100 Best Baby Names That Mean Success

Last Updated: 30 Aug 2016

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100 Best Baby Names That Mean Success

Success is a life goal everyone wants to achieve, and there are a lot of baby names that contain the word “success” or other related terms. Names with success words in them can have big spiritual power, which will give aspirations for parents and the kids to achieve what the name convey in the future. All cultures and languages have words for success and achievements, so you have many choices to name your baby. You can also pick names that have close meanings to success, such as “wealth” or “prosperity.”

All cultures and languages love the concept of being successful or gaining prosperity, so you will not find any difficulties in choosing the best name that suits your taste. You don’t need to read a stack of dictionaries to find names; we take care of them for you with our list. Choose the combination you like and give your baby hope and spiritual power to achieve success in the future!

50 Best Baby Boy Names Meaning Success

Names that mean success or achievement are very popular for baby boys. You may even recognize some of these names from historical or popular figure that have achieved great success or achievements. Here are 50 top baby names for boys that contain expectation for success in life:

  1. Adriano, Adrian (Greek): rich, prosperous, wealthy.
  2. Ahmad, Ahmed (Arabic): ambitious leader, dependable, successful.
  3. Blaed, Blade (English): wealth and glory.
  4. Broderick (Old German): successful and strong.
  5. Caspar, Cass (English): great wealth.
  6. Dario (Spanish): rich, wealthy.
  7. Darius (Greek): rich, wealthy.
  8. Darragh, Darry, Derrick, Derek (Irish): successful, wealthy, and prosperous.
  9. Dickinson (English): a prosperous, wealthy, successful ruler.
  10. Eadgar, Eadger, Edgar (English): wealthy spear.
  11. Eadric, Edric, Ed (English): successful, prosperous ruler.
  12. Eadwyne, Eadwyn, Edwyn, Ed (English): prosperous friend.
  13. Eamon (Irish): prosperous defender.
  14. Edbert, Ede, Eddie (English): prosperous guardian.
  15. Edward, Ed (English): from the word “ead” means “wealth” and “ward,” literally means “the ward of great wealth.”
  16. Edmond, Edmund (English): wealthy protector.
  17. Eideard, Eddard (English): guardian of wealth.
  18. Eiji, 叡司 (Japanese): rich, prosperous, and happy man.
  19. Ekemona, Edemona, Edmund (Hawaiian): prosperous.
  20. Emery (German): having power and bravery to achieve goal.
  21. Faiza (Arabic): having successful life.
  22. Falah, Falaah (African): having successful life.
  23. Fawaz (Indian): successful, have achievement.
  24. Florentyn, Florentine, Florentino (Polish, Italian): successful.
  25. Forbes (Irish): successful, wealthy.

  1. Fortunato (Italian): successful, lucky.
  2. Hemendra (Indian): prosperous person.
  3. Hiro, 博 (Japanese): rich, wealthy, benevolent person.
  4. Imran, Emran (Arabic): successful, lucky.
  5. Jess, Jesse (Hebrew): wealthy.
  6. Khalif, Khalifa, Kalifa (Arabic): successful.
  7. Lamberto, Lambert (Italian): a prosperous land.
  8. Montgomery, Monty (German): powerful man, man with great achievements.
  9. Mooney (Irish): prosperous.
  10. Odwolf, Odwolfe, Ody (English): prosperous wolf.
  11. Orbert (German): prosperous, wealthy.
  12. Othello, Otello (Italian): lucky, prosperous, and successful.
  13. Otho, Otto (German): wealthy, prosperous, and successful.
  14. Parvez (Persian): successful, and also a name of a Persian king.
  15. Radiv (Sanskrit): successful, settled.
  16. Rafa, Rafani (Arabic): prosperous, successful and wealthy.
  17. Reinhart, Reinhardt (German): rich, prosperous, wealthy ruler.
  18. Rich, Rick, Richard (English): a vocabulary means prosperous or wealthy.
  19. Tamir (Arabic): successful, prosperous, wealthy, rich.
  20. Victor (English): English vocabulary that means winner.
  21. Viktor (Russian): winner.
  22. Virgilio, Virgil (Portuguese): having successful way.
  23. Weolington, Wellington (English): coming from a prosperous estate.
  24. Yaser, Yasir, Yasser, Yassir (Arabic): rich, prosperous.
  25. Yash (Indian): successful.

With these names, you can create the best baby boy names and inject “success” spiritually to their life.

50 Best Baby Girl Names Meaning Success

There are many baby names for girls that actually have “success” spelled in them. You can choose beautiful, elegant, classic, or unique names to give your baby girl hope for success. Here are 50 best names for baby girls that contain words like success, win, or wealthy:

  1. Ada, Adda, Adia, Aida (English): wealthy, prosperous.
  2. Adriana (Spanish): dark, prosperous woman.
  3. Adrienne (French): prosperous woman.
  4. Aiswarya (Indian): wealth, rich.
  5. Arziki (African): prosperous, successful woman.
  6. Ashira (Hebrew): prosperous.
  7. Aubrey (French): blond ruler, benevolent ruler.
  8. Auda, Aude (French): prosperous woman.
  9. Berthog, Berthe, Bertha (Wales): wealthy, prosperous.
  10. Daria (Spanish): wealthy.
  11. Duci (Hungarian): wealthy.
  12. Dyta (Polish): wealthy, rich.
  13. Eadwine, Eadwina, Edwina (English): a prosperous, successful friend.
  14. Edeva (Wales): prosperous, successful, rich.
  15. Edita, Editta, Edith (Italian): wealthy, prosperous.
  16. Edmee, Edme (French): prosperity.
  17. Edmonda, Edmunda (English): wealthy protector.
  18. Edria, Edrianna (Greek): wealthy and successful.
  19. Edris, Edrys (English): prosperous ruler, wealthy leader.
  20. Etenia (Native American): rich woman.
  21. Florentia, Florentina, Florence (Latin, Italian): prosperous, flourish woman.
  22. Hera (Greek): Greek goddess that represents power.
  23. Hiro, ひろ(Japanese): prosperous, successful, wealthy woman.
  24. Idania (Slovakian): hardworking, prosperous, successful woman.
  25. Ishana (Indian): prosperous, flourish woman.

  1. Jess, Jesse, Jessie (Hebrew): prosperous, wealthy.
  2. Jeslyn (English): blessed with prosperity and beauty.
  3. Khadija (Arabic): the name of Prophet Muhammad’s first wife, who was known as a successful merchant.
  4. Khazana, Khazanah (Arabic): prosperity, wealth.
  5. Khoja (Sanskrit): a respected, successful woman.
  6. Lucretia (Latin): rich and prosperous.
  7. Neda (English): wealthy protector.
  8. Neema (Indian): born from wealthy family.
  9. Odele (Greek): wealthy, prosperous.
  10. Odelina, Odella, Odelyn (English): little wealthy woman.
  11. Odila, Odile (French): prosperous woman.
  12. Olivia (Greek): olive, which is also the symbol of wealth and prosperity.
  13. Rafa, Rafani (Arabic): prosperous, successful, wealthy.
  14. Rafferty (Irish): prosperous, successful, wealthy woman.
  15. Rakha (Arabic): a woman who owns a lot.
  16. Ranait, Ranalt, Renny (Irish): charming, wealthy woman.
  17. Rani (Indian, Malayan): queen, prosperous, rich.
  18. Rickie (modern English): from the word “rich.”
  19. Ridhi (Indian): prosperous, success will come.
  20. Siddhi (Indian): achievement.
  21. Soraya (Arabic): rich, wealthy, successful.
  22. Tarja (African American): a woman who has a lot.
  23. Ulrica, Ulrika, Ulrike (Danish): prosperity, success, and strength.
  24. Yessica, Jessica (Hebrew): prosperous woman.
  25. Yusra (Arabic): a prosperous, successful woman.

Success, wealth and prosperity can be reflected from well-chosen names. All parents want their children to be successful and achieve many good things in life. Baby names that reflect success, wealth and prosperity will give your baby strong spiritual power.