100 Best Baby Names That Mean Kings and Queens

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

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Best Baby Names That Mean Kings and Queens

Almost all cultures and languages have the words for “king” and “queen,” and you can use those words to create baby names that sound royal and elegant. Whether you want something from the Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East or even modern versions many Americans use to name babies, we have everything here. Forget opening so many dictionaries from various languages; we compile all the best baby names for boys and girls that mean kings and queens. Combine the best names for your little ones, and make them proud with their royal names.

Most of the names here are direct variations of the words kings or queens, but there are some that reflect the names of famous kings and queens, so as to make more direct connection.

Best Baby Names for Boys Meaning King

Naming your baby “King” is a literal way to give your little one the word “king” in their name. However, if you want something more varied, here are the best baby names for boys that reflect royalty:

  1. Adelrich, Adelrick, Adelric (German): the noble king.
  2. Alexander, Alex (historical): name of a famous king of Macedonia.
  3. Alifan, Aliefman, Alafin (African): king.
  4. Arend (Danish): the king of eagle.
  5. Arthur (mythological): name of a famous mythical king in England.
  6. Ashkan, Ashka (Persian): name of a great king in Persia.
  7. Augustus, August (Latin): name of a famous Roman emperor.
  8. Basil (Latin): a kingdom.
  9. Breno, Bruno (Portuguese): king, ruler.
  10. Caesar (Latin): king, ruler.
  11. Daniel (Hebrew): king of justice.
  12. Darius (Persian): name of a Persian king.
  13. Domingo (Portuguese): owned by the king.
  14. Dominique (French): owned by the king.

  1. Donald (Scottish): ruler of the world.
  2. Elijah, Eilis, Elias (Hebrew): the king is my God.
  3. Eric (Czech): brave ruler.
  4. Frederic, Frederick (Danish): ruling with peace.
  5. Frej, Freyja (Danish): a king, a ruler.
  6. Gilroy, Gilderoy (Irish): the king’s servant.
  7. Harry (Scottish): ruler of the House.
  8. Henry (historical): name of kings of Britain.
  9. Isaiah, Isaac (Hebrew): the one who guards the king.
  10. John (Biblical): a benevolent king.
  11. Karan (Sanskrit): a strong king and soldier.
  12. Landru (French): ruler.
  13. Louis (French): names being used by several kings of France.
  14. Mahasvara, Mahesvara (Indian): a great king.
  15. Malik, Maliq, Al-Malik (Arabic): the sovereign, the ruler.
  16. Mathew, Matthew (Hebrew): gift from the king.
  17. Mikhail, Michael (Russian): the image of the king.
  18. Nabtawi, Nebtawi (Egyptian): king od the world.
  19. Parvez, Parvaz (Persian): name of a Persian king.
  20. Pasha (Persian): king, ruler, leader.
  21. Prince (English): the vocabulary for the son of king.
  22. Raj, Rajesh (Sanskrit): the king, the ruler.
  23. Raja (Indonesian): the king.
  24. Regis, Rex (Latin): king.
  25. Rery, Rory (Old English): king, ruler.
  26. Reth (African): king.
  27. Richard (German): have the strength of king.
  28. Riordian (Irish): phrases of the king.
  29. Roi, Roy (French): the king.
  30. Ronnell, Ron (African American): ruler of justice.
  31. Tiernan, Tierney (Irish): king.
  32. Tatius, Tatianus, Titus (Latin): the order of the king.
  33. Tobias (Hungarian): a good king, a good ruler.
  34. Tyron, Tyrone (African-American): king, ruler.
  35. Vasily, Vasili (Russian): king, ruler.
  36. Vladimir (Russian): ruling with peace.

With these names, you can infuse the feel of royalty and greatness into your baby boy’s name.

Top Baby Names for Girls Meaning Queen

Naming your baby girls “queen” or something related will make her name sounds royal and regal. Make your baby girls proud with their names when they grow up! Here are top baby names for girls that mean queen or related:

  1. Aluni, Aulanee (Hawaiian): messenger of the queen.
  2. Ameera, Almira, Almirah (Arabic): princess, daughter of a king.
  3. Arlette (historical): name of a Normand royalty, mother of William the Conqueror.
  4. Aubary, Aubrey (German): a strong queen, strong like a bear.
  5. Dominika, Dominica (Polish): owned by the queen.
  6. Dominique (French): owned by the queen.
  7. Donelle, Donla (Irish): queen of the world.
  8. Elfrida, Elfriede (German): ruler of peace.
  9. Elikah (Hawaiian): queen of peace.
  10. Elizabeth (historical): name of famous queen of Britain.
  11. Emelie, Amelie (German): has high pride, queen-like.
  12. Erica, Erika (Czech): brave ruler.
  13. Frederike, Frederikke, Rikke (Danish): ruling with peace.
  14. Frida, Frici (Hungarian): queen of peace.
  15. Gabriela, Gavriela (Biblical): strong queen.
  16. Guinevere, Genevieve, Jennifer (mythical): name of King Arthur’s wife in English mythology.
  17. Henrietta (Czech): the ruler of the House.
  18. Hera (mythical): name of queen of the gods in Greek mythology.
  19. Inga, Inge (Scandinavian): queen.
  20. Iseult, Isolda, Isolde (Irish): queen of ice.

  1. Joelle (French): the king is God (feminine form).
  2. Johanna, Joanna (Biblical): a benevolent queen.
  3. Kira, Kyra (Russian): queen or leader.
  4. MacKinley (Scottish): daughter of a ruler.
  5. Maud, Maude (historical): name of the wife of William the Conqueror.
  6. Meredith (Welsh): queen, lady.
  7. Michal (Biblical): name of the wife of King David.
  8. Nerys (Welsh): queen.
  9. Nikita (Greek): conqueror.
  10. Rania (Sanskrit): queen, kingdom, the name of queen of Jordan.
  11. Ratu (Indonesian): queen.
  12. Rayan, Royan (Arabic): queen.
  13. Regine, Regina (French): queen.
  14. Rexiana, Rexie, Rexy (Latin): queen.
  15. Reynalda, Reynilda (German): a wise queen.
  16. Riecka, Rieka (Portuguese): ruler of the House.
  17. Roderica, Roderika, Rika (German): famous queen.
  18. Sara, Sarah (Polish): princess.
  19. Seera (Hungarian): princess.
  20. Shabrina, Sabrina (Welsh): daughter of king.
  21. Shahnaz, Shanaz, Shannaz (Persian): glory.
  22. Shariza (Arabic): queen, ruler.
  23. Sherika, Sharika, Shrika (Hungarian): princess.
  24. Tamar, Tamara (Biblical): the name of daughter of King David.
  25. Teona, Teony, Teah, Tia (Greek): daughter of king.
  26. Ulrica, Ulrike, Ulka (German): queen of the wolf.
  27. Vaira, Viar (German): a female ruler.

  1. Victoria (historical): name of famous queen of Britain.
  2. Vittoria (Portuguese): conqueror.
  3. Vladimira (Russian): ruling with peace.

These 100 baby names will give you a lot of options when it comes to naming the little one; make your children proud of their royal names when they grow up!