100 Best Baby Names Meaning “Holy”

Last Updated: 01 Sep 2016


Best Baby Names Meaning “Holy”

Naming babies with words that mean “holy” is a form of hope and prayer from parents, and there are many baby names with such beautiful meaning. You don’t need to look up the dictionaries anymore to find unique, pretty, or elegant names that contain the word holy. Nowadays, you can find them easily with the help of internet, such as the names in this article. Look at the names and find the best idea for your babies. These 100 best names for boys and girls will help you with your choice.

50 Baby Names for Boys Meaning Holy

There are a lot of baby names for boys that mean holy or sacred, from various languages and origins. The literal meaning of these names doesn’t always have to be “holy,” but can be the variations. Here are some of them:

  1. Abdul Qudus, Abdul Qudoos (Arabic): servant of the Holiest.
  2. Agha (Sanskrit): a holy protector.
  3. Allard, Ellard, Ellerd (Germany): holy and brave.
  4. Alison (Teutonic): bearing a holy fame.
  5. Ansel (French): a holy person, a saint.
  6. Arsya (Sanskrit): a holy descendant.
  7. Asman, Asmaan (Arabic): a holy and strong heart.
  8. Attar, Athar (Arabic): holy and pure.
  9. Argya (Javanese): holy water.
  10. Azkale (Hawaiian): pure, holy and manly.
  11. Brendan (Irish): the name of a saint from 6th
  12. Brennan, Brandon (Irish): variation of Brendan.
  13. Bruno (German): name of a German saint from the 10th
  14. Conway (Wales): the name of a holy river.

  1. Cullen (Irish): holy.
  2. Darvesh, Darvis, Darwis (Arabic): a holy man.
  3. Eren (Turkey): a holy person.
  4. Esbern (Danish): holy bear.
  5. Esket, Eskil (Scandinavian): a sacred cauldron.
  6. Faron, Farren, Ferren, Ferdinand (German): name variations of three Holy Roman Emperors.
  7. Gavendra (Indian): sacred bull.
  8. Gerome, Jerome (Latin, French): holy.
  9. Gurutz (Basque): holy cross.
  10. Haligwiella, Halliwell, Hallwell (English): the one who lives near holy spring.
  11. Helge (Russian): holy.
  12. Hiero (Greek): holy.
  13. Hieronimo, Jeronimo (Portuguese): a holy name.
  14. Hieronymus (Greek): a holy name.
  15. Jerry (modern form of Hieronimo/Jeronimo): a holy name.
  16. Jordan (modern form of Jewish ha-yarrden): the name of a holy river.
  17. Karstan, Karsten, Carsten (Greek): the ceremony of holy ointment.
  18. Kristos, Kris, Chris (Greek): the ceremony of holy ointment.
  19. Makayasa (Javanese): holy and spiritual.
  20. Masao, マサオ (Japanese): holy and righteous.
  21. Miron, Myron (Hebrew): a sacred place.
  22. Naomhan, Nevan, Nevyn (Irish): holy boy, a small and holy person.
  23. Oleg (Russian): sacred, holy.
  24. Padraig, Patrick (Scottish): name of a famous saint in Scotland.
  25. Parsa (Persian): holy, sacred.
  26. Perce (English): modern form of Percival, a name of King Arthur’s knight famous for his purity.
  27. Santo, Santos (Spanish): a holy man.
  28. Seinaru, 聖なる(Japanese): holy.
  29. Shen (Egypt): a holy amulet.
  30. Sheng, Shensheng, 神聖(Chinese): holy, sacred.
  31. Shinsei, 神聖 (Japanese): sacred, holy, precious.
  32. Tahir, Taheer, Taher (Persian): holy.
  33. Tibor (Slavic/Hungarian: holy or sacred place.
  34. Tristan (Irish Gaelic): a holy and melancholic person, the name of a knight in famous ballad Tristan and Isolde.
  35. Wynford, Winford (English): a white or holy stream.
  36. Zaqi, Zaki (Arabic): holy, fragrant, pure.

50 Baby Names for Girls Meaning Holy

You will not lack of good baby names for girls that mean “holy.” Here are samples of the best girl’s names meaning holy:

  1. Abilene (Biblical): a holy land mentioned in New Testament
  2. Akenehi, Akinehi (Polynesia): holy.
  3. Angelique, Angelica (French): holy angel.
  4. Agna, Agnes, Agnethe (German): holy, sacred.
  5. Ardima (Spanish): the holiest.
  6. Arena, Arene, Ariadne (Greek): holy, sacred.
  7. Arianna (Italian): variation of Ariadne or Arena, which means holy.
  8. Bettina, Bess (Hebrew): purified by God.
  9. Brighid, Bridget (Irish): name of a goddess and female saint in Ireland.
  10. Carlise, Carlissa (Biblical): a holy girl.
  11. Diana, Diane (Greek): name of a Greek goddess famous for her chastity.
  12. Eimear, Emer (Irish): pure, beautiful, gentle.
  13. Elga, Helga, Olga (Russian): holy.
  14. Erelah (Hebrew): sacred messenger.
  15. Ganga (Indian): name of a holy river.
  16. Gwenllyan, Gwendolen, Gwen (Wales): pure and chaste.
  17. Helle (Danish): a holy being presented to God.
  18. Holy, Holly (English): pure.
  19. Inez (Portuguese): holy, sacred, pure.
  20. Irune (Spanish): refers to Holy Trinity.

  1. Isabeu, Isabel, Isabelle, Isabella (French, Italian): holy, sacred, close to God.
  2. Jamuna (Indian/Hindu): name of a holy river.
  3. Kaiane, Kaianna (Scandinavian): holy, blessed and graceful.
  4. Kainda, Kalindi (Sanskrit): name of holy river and mountain.
  5. Katherine, Catherine (Greek): the pure and sacred.
  6. Kalifa (Somali): pure and chaste.
  7. Kosali, Kayshila (Javanese): a holy woman.
  8. Lavina, Lavena, Lavinia (Latin): pure, chaste woman.
  9. Lisa, Liza (Hebrew): purified by God.
  10. Loes, Lois (Teutonic): holy.
  11. Medina, Madina (Arabic/Islam): name of a holy city.
  12. Nandini (Indian/Hindu): name of a Sacred Cow in Indian mythology and said to be the bestower of happiness.
  13. Naomh, Naomi (Irish): holy, sacred.
  14. Nolwen, Nolwenn (Scottish): pure and holy.
  15. Oni (Native American): a woman born on holy ground.
  16. Patricia (Portuguese): a female saint, a holy.
  17. Punita (Indian): a holy, sacred woman.
  18. Raiqa (Arabic): holy, pure, sacred.
  19. Sancha, Sanchia (Spanish): feminine form of the word “holy.”
  20. Sasmaya (Javanese): holy, pure and beautiful.
  21. Seira, セイラ (Japanese): holy and kind.
  22. Selma (German): a sacred protector.
  23. Sharon (Hebrew): name of a holy plain.
  24. Siara, Siaraa (Arabic): pure and holy.

  1. Tahira, Tahera, Taheera (Arabic): holy.
  2. Tahereh (Persian): holy.
  3. Xingfu, 幸福 (Chinese): holy and blessed.
  4. Yamuna, Jamuna (Sanskrit): name of a holy river.
  5. Vedia, Vedis, Vidis (Teutonic): spirit of the holy forest.
  6. Zita (Italian): name of a church servant from Tuscany in the 13th century and turned into saint of church service.

As you can see, there are so many possibilities with baby names that mean “holy.” Pick your favorite combination and give your baby the most beautiful name the little one deserves.