100 Baby Names That Mean Shine and Light

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2016

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A Baby is sleeping soundly on a Crescent Moon

Names that mean light or shine are usually very beautiful and uplifting; all cultures and languages have baby names that mean “light,” “shine,” “shining,” “sun,” or other related words with positive meanings. From Western to Arabic to Sanskrit and Biblical, and even modern versions of old names, baby names that mean light or shine can give positive spiritual vibe into your kid’s life. Give the little ones such names so they will grow up with these positive qualities in their characteristics.

Thanks to internet, you can just now open a webpage to find all possible combinations for baby names. Forget opening dictionaries of various languages; we cover the best baby names that mean light just for you here. Aside from general words, we also provide names that have related characteristics, such as names that describe sun or star.

50 Baby Names for Boys Meaning Light

There are lots of baby names for boys that mean light or shine, especially since almost all languages and countries recognize the words as something positive. Here are 50 of them from various origins and languages:

  1. Aaron, Aron (Hebrew): shining light.
  2. Abner (Hebrew): Father of Light.
  3. Aland, Alan (English): bright like sun.
  4. Alluka, Alluca (Hawaiian): the light of beauty.
  5. Alvin (German): having light skin.
  6. Anwar (Arabic): bestowed with enormous light.
  7. Azhar (Arabic): the brightest light.
  8. Barrak, Barrack (Biblical): ray of light.
  9. Berthold (English): harbinger of light.
  10. Bertram, Bertin, Bert (English): shining.
  11. Bhaskar (Sanskrit): ray of sun.
  12. Blakely, Blake, Blaike (English): light and darkness.
  13. Cullen (Irish): young star.
  14. Dayton (African American): full of bright light.
  15. Deepak (Indian): brilliant light.
  16. Denis, Dennis (Portuguese): twilight, dusk.
  17. Dillon (Irish): ray of light.
  18. Eadan, Aidan, Aiden (Hebrew): beautiful light, heavenly light.
  19. Elonio, Elon (Greek): shining, bright.
  20. Eron, Aaron (Hebrew): light of peace.
  21. Ezhar, Edzhar, Edgar (Biblical): the shining one.
  22. Hadi (Arabic): guiding toward the light.
  23. Jair, Jay (Hebrew): brilliant light.
  24. Kallay (Hebrew): light of resting fire.
  25. Kiran (Indian): ray of light.

  1. Lambart, Lambert, Lambrett (German): the land of light.
  2. Leonore, Leon (French): shining bright light.
  3. Loukas, Lukas, Lucas, Lucian (Greek): harbinger of light.
  4. Luc (French, Welsh): light, ray.
  5. Luca, Lucah (Italian): bringer of light.
  6. Luciano, Lucian (Italian, Portuguese): harbinger of light.
  7. Lucien, Lumiere (French): illuminate.
  8. Lucio (Spanish): light.
  9. Lucius (Latin): light.
  10. Ludano, Ludo (Italian): light, ray.
  11. Mayir (Hebrew): enlightenment.
  12. Najair, Najar (Arabic): little starlight.
  13. Narel, Noor (Sanskrit): the light.
  14. Quacey, Quincy (Scottish): the light of the moon.
  15. Ravi (Sanskrit): sun.
  16. Ray (English): a vocabulary means light or shine.
  17. Roshaun, Roshawn, Shaun, Shawn (African): shining light.
  18. Shariq (Arabic): illuminated, bright.
  19. Shimshon, Simpson (Hebrew): bright sun.
  20. Siraj (Arabic): guiding light.
  21. Stein, Steyn (German): star.
  22. Tarak, Tariq (Sanskrit): star, protector.
  23. Uri, Uriel (Hebrew): God is the light.
  24. Zafrie, Zavier, Xavier (Arabic): shining.
  25. Zoran (Czech): light of sunrise.

As you can see, there are many modern versions of the originally “exotic” or old sounding names, so you can create your own modern versions of these names. These baby names are great as first, middle or last names, and you can create the best or unique combinations you want for your baby.

50 Baby Names for Girls Meaning Light

There are many favorite baby names of girls that mean light. Besides that, there are also many beautiful names related to stars, sun, and other light-related objects. Here are the 50 best of baby names for girls with meanings such as shine, light, ray or sun:

  1. Adhwa (Arabic): ray of light.
  2. Aeleen, Aileen (Irish): light of sun.
  3. Alyssa, Lyssa, Lisa (Greek): enlightens.
  4. Amandeep (Sanskrit): light of peace.
  5. Annora (Greek): light, ray.
  6. Apollonia (Greek): the feminine form of “Apollo,” Greek god of sun.
  7. Astra, Astrida, Astrid (Greek): starlight.
  8. Auristela (German): a star with golden light.
  9. Aurora (Latin): dawn, light of sunrise.
  10. Calla (Hawaiian): sunlight, sunray.
  11. Capella (Latin): name of a star constellation.
  12. Clare, Claire, Clair (Irish): pure and shining.
  13. Denica, Danika, Danica (Slavic): light of the morning star.
  14. Dorri, Doris (Persian): a star that shines like jewel.
  15. Eleanor, Eleanora, Elnore (Greek): shining light.
  16. Elena, Eleni, Eloni, Helen, Helena (Greek): bright shine.
  17. Elettra, Electra (Italian): shining light.
  18. Eliana (Portuguese): sunlight.
  19. Estera, Ester, Esther (Czech, Biblical): star, starlight.
  20. Estrella, Estrelle (French): shining stars.
  21. Evalina, Eveline, Evelyne (Rumanian): shine, light.
  22. Ilana, Lana (Hebrew): ray of sun.
  23. Ilka, Ilca (Hungarian): ray, light.
  24. Ilona (Czech): light, ray.
  25. Jelena, Yelena (Russian): shine of light.
  26. Kandace, Candace (Greek): shining.
  27. Lana, Lena, Lina (Greek): light, ray.
  28. Lita, Leticia (English): variation of the word “lit.”
  29. Lleulu, Lulu (Welsh): ray of light.
  30. Lucia, Lucie, Lucy (Portuguese): harbinger of light.
  31. Malama (Hawaiian): light, ray.
  32. Marlene, Marlena (German): light, ray.
  33. Namid (Indian): dance of starlight.
  34. Nayra, Nayyira, Nayyer (Arabic): shining light.
  35. Noor, Noura, Nora (Arabic): light, ray.
  36. Orianna, Oriana, Orelle (Latin): sunrise.
  37. Roksana, Roxana, Roxanne (Persian): starlight.
  38. Safwana (Arabic): little starlight.
  39. Saka, Saiqa (Arabic): shining light.
  40. Solana, Sola, Solanna, Solina (Spanish): sunrise.
  41. Soraya (Persian): name of a star constellation.
  42. Sorina (Rumanian): light of sun.
  43. Spica (Latin): name of a star.
  44. Starla (English): from the word “star.”
  45. Stella (English): from the word “stellar,” star-like.
  46. Sumina (Javanese): shining.
  47. Tara (Sanskrit): shining star.
  48. Vega (Scandinavian): falling star.
  49. Yvaine, Yvonne (Irish): twilight stars.
  50. Zora, Zara (Czech): light of sunrise.

With these beautiful names, you can create the best name combinations for baby girls or boys. “Light” is a word with positive meaning, and you can infuse strong spiritual power into your children. Give your children baby names that have meanings such as “light,” “shine” or other words associated with light, and you will see how those names attribute to your children’s personality and attitude.