laughing and cheerful
  30. Gelsy (Greek) means cheerful and laughing
  31. Lala (Hawaiian) means famous and cheerful
  32. Cherry (French) means a cheerful face
  33. Corliss (American) means cheerful
  34. Faariha (Arabic) means happy, glad, and cheerful
  35. Blithe (American) means joy and cheerfulness
  36. Diya (Arabic) means gorgeous, great, and cheerful
  37. Efrosinya (Greek) means happy and cheerful
  38. Farah (Persian) means happiness and cheerfulness
  39. Farheen (Islamic) means fun and cheerful
  40. Jolie (English) means a beautiful and fun girl

  1. Merry (English) means cheerful
  2. Alyanna (English) means cheerful
  3. Aleggra (Spanish) means cheerful
  4. Allegria (Spanish) means cheerful
  5. Gail (English) means cheerful and happiness
  6. Lacey (Latin) means cheerful, happy, glad, and fun
  7. Tatum (English) means cheerful
  8. Bahjah (Islamic) means fun, joy, and happiness
  9. Bahzy (Islamic) means cheerfulness and happiness
  10. Basiah (Islamic) means fun, cheerfulness, and happiness
  11. Biandra (Latin) means funny and cheerful
  12. Blithe (American) means cheerfulness and happiness
  13. Chieren (German) means cheerfulness
  14. Beatrice (German) means a kind-hearted and caring person. She happily gives gifts. She is a decision taker and little stubborn. She is expressive, cheerful, and happy
  15. Becca (Latin) means an emotional person. She is expressive, cheerful, optimistic, honest, clever, and adventurous
  16. Bianca (Latin) means loyal and caring. She is risk taker and unique. She is expressive, cheerful,brave, and stubborn
  17. Blanca (Latin) means creative and practical. She has a strong ambition and desire. She is expressive and cheerful
  18. Cadence (Greek) means a strong ambition and purpose. She is responsible and full of desires. She is unique, expressive, cheerful and adventurous

  1. Candice (English) means cheerful and humorous sense. She is diligent, unique, adventurous, optimistic, honest, enthusiastic, and easily adaptation
  2. Carney (English) means cheerful and humorous. She requires freedom and likes diligent
  3. Cecile (Latin) means enthusiastic, easily adaptation, expressive, cheerful, and love variations
  4. Charlene (African) means cheerful, and humorous. She is a pioneer of risk taker. She is gentle, hard worker, communicative, unique, and honest
  5. Charlotte (Christian) means cheerful, humorous, risk taker, gentle, hard worker, communicative, guider, sensitive, and cheerful
  6. Cherie (Latin) means enthusiastic, full of desires, cheerful, critical, independent, and easily adaptation
  7. Farayaka (Japan) means beautiful, pleasant, and cheerful
  8. Farhaira (Arabic) means fun, cheerful, and happy
  9. Farheen (Islamic) means fun, joyful, and cheerful
  10. Farheena (Islamic) means cheerful
  11. Grace (Christian) means enjoying self, gentle, hard worker, gentle, expressive, cheerful, and enthusiastic
  12. Horace (Christian) means full of enthusiasm, gentle, kind-hearted, hard worker, independent, critical, expressive, cheerful, and enthusiastic
  13. Ignacia (Latin) means practical, clever, romantic, sensual, expressive, cheerful, brave, and stubborn
  14. Jane (English) means cheerful, honest, loyal, romantic, sensual, and adventurous
  15. Janette (American) means full of trusts, cheerful, unique, dynamic, busy, sensitive, and adventurous
  16. Janice (English) means quickly serving, risk taker, creative, innovative, artistic, expressive, cheerful, and enthusiastic
  17. Jessica (English) means cheerful, expressive, positive thinking, enthusiastic, interesting, attractive, independent, critical, and creative
  18. Juliette (Italian) means cheerful, youthful, communicative, religious, dynamic, sensitive, and adventurous
  19. Lara (Hawaiian) means famous and cheerful
  20. Laurence (Latin) means having intellectual ideas, interesting, smooth, gentle, kind-hearted, and hard worker. She is also enthusiastic, unique, expressive, cheerful, and adventurous

  1. Leticia (Latin) means adventuring, dynamic, busy, expressive, cheerful, artistic, and critical to the others
  2. Darcy (African) means a creative problem solver, risk taker, empathy, optimistic, dynamic, cheerful, and moody
  3. Jermaine (German) means full of trusts and cheerful. She is enthusiastic, gentle, work harder, systematic, tidy, independent, unique, and adventurous
  4. Joyce (Christian) means cheerful, expressive, adventurous, and sociable
  5. Julie (Italian) means cheerful, communicative, enthusiastic, and beautiful
  6. Luciana (American) means stylish, patient, expressive, cheerful, independent, critical, unique, stubborn, and a risk taker
  7. Garashya (Latin) means a happy and cheerful woman
  8. Barclay (Irish) means a person loving luxury. She has a life goal. She is diligent, generous, expressive, communicative, cheerful, stubborn, brave, and independent
  9. Jessyca (German) means talented, intense, extreme, youthful, expressive, cheerful, and critical to the others.

What is your favorite baby name with cheerful meaning that you choose? You may pick one of those names for your baby. If you like Islamic names, you should take the Islamic names. Then, if you prefer Western names, it is better to find the Western name styles. Those are German, American, English, Latin, Hawaiian, Polish, and many more name styles. Choose your favorite name for your baby girls and boys. Those are inspiring you to compile the best appropriate names for your babies.