100 Best Baby Names That Draw Respects

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016

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100 Best Baby Names That Draw Respects

Who doesn’t want to be respected? Baby names that draw respect are great to invoke esteem and admiration from other people. They also symbolize hopes from parents who want their children to grow into respected men and women. All cultures and languages have names that describe this quality, and some of them are great to be put in modern baby names. You don’t need to buy all their dictionaries, because you can just look for names in the internet. These are 100 names that you can pick freely to name your babies.

50 Baby Names for Boys Meaning Respect

There are many baby names for boys that have close meaning with “respect,” “esteem,” or “admire.” You can also pick name from highly respected historical figures. Here are 50 names you can choose:

  1. Abhiman (Indian/Hindu): a respected person.
  2. Agostino, Agosto, August, Augustine (Latin): deserving respect.
  3. Ahsab (Arabic): noble leader.
  4. Alfie (German): a respected person.
  5. Alexander: a noble protector, an esteemed leader.
  6. Alphonso, Alonso, Alonzo (German): a respected man.
  7. Arthur (English): the name of an esteemed king and knight; also known as the family name of American general, Douglas McArthur.
  8. Audy, Audie, Audee, Audley (German): a respected person.
  9. Azim (Arabic): respected and powerful man.
  10. Balin (Sanskrit): a respected warrior.
  11. Barion, Baron, Baryn, Barry, Berry (German): a respected man.
  12. Brian, Bryan (English): the best, respected leader.
  13. Constantinus, Constantine (Latin): name of the first Christian Roman emperor.

  1. Deo (Sanskrit): honor and happiness.
  2. Dexano, Dex (Latin): a respected person.
  3. Dominius, Dominic, Dom (Latin): an esteemed king.
  4. Don, Donny (Italian): a respectful title.
  5. Dzimar (Arabic): self respect.
  6. Eldon, Elden (Teutonic): a respected person.
  7. Ericc, Eric, Erik, Erick (Scandinavian): an esteemed leader.
  8. Ervand, Ervan, Ervino (German): an esteemed person.
  9. Isao, いさお (Japanese): esteem, respect, service.
  10. Ismet (Turkish): respect, esteem.
  11. Kaen, Cane (Hawaiian): respect and esteem.
  12. Kende, Ken, Kent (Hungarian): a respectful title.
  13. Laurent (Latin): a respected place.
  14. Louis (French): associated with names of kings.
  15. Majid (Egyptian): noble and honorable.
  16. Manit (Sanskrit): a very esteemed person.
  17. Melviano, Melvin (Irish): an esteemed leader.
  18. Nelson (historical name): associated with British admiral Lord Nelson, and South African leader Nelson Mandela.
  19. Omar (Turkish): the respectful one.
  20. Patricio, Patrick (Latin): virtue, respect.
  21. Rakin, Raakin (Arabic): a respectful person.
  22. Randolph (English): a respected protector.
  23. Razan, Reza (Arabic): esteemed.
  24. Roi, Roy (French): a respected king.
  25. Salih, Saleh (Egyptian): deserved to be respected.
  26. Scott (Scotland): derivative of “Scotland,” usually adopted to show respect for Scotland as homeland.
  27. Sebastiao, Sebastian (Hungarian): a respected man.
  28. Takao, 喬夫 (Japanese): a respected hero.
  29. Timoteo (Portuguese): honor.
  30. Timovey, Timovei (Russian): respected, esteemed.
  31. Timot, Timothy (Hungarian): someone who is respectful to God.
  32. Tito (African American): respect.
  33. Titus (Biblical): honor.
  34. Tymon, Timon (Polish): an honor.
  35. Wisam (Arabic): sign of respect.
  36. Yasuhiro, 也朱篤 (Japanese): calm and respected person.
  37. Zunjing, 尊敬 (Chinese): respect, esteem.

Baby Names for Girls Meaning Respect

Find out baby names for girls that have close meaning to “respect,” “esteem” or “admire” here. These are 50 great names with such meaning for your baby girl:

  1. Agustiani, Augustina (Hungarian): being respected.
  2. Alcira, Alkira, Alqyra (German): being loved and respected.
  3. Alexandria (Greek): a woman who leads and protects.
  4. Arya (Indian/Hindu): a respected, esteemed woman.
  5. Asha (Sanskrit): a woman who aims to be respected.
  6. Bernadette (French): name of a famous female saint, St. Bernadette, respected because she was a humble farmer that was blessed with vision of Virgin Mary.
  7. Cammie, Cammy, Cam (French): born esteemed.
  8. Cashay, Cachay (African-American): an esteemed woman.
  9. Dianda (Greek): a respected, noble, and merciful woman.
  10. Donna, Dona, Donella, Donnie (Italian): a respectful title for woman.
  11. Ehteram (Persian): being esteemed.
  12. Elizabeth (English): the name associated with famous British queens, Elizabeth I and II.
  13. Erlisa (Latin): being respected.
  14. Esme, Esmee (French): a valued, admired, esteemed woman.
  15. Ezza, Ezzah (Arabic): the one who gives respect.

  1. Fatima (Arabic): a name associated with the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, a highly esteemed and intelligent woman.
  2. Fola (African American): respect, being respectful.
  3. Gemma, Jemma (Italian): name of a famous saint from the 19th century, Saint Gemma Galgani.
  4. Haibah, Haiba (Arabic): an esteemed, respectful woman.
  5. Harmonita (Persian): esteem.
  6. Honorata, Honora (Polish): being respected, esteemed.
  7. Khalila (Arabic): a respected sister.
  8. Kyara, Keira, Kyra (Greek): a respected lady.
  9. Laurentia, Laurentya, Laura (Latin): a respected place.
  10. Lathaya, Latoya (African American): a respected woman.

  1. Madonna (Italian): “my lady,” a respectful address for a woman.
  2. Majda (Arabic): respect and richness.
  3. Manet, Monita (Latin): esteem, respect.
  4. Marsa (Malayan): being respected, esteemed.
  5. Marta, Martha (Italian): an esteemed lady.
  6. Monita (Latin): an honor.
  7. Onora (Irish): esteem and bravery.
  8. Patricia (Latin): virtue, respect.
  9. Puja (Sanskrit/Indian): a form of respect.
  10. Quintara (Irish): a respected queen.
  11. Rani (Indian): an esteemed queen.
  12. Reina (Spanish): a respected queen.
  13. Reine, Renee (French): a respected queen.
  14. Safira (Sanskrit): being noble, famous and respected.
  15. Sakinah, Sakina, Syauqina (Arab): a gentle, esteemed woman.
  16. Sharifa (Egyptian): a respected woman.
  17. Taka, たか (Japanese): a respected woman.
  18. Tara (Irish): a respected woman.

  1. Tatiana (Latin): name associated with various respected saints in the Eastern Church.
  2. Thao (Vietnamese): full of respect for parents.
  3. Tita (Sundanese): a respected person.
  4. Victoria (English): a winner, and the name of famous British queen.
  5. Yoshiko, Etsuko, 良子, 芳子 (Japanese): respectable and virtuous woman.
  6. Yuni (Javanese): respect to parents.
  7. Zita (Hebrew): a respected lover.

These names are highly esteemed in their origin countries as signs of respect; pick your baby names from these lists and pour your hope of respected, esteemed character into their life through perfect names.