1001 Beautiful Names of Denmark Babies

Last Updated: 05 Nov 2016
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A Nice Smile of Denmark Kid

Become a parent who are waiting for a child usually have a confused to give name for the baby. What name is suitable for the child? What name is good for this baby? Nowadays, parents do not worry to search for a name. Through the internet, parents can just Google to search the name. Then it will show you many kinds of name that you want to choose.

This path will give you some baby's names for Danish. Both, the boys or girls name are served in this article. Danish name is the name from Denmark. Actually, you can combine many names that you like from the reference you read.

So, if you like some Denmark names, you can choose the combination from the names below with its best meaning. There are 40 names for boy and 40 names for girl to inspire you. Hope you will find the best names from these lists below.

First, this is list for BOY names:

  • Erik Clemens: a boy that have powerful Strenght and gentle heart.
  • Caesar Bartram: a boy with long hair in glorious raven.
  • Caesar Argus: a patient and vigilant boy.
  • Clemens Bartram: a gentle boy ihnglorious raven.
  • Axel Torben: a vigilant boy who can be a thunder bearer.
  • Axel Fritz Joren: a vigilant and free farmer boy.
  • Axel Frederik: a vigilant boy and peaceful ruler.
  • Axel Karl Frederik: a vigilant and manly boy and he is a peaceful ruler.
  • Argus Frederik: a vigilant and peaceful ruler boy.
  • Argus Jory Mogen: a vigioant and powerful farmer boy.
  • Argus Poul Svend: a young man in a little boy who is vigilant.
  • Apollo Ejnar: a virile warior.
  • Torben Morten: a warrior thunder bearer.
  • Caesar Morten: a warrior with calm heart.
  • Ejnar Axel: a warrior who is vigilant.
  • Argus Bartram: a vigilant glorious raven.
  • Jory Almand: a fast/not slow farmer.
  • Svend Tosh: a young man with strong power.
  • Mogens Morten: a powerful warrior.
  • Magnus Joren: a great farmer.
  • Knud Joren: a kind farmer.
  • Fredrik Olaf: a peaceful ruler family.
  • Fredrik Ejnar: a peaceful ruler warrior.
  • Axel Ejnar: a vigilant warrior.
  • Karl Ejnar: a manly warrior.
  • Erik Fritz Morten: a powerful free warrior.
  • Apollo Victorious: a virile victorious.
  • Karl Fritz Ejnar: a manly free warrior.
  • Fredrik Ole: a peaceful ruler relic.
  • Argus Jory Lars: a vigilant farmer victorious.
  • Poul Tosh Magnus: a little strong viking with the great heart.
  • Jorgen Niel Olaf: a farmer champion family.
  • Ole Mogens Lars: a relic girl with powerful victorious.
  • Poul Fredrik Karl: a little girl with peaceful ruler and manly.
  • Bartram Niel Morten: a glorious raven warrior in champion.
  • Jory Knud Mogens: a farmer boy who kind and powerful.
  • Fritz Joren Tosh: a free farmer boy and always be a strong Viking.
  • Torben Magnus Svend: a thunder bearer with a great young man.
  • Bartram Clemens Tosh: a glorious raven in the gentle strong Viking.
  • Mogens Poul Niel: a powerful in a little champion.

And the second is list for GIRL names:

  • Agneta Dana: a girl pure from Denmark.
  • Agneta Abelone: a girl pure from Apollo.
  • Agneta Karen: a very pure girl in the girl.
  • Agneta Annelise: a pure girl in the graceful light.
  • Agneta Astrid: a pure girl in divine strength.
  • Agneta Dana: a pure girl from Denmark.
  • Agneta Vibeke: a pure girl in a little woman.
  • Agneta Lise: a pure girl from God.
  • Agneta Sigrid: a pure girl in victorious.
  • Agneta Bitten: a pure girl with a good heart.
  • Agneta Dagmar: a pure girl in a famous life
  • Agneta Arvada: a pure girl with eagle heart.
  • Agneta Alvilde: a pure girl who likes elven warrior.
  • Abelone Karen: a pure girl from Apollo.
  • Abelone Annelise: a graceful light girl from Apollo.
  • Abelone Vibeke: a little girl from Apollo.
  • Abelone Laila: a night girl from Apollo.
  • Abelone Inga: a hero’s daughter from Apollo.
  • Abelone Sigrid: a victorious girl from Apollo.
  • Abelone Almeta: a pearl girl who shine from Apollo.
  • Abelone Bitten: a good girl from Apollo.
  • Abelone Trudel: a strong girl from Apollo.
  • Abelone Arvada: a eagle girl from Apollo.
  • Karen Vibeke: a pure little woman in a girl.
  • Karen Almeta: a pure pearl in a little girl.
  • Karen Arvada: a pure little girl with the breave like eagle.
  • Karen Alvilde: a pure girl and strong like elven warrior.
  • Laila Inga: a night girl be hero's daughter.
  • Dana Almeta: a pearl girl from Denmark.
  • Karen Annelise: a girl pure graceful light.
  • Astrid Vibeke: a little girl with divine strength.
  • Eza Dagmar: a girl with famous light hearted.
  • Laila Almeta: a black pearl girl.
  • Almeta Trudel: a girl who have strong pearl.
  • Sigrid Almeta: a victorious pearl girl.
  • Alvilde Dana Saffi: elven wise warrior from Denmark.
  • Astrid Arvada: a little girl with eagle heart.
  • Inga Sigrid: a hero's daughter in victorious.
  • Vibeke Alvilde: a little elven warrior.
  • Annelise Sigrid: a graceful light victorious girl.

The name above can inspire you by choosing some ‘taste’ of Danish Names that are unique and not common in daily names. You can choose one of the combination names for your child, when it is appropriate with your wish and hope in the future.